Caneda's White Rooster - 24 Hours to Hell and Back Update - Open or Closed?

Caneda's White Rooster 24 Hours to Hell and Back

In this 24 Hours to Hell and Back episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Caneda's White Rooster in Tom's River, New Jersey.

Caneda's White Rooster restaurant is owned by Patty Caneda and has only been open a year.

Patty opened the restaurant to showcase her grandmother's Cuban recipes but the restaurant is already in trouble.

Executive Chef Phil and server Jenn blames the young staff for the problems, they don't listen and everyone does whatever they like.

Patty has a business partner Jeremy, who has invested over $2million in the restaurant and needs the restaurant to succeed.

Gordon arrives to meet Jeremy and the pair enter the restaurant in disguise together.

Gordon has also asked two celebrities, actors from the Soprano's to help keep their cover.

As they arrive they don't think that the restaurant looks Cuban on the inside or out and the staff and diners are distracted by the actors.

The tables notices a bad fishy smell whenever the kitchen door is opened and it is from the walk in.

They order staple Cuban dishes including the empanadas, grilled octopus and salmon.

After nearly an hour not a lot of food is leaving the kitchen.

The empanadas, the octopus smells putrid, the Jamaican salmon is burnt and over cooked.

Gordon enters the kitchen and tells them to stop cooking and join him in the dining room.

He asks the diners if anyone is enjoying their dining experience and no one raises their hands.

Gordon asks both the staff and diners to come outside to his Hell on Wheels truck to show them the hidden footage he has recorded.

Jeremy removes his disguise and Patty introduces Jeremy to the crowd.

The footage shows spoiled raw chicken, flies on food, mouldy fruit and an extremely filthy kitchen.

He turns his attention to Phil, who was promoted from prep cook to Executive chef and he feels he can still do it and Jeremy reveals that he is angry.

Gordon sits down the staff and Phil tells Gordon that he only sees her three days a week but she denies this and claims that she is present.

Brandon considers her a second mother and not a boss as there is a lack of rules and organisation.

Phil has no idea about costings or pricing and it is revealed that Patty does this.

Gordon inspects the kitchen and finds week old salmon and putrid, rotten octopus that causes Gordon to retch and vomit.

Phil says that he wouldn't have served the octopus if he had found it and the staff are asked to clean the kitchen and dump the old food.

Gordon takes Phil out to the Hell on Wheels truck to test his cooking skills on the new menu.

Patty is hiding in her office and vents to Jenn about Phil before breaking down in tears.

Patty goes into the dining room and reveals to Gordon that she doesn't like the yellow they are painting the walls.

Patty is overwhelmed by the amount of change and appears to blame Jeremy for his lack of guidance.

Gordon asks her where her drive is and she doesn't seem to be able to answer.

She reveals that she walked away from her marriage 11 years ago with nothing and it took her four years to get her shop.

She doesn't want to have to start over again if the restaurant fails.

Mary reveals that they need practice. Phil has shone in the kitchen and she has concerns about Phil but would give him a second chance.

The makeover is revealed and upon seeing it finished Patty loves the new colour of the dining room and Phil is happy with the new kitchen equipment.

The Sopranos actors are back and the customers love the new, vibrant decor.

Jeremy returns in disguise and loves the new decor and the new food.

The kitchen begins to struggle and customers are left waiting for food.

Phil tries to send out a raw snapper and gives the kitchen a talking down to try and turn the service around.

Gordon gives Phil a pep talk to get the kitchen back in order and pulls Jeremy and Patty to one side for a chat outside.

Patty tells Jeremy that there are changes she needs to meet after service and he commits to 90 more days to try and rescue the restaurant.

What Happened Next at Caneda's White Rooster?

Three months later, the customers love the family friendly atmosphere and the casual dining experience.

Phil is no longer working at the restaurant and they have hired Executive Chef Lisa from last weeks Blend on Main !

After appearing on the show she decided to step out of her comfort zone at another restaurant.

Caneda's White Rooster closed on 16th March 2020 after Patty announced the closure on Facebook.

Caneda's White Rooster reviews after the episode were mixed.

Yelp Reviews are very mixed with comments on poor quality and under cooked dishes and long waits for food. There are also compliments to food quality, atmosphere and service.

Trip Advisor reviews are mixed with some customers loving the new decor and food and others hating it. There are also comments that there are less Cuban dishes on the menu.

Patty now works in insurance.

Caneda's White Rooster is 24 Hours to Hell and Back season 3 episode 3, was was aired on January 21 2020 and the episode was filmed in October 2019.

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