Boardwalk 11 - 24 Hours to Hell and Back Update - Open or Closed?

Boardwalk 11 Los Angeles 24 Hours to Hell and Back

In this 24 Hours to Hell and Back episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Boardwalk 11 in Los Angeles, California.

Boardwalk 11 is a restaurant/pub/karaoke bar.

It is owned by Steven Spear, son of a successful restaurant owner Alan Spear.

Steve opened other restaurants in the area but these have all closed and Boardwalk is his last remaining business.

Steve does everything in the restaurant instead of letting the staff do their jobs so nothing is done properly as there isn't time to do everything.

Kat is the Head Chef but she wants more control of her kitchen, something that Steve won't give her.

She doesn't even have control over the staff in the kitchen, they come into work hungover or late and she has no power to discipline them.

Gordon arrives disguised as a biker, complete with long hair and leather with a group of local bikers.

Gordon notices immediately that the bar has been renovated whilst the restaurant has been neglected.

Gordon and his biker friends order some gastropub classic dishes including sliders, burger and meatballs.

The food arrives in just 8 minutes. The sliders taste sour, the meatballs also smell off and the burger is soggy and the patty is grey.

Gordon asks for the customers to stop eating immediately and removes his own disguise.

He declares that the food was the some of the worse he has ever eaten and the sour food was reheated from being cooked four days ago.

He criticises the service as the dirty menus were just thrown down in front of them with no word from the server.

Gordon closes the restaurant and asks all of the customers and members of staff to come out to his Hell on Wheels truck.

Gordon shows the hidden footage of the restaurant including a filthy kitchen, mouldy food, cockroaches, foul language in front of customers and comments about Richard being drunk.

Steve tells Gordon that it is the best he can do and they don't have a manager.

Gordon meets with the staff who reveal there is no discipline or accountability for anything so no one has any passion for their work.

Staff are late, easily distracted and slow workers. Kat used to be a kitchen manager at Steves other restaurant but was demoted after the restaurant failed.

Gordon reads the reviews for the restaurant and there are mentions of a male member of staff being inappropriate to women customers.

Gordon next shows Steve footage of the staff behaviour in the restaurant and a result Keith is fired by Steve.

The plan is revealed to turn the restaurant into a retro gastro pub.

Gordon wants to work on the kitchen next and Kat tells him that the vent above the stove is never cleaned.

He inspects the walk in fridge where he finds sour, rancid meat and old produce and there are thousands of dollars of old food that needs to be thrown away.

Gordon tells the kitchen staff to clean the kitchen and Steve is negative, he leaves the restaurant and Gordon finds him outside. He is fed up and Steve feels the restaurant may be done.

He says that he wants Gordon's help but Gordon tells him he needs to wake up or he will leave. Gordon tells him that he is a negative presence and the staff hate the atmosphere he created.

Gordon meets with Kat and shows her the new menu. He admits to Kat he is struggling as he has never had an owner so unmotivated to relaunch a restaurant.

Gordon tells her she needs to own her kitchen and if the other cooks don't step up they need to leave.

The staff aren't helping with the renovation so Gordon steps in and helps.

He tells Steve that he needs to step back and it is decided that the other Kat will be promoted to General Manager.

With her new powers she fires Richard as he has struggled to learn the new dishes and he has consistently under performed in the kitchen.

Kat calls Alfredo to come and help in the restaurant. Gordon sends Steve home and he meets Alredo.

Gordon asks them to make one of everything on the menu, the burger has too much salad and he asks them to take ownership and to communicate better.

For relaunch night, Gordon's dining companions have returned and they love the new decor.

The kitchen struggles to communicate and they struggle to cook the food. As a result the tickets back up and the customers are left waiting.

Gordon tells everyone to stop, Brandon isn't talking and Gordon feels Kat needs to step up.

She tries to make excuses but Gordon isn't having it.

General Manager Kat relays the customers frustrations at the wait and Gordon stops the kitchen to take Head Chef Kat aside.

He tells her she needs to tell them what to do, meanwhile Kat (GM) talks to customers about the delays with the food.

The food starts leaving the kitchen and the customers are happy with the food.

Gordon feels both Kats have stepped up and shows this to Steve when he returns.

Steve promises to stick with Gordon's changes and allow both Kats to run their respective areas.

Gordon reflects on his first relaunch minus an owner and feels if Steve returns to his old ways the restaurant will fail.

What Happened Next at Boardwalk 11?

Three months later, both Kats have been demoted and are on the verge of leaving the restaurant.

Steve brought both Richard and Keith back into the restaurant and it appears he learnt nothing from their appearance on the show...

Boardwalk 11 is open.

The latest Boardwalk 11 update is that they are also now a karaoke bar and is now called Boardwalk 11 Karaoke Bar and Grill.

Yelp reviews are mostly positive with compliments to the food and negative comments on service, the odd off menu item, the bar and opening times.

Trip Advisor reviews are mostly positive and those that are negative do not appear genuine.

Planning a visit to the restaurant? Check out their website for more info including opening hours.

Boardwalk 11 was aired on February 13 2019, the episode was filmed in November and December 2018 and is 24 Hours to Hell and Back season 2 episode 7.


  1. Wow, I couldn't believe the update. Clearly a guy who was only in it for the free makeover and never planned to take any advice or implement staff changes.

    Rooting for this one to fail, and for better things for the Kats.

    1. Agreed. The owner looks so terrified of change he'd rather double down on the denial and fail than accept help. What a goose. I hope the Kats do well in future as well.

    2. I hope the two kats leave there cause they re definitely not appreciated . I also think that those restaurants that revert back to what they were doing before the show should be made to pay back the money that was spent . should be a time limit of maybe a year to give the changes a chance .

  2. I wish the Kats good luck in the future. They are way too good for him and his pub. I hope he fails!

  3. I have been going to Boardwalk 11 for 6 years now and I have found the food, the service, and Steve and the staff to be outstanding... very good, very prompt, and very friendly. Like any family squabble behind closed doors it can get yucky and I wish them all the best in pulling together.

    1. Lucky you were not served rotten food like Gordon and his staff was.

  4. This owner is a joke , literally has no backbone , can't take advice , has personality of a flannel , £100 says this business doesn't last hope 2 girls find a better place

  5. Just saw the show and I think the owner got a bad rap. The real problems were the two girls. The "head chef" and the waitress with the coloured hair. If the boss just fired both of them, the place would run a LOT better.


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