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Bar Rescue Rocks

On this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Rocks in Laguna Niguel, California.

Rocks is owned by Scott Terheggen, who bought the bar in 1996, after retiring from his career in real estate.

He chose to open in the location due to a legal loophole that allowed patrons to smoke inside the bar, despite bans throughout the state.

This was a huge draw to the business that ended in 2009 when the loophole was closed and the smoking ban had to be enforced.

Due to the smoking ban and another bar opening on their doorstep the bar began to suffer as rent increased and the building fell into disrepair.

The bar is empty most days and nights and those that do come to the bar are friends with the bartenders despite located in a popular college area.

Jon arrives with his daughter Samantha and finds a group of men outside the bar that makes Samantha uncomfortable.

The sign for the bar is confusing and you can't see the name of the bar through the advertising.

Samantha will be doing recon, as she is an experienced bar tender. As she enters the bar she can smell old liquor and isn't impressed with the decor.

The DJ Tony was distracted and regularly left the booth, leading to gaps in between the songs.

She was hit on by an older man and noticed a lack of young, female patrons. To make things worse the drink she ordered was tasteless.

Jon enters the bar and meets with Scott, who admits that he is only the bar a few times a week and the staff mainly run it themselves.

Scott's brother in law is drunk and bothering the female patrons. After a confrontation with Jon, he is removed from the bar.

The bar has a social club O Dark Thirtys and Jon thinks it makes the bar appear unfriendly to outsiders.

The next morning Jon shows them footage of the social club members drinking for free in the bar.

The bar tenders are sloppy when pouring the drinks, losing them thousands in revenue.

Jon introduces speed bartender Joseph Brooke, who notices an untidy bar and their poor pouring skills.

Jon speaks with Scott and suggest closing the bar during the day as they make more money at night.

Jon reveals that he wants to transform Rocks into a nightclub with a strict dress code and introduces his DJ Green Lantern to help.

Joseph works with the bartenders to improve their pouring skills and teaches them some new drinks.

Jon reveals they will be doing a stress test that evening to test the new skills they have learnt.

The bartenders struggle with glasses dropped, they forgot how to mix the new drinks and continued to over pour.

Tony doesn't fare any better on the dance floor with not a single patron deciding to dance.

After the disappointing stress test Jon reveals the new bar, a nightclub called Power Plant.

The dull exterior has been replaced with roping and new signage and there is new furniture and equipment in the bar.

For relaunch night, the bar is packed with local college kids and the strict dress code is enforced.

There is a near disaster as the bar runs out of glasses but Tony changed the music to dance songs, encouraging patrons to dance.

The relaunch is a hit with the customers loving the new welcoming atmosphere and new drinks menu.

What Happened Next at Rocks?

Six weeks after Bar Rescue, sales had improved.

They changed the name back to Rocks, after Jon left citing that Power Plant did not sound like the name of a bar/nightclub.

They also undid some of Jon's other changes including reopening during the day.

Rocks closed in November 2014. His other Rocks locations remain open.

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