Underworld Grill and Bar / The End - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Underworld Grill and Bar Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Underworld Grill and Bar in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Underworld Grill and Bar is owned by Kris Kaos and Jazz Bender.

The rock band members bought the horror themed grill and bar with an emphasis on pizza in 2011.

The horror theme is very strong and it looks like Halloween all year round with cheap decor.

Jesse is a customer turned bartender who brings in women but also repels them at the bar.

Kris and Jazz understock the bar and serve bad pizzas.

They are losing $2500 a month and they have about 2-3 months left until they will have to close.

Jon recons the bar with expert mixologist Russell Davis and expert pizza maker Tony Gemingnani.

They see the exterior of the bar is bland with an out dated awning.

Jon fills his expert in on the owners and workers.

Jon has some girls go in as the spies.

The bar has no draft beer and there are no popular rum brands.

Jesse immediately hits on them and is sleazy.

They then order a pizza and the experts see the cook make the pizza incorrectly.

The pizza comes out mush and they find it disgusting.

The owners keep checking the register for money.

Jon decides to go talk to the staff to see what is really going on.

The staff say Kris and Jazz are not good managers.

They are not trusted and Jesse says the owners takes their tips.

Jon talks to the owners who in turn do not trust the staff.

Jon finally brings the owners and staff together and they have an argument accusing each other of lying.

Jesse changes his story as his tips goes to other bartenders and is all his fault.

The owners defend Jesse and say he is trainable and brings girls in.

Jon leaves to come back the next day and introduces his expert.

Jazz is behind the bar with Russell and Kris is in the kitchen with Tony.

Tony trains them on making a proper pizza.

Russell trains Jesse, Eli and Tracy at the bar on three basic simple drinks they will use for the stress test.

Russell makes two drinks in 1 minute 39 seconds and has the bartenders try it out and Jesse does really bad.

Jon has a staff meeting before the stress test.

He shows them a Bevintel liquor report and they gave away more drinks than they sold.

Jesse is tasked with bringing in girls and they will be given a coloured wrist band to be identified.

Jon also gave them alcohol for the stress test.

The bar is swamped, they are working too slow and whole sections of the bar are ignored.

Jesse is not coordinated.

The cook is confused by the process and the orders are not written properly.

They are also having lots of problems with production and cannot find the tables the pizzas belong to.

They run out of glasses and change.

Kris is sent to buy more glasses and make change.

Jesse keeps making one drink at a time and is disrespectful to Russell.

He wants to walk out but changes his mind and keeps going.

After the stress test has ended Jesse is lauded for only bringing in the girls.

The owners are blamed for setting them up to fail and they apologise to the staff.

Jon resolves to change the bar name and the theme.

When the staff come in for training the owners are not happy to see the name crossed out and want the name to stay.

Jon explains the new theme and the owners change their mind.

Tony has given them some better cheese to make better pizzas.

Russell creates some signature drinks with some premium brand liquor and one of the drinks is a syringe shot cocktail.

They are once again tested on speed and Jesse does so much better.

Jon meets with the staff after the training and they are optimistic and more of a team.

Jon renovates the bar over thirty six hours.

The staff are gathered in the evening to unveil their new post-apocalyptic themed bar.

The bar has been renamed and is now The End.

The awning has been updated and is eye catching with back lighting.

Inside is full on Zombie and post apocalypse in Las Vegas.

There is a lot of custom artwork from Jason Hullfish design rather than cheap Halloween garb.

They have Orange Door entertainment system with lighting for the dancefloor.

The bar has premium drinks on display with 2Touch POS systems and a floating draft beer system.

There is glassware from Thunder group and bar supplies from Barproducts.com.

They quickly set up and double check everything for the relaunch.

Outside customers are entertained by Zombies before they are let in.

On relaunch, the bar is slammed but the bartenders are keeping up and operating at full capacity.

Jesse is behaving better and the customers are loving the drinks.

In the kitchen, they are organised and working hard making great pizzas.

Customers love the dancefloor, the pizzas, the decor and drinks.

What Happened Next at Underworld Grill and Bar / The End?

Eight weeks later, it is revealed that sales increased 40%.

The staff enjoy working at the bar and they are hopeful for the future.

They had moved the location of the bar to a few doors down.

Underworld Grill and Bar / The End closed in February 2016 after failing to renew their lease.

This post was last updated in February 2022.

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