RG’s Lounge / BARcode - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

RG’s Lounge Bar Rescue

In this Bar Recue episode, Jon Taffer visits RG’s Lounge in Independence, Missouri.

RG’s Lounge is owned by twins Randy and Rick.

Rick bartended there on weekends for years before they bought it.

Since he still had a nine-to-five Randy was left to manage the bar.

The bar flourished because of the twins’ charisma but their competitive nature got the better of them.

The communication between the pair has broken down.

Their jabs make customers uncomfortable.

They neglected the space, with their clientele now as old or older than the brothers.

They are losing $5000 a month and are $139,000 in debt.

Tyler is Rick’s son and he called Bar Rescue.

Jon recons the bar with Rick, expert chef Celina Tio and expert mixologist Mia Mastroianni.

They see the exterior of the bar is dated and Tyler says it has always been that way as they have never remodelled.

Tyler tells them about the inner workings of the bar, on how they blame each other and are barely talking.

Tyler shows them a video he made of his father and uncle bickering.

He also tells them that the staff are bad at their job and only old people frequent the bar.

Rachel a local is Jon’s spy and will be testing the service at the bar.

She sits at the bar and she is left waiting for about ten minutes before she is served.

He asks for a fruity drink and they make a concoction and it is too sweet.

She is given a beer instead and it is warm.

She orders a French dip sandwich and they see the cook use a napkin on his mouth then the counter top.

He cooks food on a dirty and greasy stove.

The sandwich is soggy and she barely takes a bite before she sends it back.

Soon, a drunk gets aggressive in the bar, no one takes her out of the bar and she is served more beer and shots.

Jon is worried for the safety of the patron and goes in to confront Rick to cut the woman off.

He also confronts Randy as well as it is very irresponsible behaviour they were not checking.

The drunk patron leaves and is found by police outside and arrested.

The next day, Jon comes in to meet with the staff.

The staff complain of the older patrons and the infighting between Rick and Randy.

Jon sits with Rick first and then Randy afterwards.

They say it started with the inheritance from their mother, who left everything to Rick.

After understanding the rift, the experts inspect the bar and kitchen.

They see a very dirty drain at the bar, fruit flies in the drink bottle and grease-caked stove tops.

The cook defends his kitchen saying it is clean and refuses to do more cleaning.

Jon and he get in each other’s faces and it almost gets physical.

He eventually cleans because he wants to keep his job.

Jon and the cook settle their score later.

The food and beverage industry has a very high turnover rate.

Jon introduces three new bartenders, who will be competing with the regular staff for their positions.

Mia conducts a competition between the veterans and the new bartenders to make some simple cocktails.

Celine trains the cook on making a proper French dip.

For the stress test, the competition between the bartenders continues.

The customers besiege the bar and the bartenders are overwhelmed.

The kitchen has no system and the tickets are handwritten.

There are no table numbers and no runners dedicated to the kitchen.

The new girls are giving the veterans a run for their money but Erica and Janice step up.

The cook is also pulling through.

Meanwhile Rick and Randy are avoiding each other.

There is another over-intoxicated customer and Rick handles it and calls the customer a cab.

The night ends and feedback is given.

Erica is commended, made the head bartender and the new girls will stay as well.

The twins are reprimanded for bad communications and Randy for bad mouthing Rick in front of the customers.

Jon meets with the twins the next day and he reveals Tyler is the mole.

Tyler joins them and lets them know they need to get along and everyone is affected by their fighting.

The brothers agree to call a truce.

Mia trains the staff on making cocktails based on rum and vodka.

Celina trains the cook on making sharing meals that are non-greasy and Rick is pulled in to help is excited to learn.

The bar is renovated over thirty-six hours and the staff are gathered at night to unveil their new bar.

The bar has been renamed and is now called BARcode.

The exterior is less busy and is now more modern.

Inside it has been updated and modernised with a bigger bar area.

There are lots of games for the interactive sports experience.

There are PS3’s and all the most popular games available in cubicles.

There are two work stations, Future POS systems and an advanced beer tap system.

The cook is given a red chef’s coat.

They set up and open for the relaunch.

Customers are let in and they are ready.

On relaunch, Randy is managing well and supporting his bar staff.

The kitchen is doing great and sending out good food.

The patrons move towards the games and are enjoying them.

Tyler is happy that he and his friend can hang out at the bar with the drama.

What Happened Next at RG’s Lounge / BARcode?

Six weeks later, it is revealed food and beverage sales are up 37%.

The customers are a nuch younger crowd.

Rick and Randy are still getting along.

Tyler and his friends hang out at the bar often.

RG’s Lounge / BARcode closed in October 2016.

Reviews prior to the closure were mostly negative with complaints about poor service and a dirty bar.

This post was last updated in February 2022.

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