Jaxon Edwin - 24 Hours to Hell and Back Update - Open or Closed?

Jaxon Edwin 24 Hours to Hell and Back

In this 24 Hours to Hell and Back episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Jaxon Edwin in Ellicott City, Maryland.

Ellicott City, Maryland was hit by floods in both 2016 and 2018 and businesses have suffered as a result.

In order to save the restaurant and two others in the town Gordon is turning off the 24 hour timer and giving them as much time as needed in this special episode.

Jeni is the owner of Jackson Edwin, a new business in the town that has struggled to find its identity in the community.

Gordon goes undercover as a historian with a group of locals and has a look through the window of Jaxon Edwin.

He is told there is an arcade, coffee shop and barbers located on each floor of the three storey building.

Gordon knows that he needs more help and brings in designer Nate Berkus to help with Jaxon Edwin and the surrounding store fronts to invigorate this area of the town.

Gordon arrives at Jaxon Edmin and meets owner Jeff on the second floor.

He is shown the third floor and is impressed with the space that they have. He thinks it is a really cool place.

They tell him that they located the barbers on the third floor in case the building gets hit by another flood as they would be safe up there.

Gordon is concerned about the identity of the store as they are operating three seperate businesses in the space currently.

They are currently losing $3-5000 a month and are not able to pay themselves a salary.

Jeff only works two days a week and Gordon feels that his presence is vital to the business as he is the face of the business.

Gordon tells Jeff that he needs to make a commitment to the place and he agrees that he needs to be more present.

Gordon says he will go away and think about what to do about their current lack of identity.

Later, Gordon checks in with the design team and the makeover is going well with a domino design.

Gordon sits down to paint the dominoes with the staff.

Gordon takes Jenni to speak to Jeff to get him more involved in the community.

Jeff feels that him and Jenni are competitors as they are offering similar services.

She says that she doesn't feel that way at all and there is room for both of them.

Gordon explains that the reason she does so well despite a worse location is that she is active in the community so in turn they rally around her.

He tells Jeff that if he was more present the community would do the same for him.

Jenni also says that she wants to spend more time with Jeff.

Jeff takes hot coffee out to the workers and introduces himself to the helpers.

Gordon takes all of the owners to the home of the Baltimore Ravens.

He reveals they will be displaying a huge billboard advertising the town during the first home game of the season.

Gordon reveals the new and improved Jaxon Edwin Social House to Jeff.

It will now have a casual lounge on the ground floor rather the gaming stations.

The second floor now serves whiskey, food and coffee with a more social atmosphere.

On relaunch, the changes at Jaxon Edwin are loved by the locals.

The new food and casual dining is a big hit with the customers.

Jeff is grateful and invigorated and fights back the tears as the building is buzzing with customers.

What Happened Next at Jaxon Edwin?

Shortly after Gordon visited Ellicott city they temporarily closed Main Street.

Both Google and Yelp Reviews were positive for Jaxon Edwin for hair cuts, food and drinks after Gordon visited.

Jaxon Edwin closed in August 2020.

They announced the closure on Social Media posting the below on Facebook,

"In May we safely reopened but what we’ve learned the past few months is there are too many things working against us.

The pressure of owing 100% of our rent during a time when we are reduced to 50% at best has become too much to bear.

While our landlords got most of their burden deferred for several months, we owe 100%. So we’ve tried to reopen per the law, which did not cover expenses.

Many people are not yet comfortable with indoor seating, but sadly we were not able to obtain a solution to bring in that business.

Several Fridays ago we had a band play and then we later found out that 2 customers had tested positive for COVID-19"

Jaxon Edwin featured in 24 Hours to Hell and Back season 3 episode 10, was aired on May 12 2020 and the episode was filmed in February 2020.

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