Fort One Bar / The Roc - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Bar Rescue Fort One Bar and Lounge

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Fort One Bar and Lounge in San Francisco, California.

Fort One Bar is owned by Jason Wanigatunga was gifted the bar in 2014 by his father.

His father was the owner of a successful nightclub on Fisherman’s Wharf called CafĂ© Cocomo that opened 1996.

Jason grew up in the nightclub and thought he would do well with his own place.

The bar was successful at first making $110,000 a month.

Jason started indulging in the party atmosphere, drinking up to seven beers and several shots a night.

The staff follow his lead and drink on the job even though they know he is throwing away a great opportunity.

The bar is in disrepair and Jason’s dad has had to sell off some of his personal assets to keep Fort One afloat.

They are currently $200,000 in debt.

Jon and expert mixologist Mia Mastroianni recon the bar from another bar close by as there is no parking in front of Fort One.

They note it is in a popular tourist location but the exterior is cheap looking with a plastic banner.

Inside they have two levels for a bar and a nightclub but both are empty.

They see Jason giving out free drinks to customers and the bartenders all take free shots for themselves.

Jon sent in two girls as spies because he heard Jason gives away bottles to pretty girls.

They are served by Olivia, a bottle service girl in the bottle service area.

They notice that this area has worn furniture.

Jason joins the girls and gives them a free bottle losing $400 out of the gate.

Olivia and other staff complain on his generosity but he calls for more bottles.

In total it adds up to $1600 that he has given away.

Scott, the manager is also frustrated at his behaviour and the loss of money on the drinks.

Desiree, the bartender, runs outside to draw in paying customers.

The rest of the staff are so fed up with his behaviour.

Jon has seen enough and goes in to sit by the bar and it takes a while for the Desiree to notice him.

He has an exchange with her about the finances and it is clear she is drunk.

She reveals that she has only made $8 in tips that night.

Jon speaks to Scott and Olivia and they say how displeased they are with Jason.

Scott has $23,000 in the business as Jason came to him for help to keep the bar open.

Jon asks Jason why he gave away four expensive bottles.

Jason is under the misguided belief that the bottles got customers in.

He can’t see that he is giving away money to the detriment of his staff.

Jon says he is not responsible and he is not an owner in trouble but a spoilt rich kid.

He is made to clean up the bar that night and the next morning they had a staff meeting.

Jon points out once again that Jason is unperturbed while his staff are going home empty handed.

Ashley a bartender is frustrated that she loves her career but Jason’s antics is wasting their talents.

Jason is shocked to find out Scott is ready to walk if Jon decides not to renovate the bar.

Jon makes Jason a barback and Scott is given authority over the bar for forty-eight hours.

For the next two days he is effectively Jason’s boss.

Jon says if Scott leaves because Jason did not prove himself then he will not follow through with the renovation.

Jon introduces his expert and Mia wastes no time in putting Jason to work filling up ice.

Mia inspects the ice machine and sees mould in the ice filtration system so the ice is contaminated.

The mould is shown to staff and Jon rubs some on Jason.

Mia notes the garnishes are not labelled so they don’t know how old they are.

There are fruit flies everywhere and the storage bin horrifies both her and Jon as there are two dead mice in there.

Jason is made to clean the bar and dispose of the mice.

When the bar is clean Mia comes back to train the bartenders.

Mia has the bartenders make drinks while wearing intoxication googles to show that drunk bartenders cannot work properly.

She trains them on making a margarita with a twist.

They all practice making it in less than thirty seconds with Ashley excelling.

For the stress test, Scott lets the team know their roles before he goes out for a marketing drive with flyers.

They get ready before opening the doors to the customers.

Ashley is lively and starts well intriguing the customers.

She is left to manage the upstairs bar alone while the other two bartenders manage the nightclub bar.

Jason is running around getting garnishes and tools but he is not moving fast enough.

Lynette reacts after seeing Samantha, a former member of staff.

She tells Jon that Jason still owes her back pay.

Jon accosts Jason about the issue during the shift.

He says they never had an agreement and he does not owe her any money.

Jon tells him to straighten things out with her so she does not cause a scene.

Jason signs a check for the amount she is owed to have her leave.

Ashley is killing it at the top bar and customers love her consistency and vibe.

There is a clear contrast between her and the disappointing basement bar.

In the basement bar, the middle of the bar is neglected.

The station is not set up so Jon tells Scott to set it up.

Jason gets the ice and glasses.

Jon goes to Ashley’s bar to see her in action.

He is impressed as she is accurate to the last drop even while making up to seven drinks at once.

With the third well, the basement bar is meeting up with demand and Jason is commended for working hard.

Ashley finishes serving all her customers and Mia gives her a hug while the happy customers applaud her.

Scott is impressed with Jason stepping up but is told to make sure it is real determination.

The basement bar finishes their service as well and the night, despite its hiccups, is a success.

The next day, Jon sits with Jason and Scott to find out where they stand and if Scott wants to move on.

Jason tries to persuade Scott to stay and apologises for his previous behaviour.

Scott agrees to stay on the condition that Jason keeps up the momentum for the long-term.

Jon is happy with this and commits to rebuilding the bar, making it a high energy nightclub with easy fast cocktails.

Mia trains the staff on a whiskey cocktail.

The staff are gathered outside the bar on a late afternoon for the reveal.

Scott says he is willing to stay on at the bar to make it work.

Ashley is commended and Jon decides to take her on the road to rescue another bar.

Jon shows them the new bar.

The bar has been renamed to The Roc Nightclub and Bar, clearly combining the two concepts.

The bar furnishings have been changed and it is upscale with the logo on the floor.

There are three Two Touch POS systems and a lifetime subscription to TVT for training.

Jason and Scott invite the customers in and the bartenders are doing great making delicious drinks.

Ashley is standing out once again and some regulars cannot believe Jason is cleaning up at the bar.

The relaunch of the bar is successful while waiting for the nightclub to open later in the evening.

The nightclub opens and it is going great.

Scott is helping and Jason is taking initiative to help anyway that he can as well.

Jon is happy the team is working cohesively, and the tip jar is getting full.

Scott and Jon are happy with Jason.

What Happened Next at Fort One Bar and Lounge / The Roc Nightclub and Bar?

Six weeks later, it is revealed sales increased by 10%.

Jason has started paying Scott back with $5,000 repaid.

Ashley will return to Bar Rescue as an expert.

They kept the name change that Jon made during the episode.

Fort One Bar / The Roc Nightclub and Bar closed in August 2019.

Reviews were very mixed after the episode with complaints on prices and cleanliness and praise for the bartenders and atmosphere

This post was last updated in March 2022.

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