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The Trolley Stop Cafe 24 Hours to Hell and Back

In this 24 Hours to Hell and Back episode, Gordon Ramsay visits The Trolley Stop Cafe in New Orleans, Louisiana on the famous St Charles Avenue.

The Trolley Stop has been open since 1995 and sits on the longest serving trolley route in the world.

The restaurant is owned by Ragnar Karlsson who bought the cafe from his grandfather, giving up his career in energy consulting to take over the family business.

Ragnar has invested all of his life savings and business has declined since he took over the business.

Despite qualifications in business, he is barely present in the cafe and works from home most days.

Darren the Kitchen Manager is very honest with Ragnar and doesn't hold back with his opinion.

Gordon reveals that cameras have been installed and goes undercover as a Sheriff with the local Sheriff department.

The Sheriffs are offered a discount and Gordon notices mismatched tables and that the dining room is filthy.

They order a number of staple New Orleans dishes including an omelette, fried chicken and the Po Boy.

The cameras witness unsanitary handling of food, old food debris on the grill and Gordon notices that there is no owner.

The food arrives after 34 minutes but the cheese on the nachos is sour and spoiled, the oysters are soggy and Gordon spits out his Po Boy sandwich.

He brands it some of the most disgusting food he has seen.

Gordon removes the disguise and enters the restaurant.

He calls all of the staff into the dining room and Darren tells him that the owner is at home and texts instructions to him.

Darren reveals that the cheese is from a can and Gordon takes all of the customers to his Hell on Wheels truck.

Ragnar arrives via a sheriffs escort and receives a grilling from Gordon.

Gordon reveals the undercover footage showing unprofessional staff behaviour, a filthy kitchen, open containers of food and flies on fresh produce.

A customer tells Ragnar he doesn't care and that someone else needs to take over.

Gordon calls the staff for a meeting and they declare Ragnar is a problem.

Staff are too scared to be honest as they need their jobs and they feel as Raganar doesn't care why should they.

Gordons team plan a complete renovation of the dining room, one of their biggest to date.

In the kitchen, Gordon discovers mounds of debris and the equipment has not been cleaned in months if not years.

Gordon finds the pot of nacho cheese which is covered in mould and the kitchen is given a deep clean.

Gordon reveals the new menu to Darren and teaches him to cook a new pork chop dish.

The rest of the kitchen staff learn the recipes whilst Gordon speaks to Ragnar.

He admits he isn't capable of running the restaurant on his own and Gordon tells him that it can only work if he is present in the business.

Gordon reveals the new kitchen to the kitchen staff including all new equipment and utensils.

The kitchen staff cooks the new menu under the supervision of Aaron Sanchez (from Masterchef), most is cooked well except under cooked fried chicken.

For relaunch evening, the customers love the new decor but Ragnar struggles to remember the basics.

There is a table of food bloggers and critics in the dining room but their food is sent out under cooked.

The food is recooked but once again it is sent out raw.

Gordon pulls Darren aside as he is frustrated that the food was not checked properly.

They pull it back together and overall the relaunch was a success.

What Happened Next at The Trolley Stop Cafe?

Three months after 24 Hours to Hell and Back, Darren's passion for the restaurant has returned and Ragnar is spending a lot of time in the restaurant.

Their relationships have greatly improved and the restaurant is running smoother.

They returned a number of customer favourites to the menu as they felt Gordon's menu was too small but promised not to return all 6 pages.

The Trolley Stop Cafe is open.

Yelp Reviews since filming are mixed with comments on the food not being hot, a wait for food and the food quality being average. There are also some negative comments on service issues.

Trip Advisor reviews are very good with praise for low prices although some comments criticise service and some dishes.

Planning a visit to the restaurant? Check out their website for more info including opening hours.

The Trolley Stop Cafe was aired on January 02 2019, the episode was filmed in December 2017 and is 24 Hours to Hell and Back season 2 episode 1.

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