Kerry's Sports Pub / Bacon Bar - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Kerry’s Sports Pub Bar Rescue

In this Bar rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Kerry's Sports Pub in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kerry's Sports Pub is owned by Bill Davis.

He sunk his retirement savings into the bar in 2009.

He hired most of his family hoping to make it a family business.

Bill suffered a stroke in 2011.

Things fell apart as the family and staff now do what they want.

His grandson Justin picks up women and Melody overpours.

His daughter Kim overlooks many things.

Granddaughter Lacey is frustrated by the apparent downturn.

The customers are no longer coming and they are losing money.

Jon recons the bar with expert bartender Phil Wills and Bill, the owner.

Bill explains why he got the bar.

He only has enough to keep the place going for three more months.

He explains the staff and management of the bar.

Melody and Jana are bartenders and are both Justin’s ex-girlfriends.

Jon has spies who are hospitality employees to test the service at the bar.

They order some Margarita on the rocks and a bloody mary.

Two bartenders have to put their heads together to make it as they are not sure how.

Justin has a bad attitude and runs down the bar.

Bill is ready to fire him if he is the problem.

Jon goes in with Bill and calls the family together.

Jon plays a video of Justin badmouthing the bar and he is unresponsive.

Kim defends her son.

Jon had surveillance on the cash register.

He accuses Justin and Lacey of stealing, which they deny.

Justin and Lacey are shown on tape pocketing cash from the cash register.

They deny still saying it is their tips and Kim defends her children.

Jon says their mingling tips and bar cash is a problem.

They are not ringing in sales and it is a red flag for unaccounted cash they can take out.

Jon outlines what they should do to cover up their hole that can encourage staff to steal.

Lacey accuses Melody of stealing.

Kim does not want to fire anyone and decides to give one more chance.

The next day, Jon has a staff meeting and meets the staff.

Jon has a Bevintel report for the liquor sales.

It shows theft as Jana and Melody are losing more than half of the sales.

Kim is still bent on giving them more chances.

Jon is not having it and she is convinced to be a manager.

Melody and Jana are both fired.

Jon promises to get them new bartenders and introduces expert chef Brendan Collins.

Brendan has the cook make a BLT and trains Ken the cook on presentation.

Phil trains the remaining bartenders, Lacey and Justin until the new ones come in.

Lacey is nervous and Justin has signs of showing attitude.

Kim is to be a manager for the stress test.

A tip cup is to be put aside so it does not mix with the bar income.

The stress test starts and they are slammed.

Justin is not smiling and is not listening to feedback.

Lacey’s nerves are getting the best of her.

Drinks are dumped and customers are left waiting for over thirty minutes.

They are so buried and in an hour no tips.

Justin is making one drink at a time.

Justin starts to show attitude.

Phil has to step in so he walks away annoyed at being corrected.

Kim has to go talk to him so he comes back.

Lacey does not give up and tries her best for the rest of the night and some tips do come in.

At the end of the night there is a feedback session.

Justin comes out of the office where he was hiding.

Justin is still disrespectful.

The next day, the staff have a meeting and Justin comes in apologetic.

Jon informs them they will be using bacon to differentiate themselves from the other sports bars.

He introduces Victoria as a new bartender and Justin is immediately told not to date her.

Phil trains the bartenders on making some bloody mary variations with bacon twists.

The kitchen is trained on making some bacon sandwiches.

The bar is renovated over thirty six hours.

The staff are gathered at sunset to unveil their new bar.

The bar has been renamed and is now called Bacon Bar.

There is now a bold sign and call-to-actions.

Inside, it is more colourful with rich reds and bacon themed decor.

There is a beer station with a beer draft system where customers can serve themselves.

The back bar has a display of the good brand of liquor and there is a separate tip bucket.

The staff are left to set up for the relaunch.

On relaunch, customers are finally let in and they love the concept of the bar.

They quickly order the new drinks, self-serve beers and love the bacon on almost everything.

The kitchen is doing great and sending out great food.

Kim is taught to check the cash at the bar mid-operation.

She reminds the staff to stop putting the tips together.

Bill loves the bar now and the family is excited for the future.

What Happened Next at Kerry's Sports Pub / Bacon Bar?

Six weeks later, it is revealed sales increased by 32%.

Justin and Lacey no longer combine the tips.

Kim has been holding all employees accountable including her children.

Kerry’s Sports Pub / Bacon Bar is closed.

They closed in May 2022.

It closed as Bill decided to retire.

Reviews were mostly positive with compliments of the food they serve.

There were some complaints of poor service.

It appears that many of the regulars weren't happy with the changes that the show made.

Camino Real Mexican Restaurant & Cantina opened in its space in November 2022.

The restaurant is up for sale in 2024 for 3.75million.

This post was last updated in March 2024.

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