Next Level Chef Contestants Where are they now?

Next Level Chef Contestants

Next Level Chef US features chefs who compete to be named the Next Level Chef by competing in cookery challenges.

They compete on three platforms, the top choosing the ingredients first and getting the best equipment and the bottom level get the worst ingredients and equipment.

If the contestants do well they move up a level and when they perform poorly they drop levels.

The prize for the winners was mentorship by all three mentors and $250,000 cash.

The mentors for the US Seasons are Gordon Ramsay, Nyesha Arrington and Richard Blais.

The winners of Next Level Chef are highlighted in bold, find out where the Next Level Chef cast are now by clicking on the relevant season.

Next Level Chef Season 1

Next Level Chef Season 1
Ae Southammavong Amber Rebold Angie Ragan
Courtney Brown Devonnie Black Gary Marandola
Jonathan Harrison Kenny Everett Mariah Scott
Stephanie 'Pyet' Despain Reuel Vincent Roice Bethel
Sergio Steele Tricia Wang Zach Adams

Next Level Chef Season 2

Next Level Chef Season 2
Alex Morizio April Clayton Cassie Yeung
Christopher Spinosa Darryl Taylor Kamahlai Stewart
Mark McMillian Matt Groark Mehreen Karim
Michelle Calcagni Nuri Muhammad Omi Hopper
Pilar Omega Preston Nguyen Shay Spence
Tineke Younger Tucker Ricchio Vinny Alia

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