Bayou on the Vine / Gadson's - 24 Hours to Hell and Back Update - Open or Closed?

Bayou on the Vine 24 Hours to Hell and Back

In this 24 hours to Hell and Back episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Bayou on the Vine in Kansas City, Missouri.

Bayou on the Vine is owned by Chuck Burn is the co-owner along with his wife Eartha.

Eartha’s father once performed at the restaurant.

The restaurant has been open for over a year and is struggling despite being located near landmark locations.

They purchased the restaurant because of their daughter Sharekka.

She is the executive chef with some training and experience but wanted her own restaurant.

She is hard to please and get along with and her two sisters also work in the restaurant.

Shayna as a general manager and Cimina as an assistant manager.

No one in the family has restaurant experience and the business is not doing well.

Chuck and Eartha are still financing the business.

The restaurant is also affecting their lives and they are close to divorce.

Gordon comes in disguised as a baseball player in with a group of four.

They immediately notice the windows are tinted and the decor is madi gras inspired.

They ordered some common creole dishes and are left waiting.

They are served some cold hush puppies and the jambalaya is terrible.

The catfish is overcooked, the shrimp is rotten and crawfish is mealy.

The family get into an argument in the kitchen and they can be heard from the dining area.

None of Gordon’s companions would bring their significant others to the restaurant.

Gordon tells the customers to stop eating the food and he invites them and the staff to the Hell on Wheels truck.

He shows them on the large screen of footage from behind the scenes of the restaurant.

It shows a dirty kitchen, overflowing grease trap, cockroaches in the kitchen and Sharekka being hostile.

Sharekka denies that there were roaches in the kitchen despite the evidence shown in the footage.

When confronted about her lack of experience she is defensive and rude to Gordon.

In the staff meeting back at the restaurant Gordon gets everyone to be truthful about Sharekka.

They all agree she is problematic and would have been fired if she were not family.

Eartha says the family has suffered and she would never have opened the restaurant if she had known.

Cimina says she left the job but came back and her relationship with her sisters is seriously being tested.

Daughter Shayna is General Manager but she has never managed a restaurant before.

She gets overly sensitive and walks out when he asks a simple question of where she has managed before.

Her family calms her down and brings her back to the fold.

Gordon asks for their commitment before the timer is started.

Gordon calls Eartha aside to get the story behind the guitars on the wall.

She tells him about her jazz musician father and her uncle, who was a jazz drummer and their ties to the restaurant.

Gordon meets with Chuck to talkj about his daughters.

Sharekka is entitled and needs to be put in her place and Gordon believes Shayna has checked out and needs to be let go.

Chuck says the restaurant has drastically changed their life and they no longer have quality family time away.

They used to be frequent travellers but the restaurant has stopped their trips and placed strain on the family.

Chuck calls Shayna aside to warn her to be on board with Gordon’s changes.

Gordon meets with her to get her commitment to the business and promise to no longer bump heads with him.

Gordon takes the kitchen team and Sharekka to the hell on wheels kitchen to show them their new menu.

The new menu is based on southern creole dishes and recipes.

Initially Sharekka doesn't like the modern spin on the traditional dishes and is unenthusiastic in the kitchen.

After she tastes the new dishes she changes her mind.

The Jazz theme is going to a central theme to the renovations.

At dawn, Gordon returns to the kitchen and sees the kitchen team who are confident on the new dishes.

Gordon gets feedback from his staff on Sharekka and she was resistant but got on board and is the strongest cook.

The family see how the renovation work is going.

They see old pictures of family members and choose which would go on the walls.

The kitchen staff are taken to the kitchen that has been fully stocked with brand new equipment, which makes Sharekka happy.

The family start getting things together for the relaunch and learn how to use the new Touch Bistro POS system.

Gordon introduces the new name of the restaurant Gadson’s, renamed after her father and his jazz legacy.

Gordon sits down with the family to ensure they are on the same page.

Chuck tells Sharekka to keep a level head in the kitchen and not to get overwhelmed.

Shayna will be running front of the house and Chuck will be the general manager.

Gordon has one more surprise, Eartha’s uncle James Gadson has been brought in to see the restaurant.

It is a pleasant surprise for Eartha who is moved to tears.

The countdown ends and the doors are open for the relaunch.

The restaurant has been upgraded with lots of colour, brass trumpet d├ęcor on the wall behind the stage and family photos on another wall.

Cimina is acting as expediter and the food is prepared quickly and served to the delight of the guests.

They start well but soon Sharekka gets confused with tickets.

A meal is sent back that has been overcooked.

She tries to deviate blame but is made to accept her mistake.

Cimina is overwhelmed and Shayna switches with her.

Shayna and Sharekka work together to get them out of the backlog.

The customers have nothing but praise for the food and the night ends a success.

Gordon gathers the family and gives them motivational parting words.

As Gordon leaves James Gadson is playing a set for the restaurant.

What Happened Next at Bayou on the Vine?

Three months later, the restaurant is running much better with Shayna on board.

Sharekka is leading the kitchen well and has the respect of her team.

The family relationships have improved with the success of the restaurant.

They are still called Bayou on the Vine and didn't keep the new name Gadson's.

They have regular live jazz music, themed nights and have kept Gordon's menu in place.

Bayou on the Vine closed in June 2020.

Prior to closure, Trip Advisor reviews were mostly positive.

Yelp Reviews are more mixed with poor service and food quality a reason for negative reviews.

Bayou on the Vine was aired on February 06 2019, the episode was filmed in November 2018 and is 24 Hours to Hell and Back season 2 episode 6.


  1. So happy for your parents that you are still open x

  2. Yep. Happy for the parents....

  3. Magically Sharika redeemed herself. Wow. Never seen such a 180 on a person before.

  4. Sad that it closed, but I respect the family for working through the issues and wish them all the best.


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