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Bayou on the Vine 24 Hours to Hell and Back

In this 24 Hours to Hell and Back episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Bayou on the Vine in Kansas City, Missouri.

Bayou on the Vine is owned by Chuck and Eartha and has only been open just over a year but is struggling despite its prime location.

Eartha's dad was a successful jazz musician and they bought the restaurant for their daughter Sharekka.

Sharekka went to culinary school and didn't enjoy working for others so her parents bought the restaurant for her.

Daughter Cimina finds the atmosphere stressful and she has left and returned to the restaurant a number of times.

The restaurant isn't making money and Chuck and Eartha are supporting the restaurant with their savings and as a result of the pressure they are close to divorcing.

Gordon arrives in disguise as "Softball Steve" arriving with a local softball team.

After arriving at the restaurant Gordon notices the tinted windows and the cheap mardi gras decor.

They order staple cajun dishes including hush puppies, gumbo, jambalaya, catfish, shrimp and craw fish.

The hushpuppies are cooked in old oil and Gordon spits it out and the catfish is dry and over cooked. The gumbo contains rotten shrimp and the craw fish is soggy.

Gordon asks the customers to stop eating before removing his disguise to reveal his identity. He tells them that the food is closed and takes everyone out to the Hell on Wheels truck.

Gordon reveals the hidden footage that shows the filth in the kitchen including cockroaches and Sharekka's frequent outbursts.

Sharekka denies that there were roaches in the kitchen despite the evidence shown in the footage and she reacts badly to Gordon's criticisms.

Gordon sits down the staff and talks to the staff about them enabling Sharekka's babyish behaviour and that she has disrespected all of them.

Daughter Shayna is General Manager but she has never managed a restaurant before and gets overly sensitive when he asks a simple question of where she has managed before...

This leads to an argument revealing the daughters entitlement.

Gordon reveals the renovation team to the staff and they remove everything from the restaurant.

He meets with Chuck to discuss his daughters roles in the restaurant and discusses whether she should fire Shayna as she has checked out completely.

Chuck and Eartha reveal that they used to be frequent travellers but the restaurant has stopped their trips, straining their marriage.

Gordon talks to Shayna about issues in the restaurant and he appears to have got her on his side.

Gordon reveals the new menu to the staff that they will be learning to cook in the Hell on Wheels truck mentored by Gordon's team of Chefs.

Initially Sharekka doesn't like the modern spin on the traditional dishes and is unenthusiastic in the kitchen until she tastes the dishes and changes her mind.

Gordon reveals the new kitchen equipment and the staff are enthusiastic for the relaunch.

There is a new PoS system and the restaurant has been renamed to Gadson's, in tribute to the family.

Gordon's big surprise is revealed, he has flown in Eartha's uncle - the famous drummer James Gadson.

Gordon has a heart to heart chat with Sharekka and he reveals he has been firm with her as he wants her to succeed and knows that she can.

On relaunch night, the customers love the new food, however Cimina doesn't expedite well on the pass and the customers are left waiting for food.

Sharekka struggles and sends out lower quality food to customers but Gordon steps in to stop the food leaving.

Chuck tells Shayna to take over expediting and Cimina is sent out the front.

Shayna is great at expediting, she has a great eye for detail and notices that a dish on the pass is missing a shrimp.

The evening was a success and ends with James playing on the drums.

Gordon reflects on the change in Sharreka over the course of the day as he recognises she has great talent.

What Happened Next at Bayou on the Vine?

Three months later, the restaurant is running much better and the family relationships have improved with the success of the restaurant.

They are still called Bayou on the Vine and didn't keep the new name Gadson's.

They have regular live jazz music, themed nights and have kept Gordon's menu in place.

Bayou on the Vine closed in June 2020.

Prior to closure, Trip Advisor reviews were mostly positive where as Yelp Reviews are more mixed with poor service and food quality a reason for negative reviews.

Bayou on the Vine was aired on February 06 2019, the episode was filmed in November 2018 and is 24 Hours to Hell and Back season 2 episode 6.

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