Bungalow Bar - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Bungalow Bar Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Bungalow Bar in Far Rockaway, New York.

Bungalow Bar has been open for over 30 years.

Originally the bar was ran by Dan Tubridy.

Later, the bar was taken over by his sons Dee and Terence in 2008.

Tey brought in their brothers Sean, Martin and friend Ryan to be co-owners.

With so many owners and people wanting their say in how the bar is run they argue a lot.

The bar’s beach atmosphere made it a success.

In a good week could see $100,000.

The business was devastated by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.

They have spent over $250,000 in repairs and $60,000 in rent and utilities in the last 6 months.

They have lost more than $350,000 in revenue.

The bar was forced to remain closed for a number of months due to the damage caused by the hurricane.

They need to open before Memorial Day if they wish to stay in business.

Jon arrives at the restaurant with a construction expert Sal Ferro.

They survey the neighbourhood.

They look at how much needs to be done to rebuild after the devastation caused by the Hurricane.

Jon and Sal watch footage of the owners arguing in the construction site then go on to meet them.

The renovations needed are extensive.

They have no dock, their walk-in fridge is gone and their draft beer systems are destroyed.

The kitchen was also severely damaged and none of the equipment in there is usable.

The equipment was underwater for several days and began to rot and rust so must be replaced.

They recovered some of their cups and Jon mentioned the need of signature cups for boosting sales.

They explain their argument that was caught on footage was about a bar door.

Jon sorts it out by saying a bar door was useless and is irrelevant and not worth fighting about.

They spend the first night in the bar removing damaged equipment and deep cleaning the kitchen.

Jon meets with the owners the next day for their input on his plans to redecorate the bar.

The owners disagree and it is hard to get one answer from them.

They compromise on a theme and a new colour scheme.

The staff who were left jobless after the bar closed are brought back in.

They will learn under Chef Nick Liberato and Mixologists Elayne Duff and Peter O’Connor.

They undergo training before a planned stress test in an external venue.

It will take place in Manhattan in a bar called Ponte’s.

For the stress test the brothers are given different responsibilities in the bar.

Dee and Terrence are in the kitchen.

Sean and Katy the General Manager are managing the floor.

Ryan, Bubba and Chris are behind the bar and Martin is expediting.

They are serving items off their menu.

Their serving time is going above 13 mins and Ryan is slow at making drinks.

Customers are waiting for more than 15mins for drinks.

Some food has had to be re-prepared.

They try a swap of Martin and Ryan to bring down the service time from 45 mins.

The stress test was not a complete success.

This was to be expected because most staff were rusty and out of practice.

They are committed to getting it right with more training, which continues the next day.

The next morning three new cocktails are introduces.

A new menu is introduced alongside their new improved fish tacos.

The work on reconstructing the bar was delayed as there was heavy rainfall for over 20 hours.

They missed their deadline for the finish.

Jon steps in to help with the reconstruction work.

The new bar is revealed the next day.

There is a small rename to the Bungalow Bar and Restaurant to highlight that they also offer food.

The nautical theme has been carried out throughout the bar.

The deck has been revamped and the ramp restored.

A touching mural was painted in dedication to the way the people pull together in times of a natural disaster.

Everything in the restaurant was new including new kitchen equipment, new lighting and a POS system.

Jon introduces the owners of a previous Bar Rescue.

Brad and Steve from Spirits on Bourbon arrive at the bar.

They develop a new light up cup like developed in their episode.

They also make a £5000 donation to help out the bar.

Jon's team installed many new features to the bar.

There is a new jukebox and he fitted the kitchen out with new equipment.

On relaunch night, the bar is packed with customers.

They are busier than they have been in a long time and the staff do brilliantly.

The new designed cups are a huge hit with the patrons and they are happy with the new bar food.

Jon is happy with the transformation and is sure they will succeed.

What Happened Next at Bungalow Bar?

A month later, the bar reported that sales were up 20%.

Bungalow Bar is open.

Reviews are excellent.

They temporarily closed from January to March 2023.

The owners wanted to take a break and also made some minor alterations.

This post was last updated in March 2024.

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