Packy's Pub / Campbell’s Irish Pub - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Packy's Pub Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Packy’s Pub in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Packy’s Pub is owned by Patrick “Packy” Campbell.

Patrick immigrated to the United States from Ireland in 1986.

He started working in the bar industry after he arrived.

Packy successfully managed a popular bar in Milwaukee and decided he may have what it takes to own his own bar.

He brought in his friend Guppy as a partner for the bar.

During the first six years of running the bar, they were making around $20,000 a week.

In 2006, Packy started to focus more on his kids and took time away from the bar.

He allowed the staff to run the bar and soon it became a free-for-all.

Packy is now $140,000 in debt and is losing $9,000 a month.

He has only three months left before he has to close the bar for good.

Packy has no clue what to do so he made a call for help to Bar Rescue.

Jon brings in Gerry Graham, an Irish mixologist.

He also brings in renowned chef Gavan Murphy.

With the name and color scheme, the sign outside Packy’s look as if it is a sports bar.

Gavan says that this bar does not seem Irish at all.

The kitchen isn’t adding to the Irish vibe they are trying to give off.

There are fruit flies in the liquor bottles.

Guppy is gulping four-ounce drinks as if they are water.

Jon says that he is drinking to a point where he is going to hurt himself.

Jon tells Gavan and Gerry to do the recon for tonight.

Gavan and Gerry enter Packy’s pub.

This bar is a 1,600-square-foot space with a horseshoe bar, three speed wells and zero Irish identity.

Gerry orders a dry martini and Gavan orders one as well.

The chicken wings they ordered are overcooked and greasy.

Gavan says this bar has no Irish food on the menu.

Guppy has taken three shots in the short time Gavan and Gerry have been there.

Jon decides that he’s seen enough and he walks into the bar.

Jon tells Gavan and Gerry to talk about their experiences with the bar.

Gavan tells Packy how the chicken was overcooked and dry.

He said there’s nothing Irish about it.

Jon tells Guppy to show him which bottles have fruit flies in them.

He scolds Guppy for doing this.

He asks him how many shots he has had tonight.

Guppy says that he had at least 10 shots.

Jon is appalled at the fact that the staff doesn’t even seem to care about the fruit flies.

Jon throws every bottle with fruit flies in it on the ground and they all shatter.

They go into the kitchen.

Jon says that if this is any worse than the bar then they are in big trouble.

The chicken temperature is supposed to be at 40 but it is at 56.

Jon says that he wants nothing to do with this place and him and his experts leave.

Packy says that if Jon doesn’t come back, he’s done and his kids won’t go to college.

Packy tells Guppy that he’s not sure he can work here anymore.

Guppy says that they are all the blame for this and that he didn’t realize he was blowing Packy’s money away.

They both say that tomorrow is a new day.

The next morning, Jon says that he hopes Guppy is sober and the staff is ready to work because last night was a complete disaster.

Jon says that Guppy consumed around three times the $12 Packy made in chicken last night.

Packy says that his family, house and dignity are all on the line right now.

The bar is out of traditional Irish whiskey like Bushmills.

People are being overserved in dangerous amounts.

Jon tells Guppy about how he cannot drink behind the bar.

The bartender Summer rings drinks up but doesn’t make the customer pay for it.

Summer says she hasn’t been paid in over a month.

Jon says he doesn’t want to work with someone who does stuff like this and walks out.

Packy says he doesn’t have the money to pay the staff so he’s going to tell Jon to pack his stuff up and go.

Jon says that this is unethical and illegal and that Packy is going to pay these employees.

Packy gives his staff their checks.

Jon says for stress test he wants to see if they can operate an authentic Irish pub.

Gerry meets with the staff to go over the proper way to pour drinks.

Gavan shows them authentic Irish dishes.

Jon says that the staff needs to step up their game.

Packy’s opens up for stress test.

Drinks are being made wrong and Jon says they are sinking right now.

People have been waiting 40-minutes for shots and food isn’t going out to customers.

Jon says they are failing big time because they can’t seem to get product out to the customers.

Jon tells Packy to close the bar for the night.

Jon says that Guppy made a big step forward.

He says that he stepped up as a man but not as a bartender.

Jon and Packy get into an argument about how he’s not a good owner.

Jon says that Packy better not act like a minimum wage employee tomorrow and instead act like a manager.

The next morning, Jon says he hopes Packy has come in wanting to be a manager.

Gerry shows the staff new drinks they will be adding to the menu, such as Packy’s Irish Coffee and the Auld Fashioned.

Gavan shows them new recipes they will be adding to the menu for relaunch.

Later on, Jon meets with the staff to show them their newly renovated bar.

The staff is amazed by how their bar looks now.

The bar has been renamed and is now called Campbell’s Irish Pub.

The inside of the bar is amazing, looks just like the perfect Irish pub.

There are snugs in this bar now too.

Jon installed three Revention POS systems.

Jon tells the staff to set up for relaunch.

On relaunch, everyone is being very productive.

Customers are getting their food and drinks quickly.

The staff seems to be more confident in their work.

Jon hugs Packy and says that his work is done.

He says Irish pride is going to save the day.

What Happened Next at Packy's Pub / Campbell's Irish Pub?

Six weeks later, food and beverage sales have gone up by 70%.

Packy has hired additional help in the kitchen.

Guppy is no longer drinking behind the bar.

They revisited a year later and business had improved by 74%.

Campbell's Irish Pub closed in April 2022.

They closed after it was sold.

The bar was put up for sale for $350,000 in December 2017 and was sold in April 2022.

This post was last updated in February 2022.

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