Shanty on 19th - 24 Hours to Hell and Back Update - Open or Closed?

Shanty on 19th 24 Hours to Hell and Back

In this 24 Hours to Hell and Back episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Shanty on 19th in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Shanty on 19th opened in 1968 and was the top restaurant in the area for many years.

The restaurant is currently owned by Joe and run by him and his wife Melanie.

Joe has worked in the restaurant industry and they bought the restaurant because they wanted one of their own.

It has been a disaster as they lived in the shadow of the original restaurant.

They had a vision of fine dining but Executive Chef Kennedy struggles with staffing in the kitchen.

The food is anything but fine dining and Joe promotes bar culture in the cooking.

Kennedy is an experienced cook but is frustrated by Joe who limits her.

Because of the high turnover of staff Joe has his Dad come in to help out, he is disruptive to staff and customers.

The restaurant is in trouble so Melanie started a side business to keep their head above water.

The owners are in $2million dollars of debt, their marriage is falling apart and Joe is drinking heavily and it scares Melanie.

Gordon arrives at the restaurant disguised as a hockey fan of a local team.

He goes to the restaurant as part of a group of four jersey wearing fans.

They sit and order some staple items from the menu that has way too many items on it.

The group notices that the interior is run-down and it looks like a sports bar.

Joe and Kennedy get into an argument in the kitchen and they can be heard in the dining area.

The blackened scallops that come are burnt and they are left waiting up to forty five minutes for their entrees.

The shrimp is sour, the burger is cold and half their food is frozen.

Gordon removes his disguise and stops the dinner service.

He asks the staff and customers to the Hell on Wheel truck to view footage of the restaurant.

They see Joe’s father spit in the food and several staff taste food with their fingers.

The kitchen is filthy, mouldy food is being stored and Joe is constantly drinking on the job.

Joe is mortified by all that he saw and the staff say he is a good guy but he restricts all of them.

The timer is started while staff call their family and customers are invited back in 24 hours for the relaunch.

A staff meeting is set up back at the restaurant and Joe senior is first addressed.

He denies spitting in food even though it was seen on the footage.

Gordon asks why he has not been fired.

Sous Chef Tommy says that Joe is a good guy but he doesn't let them make any changes and various accusations are thrown around.

He says Kennedy is just a prep cook and should hire people to help her but she fires back that there is no money for it.

She gets upset defending herself raising her voice while using profanity.

Kennedy reveals they are understaffed in the kitchen, Joe senior talks down the staff and food to the customers constantly.

It is revealed she has a heart condition so she is encouraged to calm down.

Gordon takes over on talking to Joe senior and gets Joe to fire his father as he is very disruptive.

Joe does not leave quietly.

Kennedy is made to own her part of the problems as she is loud in the kitchen.

Joe is still the main problem as he shuts his wife down often when she tries to tell him issues in the restaurant.

Gordon starts the renovation and furniture is removed and booths are torn out.

Gordon inspects the kitchen, he sees faulty equipment that catches fire and there is grime underneath and all around the fryer.

In the walk-in freezer there are cheap chicken wings that are going off and there are droppings in corners.

Gordon leaves them to clean the kitchen while he walks with Melanie to a theatre to talk to her.

Melanie is ashamed of how Joe runs the restaurant and admits she has thought of leaving but she still wants to be with him.

At the restaurant, Joe is enjoying the physical work he is doing for the renovations.

Gordon takes Kennedy to the truck kitchen to show her the new smaller menu, which she is grateful for.

She is happy that she will be cooking from fresh and there is only one burger on the menu now.

Gordon demonstrates making the scallops for her before leaving her and her team to be trained by Mary and his staff.

Gordon promises her he will take on Joe and Kennedy should just focus on the kitchen.

Gordon heads back to the restaurant and pulls Joe away for a chat in his car.

He is brutally honest with him and Joe breaks down admitting he drinks to cover up his problems.

Joe is told he needs a general manager and his wife is perfect for the role, it would also take a load off him.

Once his talk is done, Joe goes to hug his wife and apologises telling her he loves her and he will do better.

At dawn, the kitchen team is not done at the truck and Gordon leaves them with words of encouragement.

Melanie has started in her role as general manger and is setting up the place for relaunch.

An hour before relaunch, the kitchen team are in their new kitchen and cook of all the meals they learned

The staff sample the food and are impressed with the new dishes.

Just before relaunch, Gordon catches a member of the kitchen staff tasting with his fingers and cautions him.

The last batch of meals they prepare have errors and Gordon is upset and has them do it right before they open up.

All is well before the doors are opened as countdown runs out.

For relaunch, customers come in to see the place is brighter.

It looks more like a bistro with inspiration from the history of the town.

The kitchen has brand new equipment to help them give their best shot at a successful relaunch.

Orders come in and Kennedy takes the lead in her kitchen with great food flying out to the complements of the customers.

Joe settles into his old ways, over steps Melanie then goes to the kitchen upsetting Kennedy.

Gordon has to pull him away to remind him he is a support not to take control of everything.

Melanie is happy in her role and Kennedy is shining as well as she is calmer in the kitchen.

Gordon says his goodbyes to the couple and the cook just before he leaves.

What Happened Next at Shanty on 19th?

Three months later the restaurant is doing well and there are grateful for their second chance.

Melanie is respected by Joe, Joe hired kitchen staff and let Kennedy have more control of the kitchen.

Shanty on 19th is open.

The latest Shanty on 19th update is that Yelp Reviews since filming are mixed.

Some customers love the food and some think it is nothing special.

In recent reviews, crab is subject of criticism in many of the reviews.

Trip Advisor reviews are also very mixed, with many diners feeling the food quality wasn't worth the money they paid for the meal.

They have kept Gordon's menu and have added a few of their own items.

Melanie is no longer working in the business and their marriage is stronger than ever.

A reviewer from Morning Call enjoyed the service and atmosphere but their party was served flat coke and overcooked food items.

Planning a visit to Shanty on 19th in Allentown pa? Check out their website for more info including opening hours.

Shanty on 19th was aired on January 09 2019, the episode was filmed in October 2018 and is 24 Hours to Hell and Back season 2 episode 2.

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