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Bar Rescue Longshots Sports Bar

On this episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer visits Long Shots Sports Bar in Grain Valley, Missouri. Mark Wilson bought the bar after working his way up from waiter to Head of Marketing at a large pizza chain.

The bar was failing and he believed he could turn it around. Mark hired a troop of attractive females to draw in a male crowd and the business was a success until personalities clashed.

The women would argue and Mark lost control, leading the patrons to flock to the only other bar in town. Mark is $450,000 in debt and is a fortnight away from losing his home.

Jon arrives at the bar with Mixologist Elayne and they comment on the drab exterior of the bar. The inside of the bar is very large and they instantly notice there is no television in the bar so they are unable to show any sports!

Jon shows Elayne a video of the female staff screaming at each other and making wild accusations and is shocked that the staff weren't disciplined.

Jon enters the bar and talks with bartender Jesse who explains they play a lot of country or whatever music is requested.

Keller is the most popular bartender, she doesn't get along with Jess as they used to date. She also reveals that most of the bar tenders sleep with each other and Mark is aware but does nothing to stop it.

Jon meets Mark and leaves for the evening, Mark has a break down as he doesn't feel like Jon can save his bar. Mark calls staff to his office but they argue about their personal lives and who has slept with who.

A hypnotist begins a show but Jon asks him to end the show.

The next day, Jon returns to meet the staff. He feels the poor entertainment and lack of clear promotions are failing to attract customers. Jon tells Jesse that he will have to stop sleeping with other staff members!

Jon introduces Elayne and Brandy, Elayne will train bar skills and Brandy will train customer service. Jon does a walk through of the bar and finds the spirits are in the fridge, the fridge is leaking.

There is sludge behind bottles on the bar and the ashtrays haven't been emptied. He also finds rat droppings and demands that the staff deep clean the bar.

Jon organises a stress test on the bar and he packs the bar with patrons. The service is a disaster, the customers are left waiting for drinks and the drinks aren't accurate.

They are spilling spirits all over the bar and there is no consistency with the drinks. Customers walk out to go to the competition bar down the street.

Jesse shines as a great bar tender whilst others don't stand out. A staff meeting is called and Mark is naive as to the problems.

The next day, Taylor doesn't show at the bar with no explanation or phone call so Jon encourages Mark to fire her, which he does. Jon explains he wants to open a country nightclub with new cocktails to bury the competition.

The bar is given a makeover with a large light up sign and modern interior with a VIP area and dance floor. The bar has been renamed to Badlands and the exterior is given a makeover.

On relaunch night, the new drinks are a big hit but the customers are left waiting. Jesse steps up and mixes two drinks at a time and keeps the customers entertained.

The dance floor is a huge hit and Mark steps up as a manager.

What Happened Next at Longshots Sports Bar?

Badlands Country Nightclub closed three months after filming so that owner Mark could focus on the other bars that he owned.

One Yelp review complained that the bar was empty when they visited.

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