G.I Jodi's Bar and Grill / Malloy's - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

G.I. Jodi's Bar and Grill Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits G.I Jodi’s in Littleton, Colorado.

G.I Jodi's Bar and Grill is owned by Jodi Malloy, opened the bar in 2000.

Jodi decided to open the bar after being in the bar industry for decades.

Her father was in the army and the bar has several items of army memorabilia on the walls.

The name of the bar is from a nick name her regulars gave her.

Her dad was supportive of her work and in a year, they were looking to expand.

Sadly, her father passed away before this was able to happen.

Business went down and she had to call on her son, Travis, to step in even though they have problems working together.

He is the manager but she doesn’t think he is doing his job well and he thinks she is overbearing.

Bartender Jen has been there as long as Jodi and she wants the manager role.

Jon recons the bar with expert mixologist Mia Mastroianni and expert chef Tiffany Derry.

They see the bar is in a high-income area and are excited at the prospects.

They meet Jodi and he fills them in on her situation, that she is losing $8,000 a month.

The team meet Travis and they can’t tell if he is a manager or not.

They meet Jen who is bartender and forgets a customer’s order.

There is a full kitchen and menu and the bar is big.

There are only five members of staff, which they think is insufficient for the space.

Jon has members of his team Todd and Adam to spy on the bar and test their services.

They are served almost immediately and order margaritas, chicken wings and an Italian sammy.

The margarita doesn’t taste great at all.

Jodi went into the kitchen to prepare the food herself and they don’t hate the food that they try.

Jon decides to separate the mother and son duo to find out the truth about the bar.

Tiffany and Mia go into the bar to distract Jodi while Jon talks to Travis in his SUV out the back.

Jodi tells the ladies Travis is the manager and lists his responsibilities but Travis tells Jon he is not a manager.

They both say they have issues in communicating and working together.

Travis saying she is not doing a good job running the bar.

Jon tells Travis he needs to call her out and they both enter the bar to confront her.

They all get into a round table and Travis tells Jodi how her attitude is killing the place.

They look like they are reconciling but Tiffany is not convinced.

The workload is on Jodi and Jon tells Travis he needs to step up.

The next day they have a staff meeting with Jon.

It is quickly highlighted that Jodi sees Travis as the manager.

However, he doesn’t feel like the manager and Jen wants the role.

Jon’s experts give their feedback on the food and drinks.

Tiffany says the food was okay but there is room to grow, while Mia says the bar needs consistency.

Jon then points out that the decor could be the main reason the bar is failing.

The theme of the military is not properly communicated with a mish-mash of memorabilia and odd items.

Mia then trains the bar staff on a basic cocktail menu with a simple cocktail.

Jen is tested with making a cocktail while Mia blows a whistle trying to distract her and she makes mistakes.

For the stress test, Travis is given the full responsibility of running the bar.

Jodi is only supposed to take notes and talk to him afterwards.

They will also be bringing in a chef to help in the kitchen so Jodi and Travis are free to be involved in front of the house.

Travis is nervous but opens the doors to the customers and the bar gets busy immediately.

The kitchen is doing great and Travis acts as a runner.

The bar is also doing great with quality but they are too slow and Jen is struggling the most.

Travis is then made to switch Ashley and Jen so she can cover the busy end of the bar.

Travis then has to swap with Jen so she runs food instead.

Jen then gets angry and is complaining so Jon has to tell her off.

Travis is applauded at the bar for making up to 8 drinks at once.

He is then given feedback by Jodi and she only has observations on customer service.

The bar is then shut down for renovations even though things were going good.

Jon reveals to Jodi he is taking down the military memorabilia and she gets emotional about it.

The next day, Mia works on trying to help the bar staff get on the same level introducing a new cocktail called Snow in Spring.

In the kitchen, Tiffany has the job of training the new cook Joey on some new dishes for the bar.

Jon meets with Jodi and Travis to make sure they are on the same page.

On relaunch night, the new bar is revealed and it will be called Malloy’s.

The bar will be named after her father to keep his legacy of being in the military.

Freeman Signs worked on the new sign for the bar.

Inside the bar has been modernised with a number of new TV screens.

There is a blue base colour with military inspired d├ęcor on the walls including a photo of Jodi and her father.

There is Berg system in place, three new wells and stations and a Future POS system.

Centennial Bar Tap Service worked on the beer taps and Fine Line Graphics did the inside graphics and signs.

Harmony Painting worked on the space, Rockless Tables made the tables and Team Electric did all the electric connections.

They soon open to the public for relaunch.

On relaunch, the bar is great, and Jen is doing so much better.

Travis is also doing great working in all areas while Jodi is relaxed and acting like an owner.

Jon takes time to complement Jen on her progress.

He then says goodbye to the mother and son to the applause of the whole bar.

What Happened Next at G.I. Jodi's Bar and Grill / Malloy's?

Six weeks later, sales are up 30%, kitchen sales are up 300% and Travis is still thriving in his role.

The bar has kept the name Malloy's.

Malloy's Bar and Grille is open.

Reviews after the show are mostly positive with most praising the food and some complaints on service.

They have made some further renovations to the bar.

This post was last updated in March 2022.

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