Blend on Main - 24 Hours to Hell and Back Update - Open or Closed?

Blend on Main 24 Hours to Hell and Back

In this 24 Hours to Hell and Back episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Blend on Main in Manasquan, New Jersey.

Blend on Main is owned by Chef owner Lou Smith and opened in 2014.

Initially it was popular with locals and tourists but the customers are declining.

They are located on a prime location on Main Street but the locals are no longer coming into the restaurant and they are relying on the tourist trade.

Lou met his wife Tara in 1998 whilst they worked together and they have worked together since.

She is currently the General Manager, taking on all the restaurants jobs except for the cooking.

They are currently $500,000 in debt and Lou is spending many hours at the restaurant, neglecting his family.

Line Cook Lisa has worked with Lou for 10 years and tells of his temper when he gets angry and she admits she has walked off the line twice.

As Gordon has been spotted in the area, he knows the restaurant will be expecting him so he send in James Avery in a terrible pilot disguise whilst he goes undercover as a camera man.

On the Ramsay cam, he sees Lou shouting at the kitchen staff and wiping his face with a cloth before touching the plates.

The food for the pilots arrives burnt on the outside and raw in the middle. Gordon sits on the crew table to sample the food himself.

Gordon notices that every customer in the room is staring at the decoy Gordon and believes that it is him.

Gordons food arrives with a gimmick empty take out box and chopsticks, the calamari is soggy and rubbery.

The halibut is very fishy and spoiled.

Gordon's decoy James stands up and announces to get the kitchen staff out before removing his disguise to confusion amongst the diners.

Whilst stood next to Lou, Gordon slowly removes his disguise to applaud by the customers. Gordon however reveals that he was in the kitchen and lays into Lou.

Gordon reveals hidden camera footage of Blend Manasquan that shows Lou putting his finger in different dishes to taste them, moldy fruit and constant abuse in the kitchen.

Gordon reveals that he was wiping his face with the cloth and then wiping the plates to grimaces from the customers and lays into him about him causing Tara to cry.

Gordon asks the customers to return in 24 hours and tells the staff they will be staying for 24 hours.

Gordon asks for a team meeting without the owners.

Manager Jean doesn't know why he is angry and server Darren says they are happy when they come into work at the start of the shift but within 15 minutes they are miserable.

Line cook James is distracted and uncomfortable by the way others are treated and Pastry Chef Teah is overworked as she is doing everything.

Every member of staff has considered quitting the restaurant and most feel like they have been abused.

The Head Line Cook Lisa stays for the money and is experienced but is treated as a cook and not respected as she should be as a chef.

Gordon calls the owners in and asks why Lou doesn't trust anyone.

Lisa and Teah are passionate and want to try new things but Lou blames them being mothers and claims they can't be committed to the restaurant.

Gordon reminds him that he has children and he says he has a wife to take care of them... Gordon calls him a dinosaur with his archaic views towards women staff.

The staff show they care for their employers and are eager to turn the restaurant around but Lou seems uninterested.

The decor team arrive and they clear out the dining room whilst Gordon works on Lou and he tells him that the restaurant works better without him.

Gordon warns him that if he doesn't change he will either have a heart attack, lose his family or lose his restaurant. He believes if a competitor opens that they will close.

Gordon takes the kitchen staff to the Hell on Wheels truck to see their skills in action and Mary reports that they have done well learning the new dishes.

Gordon sits down with Tara to talk about the restaurant and she has been stressed and Lou doesn't listen to her.

She just wants the best for the children and they have no quality time. Tara has to bring the children to the restaurant to see their father.

When asked if she is happy she admits that she isn't happy.

Gordon sits down with Lou and shows him footage of the children who want less stress about the restaurant and want to spend quality time together.

Gordon and Lou are to cook a halibut dish, Lou cooks in the kitchen and Gordon asks Lisa to cook in place of him.

James returns to judge the halibut dishes and Lisa is the winner. Gordon asks Lou to taste his dish and he thinks it is delicious so Gordon reveals that Lisa cooked it.

Lou thanks the staff for sticking with him and looks forward to the new chapter of the restaurant.

For relaunch night, the customers love the new decor and the new acoustics of the dining room. Lou is expediting rather than cooking for the service.

Customers love both the pace and taste of the food they receive. Lou begins to lose his temper and the kitchen begins to lose control as Lisa asks for more time.

Local foodies and bloggers love the food and chef James Avery also loves the new food.

What Happened Next at Blend on Main?

Blend on Main is open.

Three months later, business is up and customers love the new menu and atmosphere at the restaurant.

Lou is spending less time cooking and more time expediting. He is calmer and takes nights off to spend time with the family.

Chef Lisa is no longer working at Blend on Main and is Executive Chef at Caneda's White Rooster

Blend on Main reviews are good.

Yelp Reviews are mostly positive with compliments to the decor and service. Customers particularly like the sound proofing of the dining room area.

Trip Advisor reviews are also mostly positive with a 4.5 rating at the time of writing, if there is the odd complaint it is responded to by Lou.

Planning a visit to Blend on Main? Check out their website for more info including opening hours.

Blend on Main is 24 Hours to Hell and Back season 3 episode 2, was was aired on January 14 2020 and the episode was filmed in November 2019.


  1. This was a nice turnaround by the owner.

  2. My question is why no one was talking about Clemenza?


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