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24 Hours to Hell and Back Stone's Throw

In this 24 Hours to Hell and Back episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Stone's Throw in Seymour, Connecticut.

Stone's Throw is owned by Peter and wife Tara. The couple bought the restaurant three years ago for their family to work together.

Peter has over 30 years of kitchen experience and his sons are servers in the restaurant.

Gordon arrives in his best disguise yet, as an old woman called Grandma Jean and he brings other elderly women to have lunch with him.

They immediately notice a bad smell in the restaurant, the dingy dining room and dirty floor.

They order classic fine dining dishes including duck, lobster and salmon and whilst they wait Gordon admires the outside view.

The food arrives but it is awful. The duck is dry and cold, Gordon won't even eat the lobster as it smells old and rancid and the salmon is dry and over cooked.

The women are disappointed as they could cook better at home. Gordon removes his disguise and goes into the kitchen.

He asks them to come into the dining room and tells the customers to stop eating to go outside to his Hell on Wheels truck.

Gordon shows them hidden footage showing the staff being both disrespectful to the owners and also goofing off during service.

There is a fire in the kitchen as well as mould produce, poorly stored chicken and uncovered food in the fridge.

Gordon confronts Peter but he claims he didn't know anything about it.

Gordon thinks Peter is in denial but Tara defends him saying that he has sleepless nights and is keeping the restaurant afloat.

Gordon knows that the staff are too scared of the owners to be honest so he asks them to leave the room.

They say son Connor often slacks off, leading to other staff following his lead and all of the sons sit on their phones during service.

Peter is concerned Gordon is picking on certain things. He reveals he had three of his own staff work undercover in the restaurant and all three got severe food poisoning.

Gordon thinks Peter doesn't care and Tara and Dylan stands up for him. He tells them they are dreaming, the reputation is dying and they are in over $200,000 of debt.

He tells Peter that his wife shouldn't have to work two jobs to keep them afloat. The family claim to be committed and introduces them to the renovation team.

Gordon decides to investigate the kitchen. The kitchen smells and he guesses the smell is coming from the walk-in.

The oysters are all dead, they stink and would cause a death in the restaurant if they were served.

There is foul smelling chicken breasts and slimy shrimp.

Gordon yells at Peter that he doesn't care, calls him a disgrace and Peter is ashamed. The kitchen staff work together to clean up the kitchen and throw away the old food.

Gordon sits with Tara as he feels he isn't getting through to Peter.

She tells Gordon about her breast and thyroid cancers and the strain it put on Peter.

She believes he is tired and overworked. He takes Peter to the Hell on Wheels truck to tell him to step up as the leader.

He also reveals they will be cooking everything from fresh and reveals the new menu.

Peter will step up as Head Chef to properly run the kitchen.

Gordon shows Peter footage of Tara talking about the restaurant and Mary teaches Ami dishes on the Hell on Wheels truck.

All of the family pull together to get the dining room finished and it is completed with just minutes on the clock.

Gordon also reveals the new kitchen equipment to the staff and he asks them to cook one of every dish on the new menu.

The dishes aren't prepared how they were taught and Gordon tells Peter he has to step up and take control.

On relaunch night, Tara is front of house and the tickets flood into the kitchen.

The tickets pile up and customers only receive part of their tables orders forcing Gordon to go into the kitchen to talk to Peter.

Peter steps up and catches a poor standard salmon dish about to enter the dining room and asks for it to be recooked.

Despite the hitches the relaunch was a success and the customers love the new food, service and new dining room.

What Happened Next at Stone's Throw?

Three months later, they are keeping up the high standards Gordon set and they look happier.

The latest Stone's Throw update is that Stone's Throw is closed.

Stone's Throw closed in December 2019 and was put up for sale for $900,000 on Loopnet.

Yelp Reviews are mixed after the show, initially there were positive comments on the improved food items but more recently a number of reviews are negative on food quality.

Planning a visit to the restaurant? Check out their website for more info including opening hours.

Stone's Throw was aired on January 30 2019, the episode was filmed in November 2018 and is 24 Hours to Hell and Back season 2 episode 5.

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