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Shanty on 19th 24 Hours to Hell and Back<

In this 24 Hours to Hell and Back episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Shanty on 19th in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Shanty on 19th is owned by Joe and Melanie, they had a vision of fine dining but Executive Chef Kennedy struggles with staffing in the kitchen.

The staff and owner have had a number of feuds that have effected the business and their personal lives.

The owners are in $2million dollars of debt, their marriage is falling apart and Joe is drinking heavily.

Gordon arrives at the restaurant in disguise and he comments that it is a great area of town but the restaurant looks like a run down sports bar.

Gordon is shocked at the size of the huge menu and they order some staple menu items.

In the dining room the customers can hear shouting and swearing from the kitchen.

After a long wait their food arrives and Gordon isn't impressed. He tells the diners to stop eating the shrimp as it tastes sour.

Gordon removes his disguise, calls the staff into the dining room and tells Joe and Kennedy all that the diners have heard.

He takes both the staff and customers out to his giant Hell on Wheels truck.

They are shown footage that shows the staff spitting in food, a dirty kitchenand food covered in mould.

There are raw fries, staff are dipping fingers in food and Joe is drinking heavily all day.

Sous Chef Tommy says that Joe is a good guy but he doesn't let them make any changes and various accusations are thrown around.

Joe is furious after this as he feels he was attacked and even thrown under the bus by Melanie.

Gordon speaks to Joe Sr, who is owner Joe's father and assists in the kitchen about the spitting in food and he denies it.

He says Kennedy is just a prep cook and should hire people to help her but she fires back that there is no money for it.

Melanie steps in to calm the situation as it is revealed that Kennedy has a heart condition.

Gordon asks her to calm down too and asks Joe Jr why he allows his father to treat the staff the way he does.

Gordon wants Joe Sr to be fired as he is fed up of his attitude and behaviour.

Gordon speaks with Melanie and discovers the issues in their relationship.

Joe has locked her out of the restaurant and she is working a second job to try stay afloat.

Gordon inspects the kitchen and finds a broken fryer and inadequate refrigeration.

He also finds cheap produce and there are also mouse droppings in the kitchen.

He orders the staff to deep clean the kitchen.

Gordon has a deep heart to heart with Melanie off site and it is revealed Joe's father was also a heavy drinker.

Melanie is fed up and Gordon wants her to take charge before he can help.

Gordon meets with Kennedy and reveals the new one page menu with fresh ingredients.

They talk about her heart issue and her temper. Joe and Gordon have a heart to heart as his father was an alcoholic.

Gordon wants Joe to make Melanie general manager of the restaurant.

Joe finds Melanie and tells her he loves her and that she will be manager.

He promises to stop drinking and he sees the process as a reality check.

Melanie quickly steps up as manager but Joe Senior falls back to his old ways in the kitchen.

Gordon gives the team a pep talk before the relaunch evening. Joe speaks to customers and is so sweet about Melanie.

The new decor and food is a big hit with the staff  and for relaunch evening there is a food critic in the restaurant.

Joe is charming with guests and the customers love the new decor and new food.

Kennedy starts swearing in the kitchen and Gordon tells her to stop.

Joe causes confusion in the kitchen calling tickets that are different to Kennedy's and is kicked out of the kitchen by Gordon.

The relaunch is a success and the customers love the new food and decor.

He is proud of Kennedy as she stepped up and Joe and Melanie also did a great job.

What Happened Next at Shanty on 19th?

Three months later the restaurant is doing well and there are grateful for their second chance.

Shanty on 19th is open.

The latest Shanty on 19th update is that Yelp Reviews since filming are mixed, some love the food and some think it is nothing special. In recent reviews, crab is subject of criticism in many of the reviews.

Trip Advisor reviews are also very mixed, with many diners feeling the food quality wasn't worth the money they paid for the meal.

They have kept Gordon's menu and have added a few of their own items. Melanie is no longer working in the business and their marriage is stronger than ever.

A reviewer from Morning Call enjoyed the service and atmosphere but their party was served flat coke and overcooked food items.

Planning a visit to Shanty on 19th in Allentown pa? Check out their website for more info including opening hours.

Shanty on 19th was aired on January 09 2019, the episode was filmed in October 2018 and is 24 Hours to Hell and Back season 2 episode 2.

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