Y-Not III / Nick’s House - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Y-Not III Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Y-Not III in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Y-Not III is owned by Tony DePalma, the owner of all of the Y-Not bars.

Milwaukee is home to the well-known family of Y-Not bars.

Tony has a daughter Monica DePalma, who opened her own bar called Monica’s on Aster.

Tony gave his son Nick DePalma the keys to the Y-Not III bar when he graduated from college.

He had high hopes that he would take to the bar business like his sister.

Nick lacked the skills that his sister had to run a bar.

Y-Not III quickly turned into the black sheep of the Y-Not brand.

Monica says that Nick didn’t realize how hard it was to take care of everything on his own.

Nick has done many things to bring people in, such as comedy shows to burlesque shows.

However, none of these seem to be bringing in business.

Nick’s lack of experience led to an out-of-touch staff and an underutilized space.

Nick says if things don’t change soon, he’s looking at about 6-months left before he has to close for good.

Y-Not III is losing $65,000 a year and Nick has run out of ideas.

Nick makes a call for help to Bar Rescue.

Jon is with Monica in his SUV.

Jon says that there is one bar per 1,800 people in Milwaukee.

In America, there is one bar per 4,800 people.

The median income for ages 25 to 34 is $43,000.

Jon says that this is a really good market for the bar.

Nick owes his father over $500,000.

Y-Not III is a large bar and has two stories.

If Nick is in the bar, he’s drinking and he is currently living with his mom.

Monica has put in $20,000 of her own money into this bar.

A lot of customers are receiving free shots.

The bar is completely out of control and Nick loves to avoid confrontation.

Jon walks into Y-Not III.

Jon asks Nick when the last time he made money and Nick says it’s been a while.

Jon tells Nick to close the bar and he wants to have a staff meeting.

Jon says that this is the first owner he’s met that is just pathetic.

Jon asks Nick how many shots he’s had tonight.

Nick doesn’t answer right away but then says that he doesn’t know what to say.

Jon asks Nick what he plans on doing to make the bar better.

Jon says that he isn’t sure if he wants to rescue the bar.

Angelica has to pay a $33 tab because of Nick.

Monica walks into Y-Not III.

She says that Nick has asked for money 20 times within the last 5-years.

Nick’s dad hasn’t retired yet because of Y-Not III being unsuccessful.

It took the family over 50 years to create the Y-Not brand and it took Nick 9 years to destroy it.

Jon says that Nick is pathetic and he doesn’t even want to be here.

Jon walks out of the bar and comes back the next day.

He brings in expert mixologist Mia Mastroianni.

Mia shows them a drink called the Mint Collins to help them increase sales in Smirnoff.

She also shows them the Creamsicle.

Mia tells the staff to order a drink off the menu and Nick is going to make them all.

Mia says it seems like Nick’s heart isn’t in it.

She says he’s so used to failure.

Jon meets with Tony to get backstory on the business and to see if he can give Nick a little push.

Jon says that he needs to make Nick prove himself or else he won’t be remodeling this bar.

Jon demotes Nick to bartender and says that when he sees him excel.

If he does then he will be promoted to manager.

He wants to see Nick committed during tonight’s stress test.

Nick hasn’t been keeping up with the bar and there are empty glasses all over the place.

Jon says that Nick is not capable of running a bar.

Mia says that she is proud of Angelica and Tara.

Nick is starting to put in more effort.

Jon makes him make drinks but he doesn’t pick up the pace.

Jon says that he can fix this bar but he isn’t sure he can fix Nick.

He talks to Angelica and tells her that she is doing a great job and that she can turn this place around.

Jon tells Nick that he is a failed bartender and he tells him to shut the bar down for the night.

Mia says that the only person who seemed like they didn’t want it was Nick.

Jon asks Nick for the keys.

Nick says he really doesn’t want to be in the bar business anymore.

They meet with the staff again.

Nick tells the staff how he’s going to step away from the bar and that Angelica will be the general manager of the bar.

Jon thinks this bar may have a chance now.

Mia meets with the staff to show them how to properly use shakers.

She introduces Smirnoff Sours and shows them how to make the shot with a small slice of watermelon as a garnish.

Mia lets Angelica practice her managing skills.

Jon meets with the family to discuss the new concept.

Construction has begun for the remodel.

Jon meets with the staff to show them their new bar.

Y-Not III is now called Nick’s House: A Y-Not Bar.

Jon did this to make the bar its own brand but still referencing to the history of the Y-Not brand.

The bar now has a 70s theme.

Jon installed Revention POS Systems and an Orange Door Entertainment System.

They also changed the name of the drinks to match the 70s theme.

Nick opens the bar for the first time since remodel.

On relaunch, Angelica is a little overwhelmed but she’s handling it all great.

Mia says that the bartenders are killing it.

Jon says that Nick is a different person.

Nick gives the keys to Angelica.

Angelica says that she is excited for the future.

Jon hugs the family and says that his work is done.

What Happened Next at Y-Not III / Nick’s House?

Six weeks later, sales are up 200%.

Nick has repaid Monica the $20,000 he owed her.

He’s still working on paying his dad back.

Y-Not III / Nick's House closed in May 2016.

They closed as the building was sold.

Reviews prior to the closure were mixed with some criticism of the atmosphere and service.

The building was demolished in July 2016

This post was last updated in February 2022.

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