Triple Nickel Tavern - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Bar Rescue Triple Nickel Tavern

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Triple Nickel Tavern in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Triple Nickel Tavern is owned by JJ Greuter, who after over ten years of music bought the bar in 2005.

It was a success after they first opened and they earned about $25,000 a month.

JJ suffered several losses due to cancer with three immediate family members dying within a short timeframe.

He did not take this well and now he treats his business like his clubhouse.

JJ is often horsing around with his friends and chasing away new customers especially women.

The business is in $150,000 debt and in 2015 Jacob was hired as manager.

He is trying to manage the bar but JJ does not implement any of his ideas.

Jon recons the bar with expert mixologist Lisamarie Joyce and expert chef Jason Santos.

Jon fills them in on JJ and the bar being a punk-rock bar.

This makes Jon recall the last time he tried to save one but the owner was resistant.

The name of the bar has a heroic attachment to JJ’s dad who served in the military but they think the logo looks more country western.

The exterior also looks like the bar had previously been a garage.

Inside the decor is bland and confusing because of all the country looks contradict the punk bar theme.

They see bartenders on their night off at the bar drinking.

JJ joins them and is disrespectful to the female customers.

There is a kitchen but it is not open and they have no cook.

The bar is mostly filled with men and the staff are mostly men as well.

Jon brings in a mix of local men and women in the punk scene to test the bar.

They order food and are told they the kitchen is closed.

They order a cocktail but the bartender does not know it.

They eventually settle on a cherry lime soda.

The bartender cannot make it as well and asks for help.

JJ and the other bartenders have no idea.

Sierra just puts something together that is way too strong and tart.

The bartenders are all acting up and then a band goes on the stage that plays to an almost empty room.

The group ask for several cocktails and the owner and the bartenders do not care that they do not know how to make them.

JJ is horsing around with his friends through-out, degrading his manager and making a scene in front of the patrons.

He is also throwing chairs at Randy, his friend and bartender.

Jon has seen enough and goes in to confront JJ and the whole bar agrees he is disruptive.

Jon throws a drink in his face and asks him to sit on the floor like he did to his staff or else he will not save the bar.

JJ does sit on the floor eventually.

Jon sends Randy home and he leaves for the night.

Jon meets with the staff the next day and gives feedback on how poorly they served the spies he sent the previous night.

He then turns to JJ giving feedback on his deplorable behaviour, which Randy cannot remember most of.

Jon points out JJ is the one that let Randy drink on the job so it is his fault.

Randy is also at fault letting him give away drinks to their friends and chase away customers.

Jacob says he is not empowered to do his job.

He is close to giving up and leaving even though he sees them as family.

Jon commiserates with JJ about the loss of his family.

He reminds him the bar was his homage to his dad and he should not fail him.

Jon introduces his experts and the staff cleans the bar.

Lisamarie trains them on a blackberry tequila cocktail that would be a hit with ladies and then a whiskey cocktail.

In the kitchen, Jason trains JJ and Jacob on making a simple burger in an open kitchen.

Expectations are high for the stress test and customers are let in.

Drinks are made poorly and have to be dumped while in the kitchen.

JJ is struggling with making just two burgers while Randy is flustered serving guests at their tables.

JJ almost sent out half-done burgers and a decision is made to switch JJ and bartender Vincent, who has experience cooking.

The food sent out by JJ is not good as customers complain on twenty-five-minute wait times and the food being cold and salty.

Randy makes an error scooping ice with a glass and the ice has to be replaced.

The clubhouse members and regular customers complain to Lisamarie that they do not like the new customers.

Jon confronts them and they backtrack before JJ asks them to chill or leave.

The bar is then shut down as the problem areas have been exposed.

The plan for the bar is to be more female centric in the drinks and food menu but keep the punk rock garage theme.

Jon meets with JJ the next day and they talk about his family before bringing Jacob.

JJ apologises and tells him he will get the support he needs to take the bar to the next level.

Lisamarie trains the bar staff on a new signature cocktail paying homage to the name of a bar.

It is three shots of a tequila cocktail with three different garnishes.

JJ is excited as his mom was a bartender and would love the shots.

In the kitchen, Jason trains the staff on sweet doughnuts called belly bursters.

The staff are gathered at sundown to reveal the bar.

Jon has not changed the name but the logo has been updated with call-to-actions on the windows.

Inside the bar has more metal and punk rather than woody western.

It looks like a classy garage.

Jason Hullfish suspended a car bumper on a wall and there are tire thread track designs on the bar.

There are two complete workstations and three Two Touch POS systems and a lifetime subscription to Partender for inventory.

555 is a recurring number in the bar paying homage to JJ’s father’s squadron.

The family are let in for a look at the bar.

JJ’s father makes an appearance and he is happy with the changes that have been made.

On relaunch, the customers are let into the bar.

The bartenders are so much better than they were on stress test night with drinks and doughnuts flying out.

The customers love the service and JJ is being supportive, which Jacob had not seen before.

A band then goes on stage to the delight of guests.

What Happened Next at Triple Nickel Tavern?

Six weeks later, it is revealed business has been good.

JJ is still working hard.

Triple Nickel Tavern is open.

They have since moved to a new location across the road from their previous location.

Reviews after the episode are mostly positive with the live music being a big hit with the patrons.

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