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Bar Rescue Win Place or Show

On this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Win Place or Show in Fairfield, Ohio.

Win Place or Show is owned by Barry Rogers, who bought the bar after a successful career in the US Navy.

He used his savings to purchase the former biker bar but was $100,000 in debt and close to closure.

He made no changes after the purchase so his vision of a sports bar wasn't noticed by patrons.

They still think of it as a biker bar and as the business struggled he bought in his friend Dave Marcum aka Rudy Garcia, former guitarist of the Cincinnati Sinners.

This however proved to be a mistake as he cared more for the band and hired his wife as a bartender despite her lack of skills.

Jon arrives at the bar with Mixologist Jason Bran and chef Aaron McCargo. They are confused by the bar sign and don't know what the bar is.

Jason enters to be the mystery shopper and to find out what is happening at the bar. He orders drinks and food.

However he is disappointed in the Long Island Iced Tea that is too strong with too much alcohol and the food was microwaved.

Co-owner Rudy sits in the corner talking with his friend and drinking rather than working in the bar.

Jon enters shortly after he has eaten and meets with the two owners. They tell him that they didn't do anything to market the bar when they took over.

Jon asks Rudy if he thinks the music at the bar is popular with patrons or puts them off coming to the bar and he denies that the bar keeps patrons away.

Jon and Jason take a look behind the bar and find that it is in need of a deep clean, which the bartenders are asked to do whilst Tracy watches.

Aaron discovers that the kitchen is also filthy and greasy, causing a confrontation between Rudy and Jon.

The next day a staff meeting is called and issues are discovered including Rudy giving away free drinks and drinking whilst working.

The free drinks are contributing to the loss of income for the bar and he is told to stop.

Aaron shows the kitchen staff the new menu which will be barbecue food as it is quick and easy to cook.

The bartenders are taught the new drinks menu with a focus on bourbon and whiskey to compliment the new food.

Jon has planned a stress test to test the bartenders with the new drinks menu.

Both the bar and the kitchen struggled with the number of orders and Tracy was useless behind the bar and in front of the bar.

Owner Barry stepped up to help in the kitchen whereas Rudy chatted to customers.

As customers started to leave, Jon ended the stress test before anymore damage was done.

The next morning, Jon has covered the sign to add mystery to their relaunch.

The kitchen staff are given a day of training and Jason spends the day teaching the bartenders how to pour at speed.

Unsurprisingly after Jon confronts the owners about the bars future Rudy asks to be let go from the business.

Bartender Amber decides to take over and invest in the bar replacing Rudy as co-owner.

The bar is given a huge renovation and Amber and Barry visit a local radio station to promote the bar.

Later that evening Jon reveals the new name of the bar as America Live Bar & BBQ, with new stools and tables, games tables and a new stage.

They can host live bands and the new jukebox is set up for karaoke.

There is also a SmartBar to help the bartenders with space and a new POS and new taps to help with speed.

On relaunch night, the bartenders were about to cope with the large amounts of customers due to the new additions and they loved both the food and drink.

One of my favourite bands Halestorm also played the relaunch event!

What Happened Next at Win Place or Show / America Live ?

Six weeks after Bar Rescue, sales increased by around 25% and many lives acts performed at the bar.

They had to close for days after the TV crew left and Amber said it was a nightmare due to loss of earnings.

America Live closed in July 2012 after the landlord locked them out of the building and finished the lease due to non payment of rent.

A now deleted Facebook post claimed that they "were ambushed by two members of the community who schemed to take our bar out from underneath us."

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