Blue Sports Grille / Colorado Champions Sports Cafe - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Blue Sports Grille Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Blue Sports Grille in Loveland, Colorado.

Blue Sports Grille is owned by Duane Farnum.

He bought it in 2018 with his and his wife’s retirement savings.

He wants it to be a family legacy for his son, Jared.

They suffered from a lack of identity as it’s a sports bar and restaurant which is confusing to the customers.

Duane is also neglecting the property and not listening to his wife Sarah or his staff.

Their relationship is strained and his marriage is on the rocks.

They are in $300,000 of debt and in danger of losing their retirement funds.

Jon arrives at the bar with Denver Bronco player Kurtland Sutton.

They cannot tell from the exterior that it is a sports bar .

Jon gives Kurtland the low down on the owner and the staff.

Soon Kurtland’s teammates go into the bar as spies and there is no recognition or fanfare for a sports bar.

They order drinks and food including lasagne which is an odd choice for the bar scene.

The bartender took their order of cocktails but has no idea what a sidecar is.

The football players see the bar is not decorated like a sports bar.

The margarita is bad and the sidecar order had to be changed to an old fashioned but that is too syrupy.

It was changed to a Cuba libre but the bartender also does not know this drink.

The lasagne is reheated in the microwave from frozen.

Duane serves them and does not recognise them.

Jon and Kurtland go in to meet the players and call Duane over to introduce him.

The players give feedback on the poor service and atmosphere.

The staff feel ashamed of serving the Denver Broncos so poorly and Jon takes Duane to the side.

Duane explains he lost steam with the lockdown and Jon says they will begin the next day.

The next morning, the staff are gathered when Jon arrives.

Sarah explains how they got the bar and how it now affects their marriage.

She has to work more and her earnings and their savings goes into the bar.

Jared had no idea they were in such a position.

Jon sits with Sarah and Duane alone and they tell him their marriage is really struggling.

Duane assures Sarah he will work hard to fix it.

Jon brings in Nick Ortega as their expert mixologist.

He has been briefed that the bartenders skills are very basic as is their knowledge.

He trains them on making an Orange Crush cocktail that is linked to the Denver Broncos.

The kitchen staff meet with expert chef Jason Santos.

He trains them on making easy finger foods including chicken tenders and a dip.

For the stress test they will be simulating a hockey game with 15 people coming in.

They have 20 minutes to serve them.

For every mistake they will put $5 in a jar.

The stress test starts and orders come in and so do the mistakes.

They put $10 in the jar in just 6 minutes.

The bartenders are nervous and moving slowly.

The first drink comes out at minute 7.

The kitchen is swarmed and is making several meals at a time.

They are running at 12 minute ticket times.

The bartenders are on top of each other and break glasses.

When their time is up, they have sold 21 drinks instead of 30 and dumped 15.

The kitchen sold 8 plates of food instead of 30.

Duane apologises to the customers, urging them to come back for the reopening.

Nick comes back the next day to train them on making a new signature cocktail called a pigskin classic that has a bacon garnish.

Jon visits a collector to get some memorabilia for the bar.

Jon sits down with Sarah and Duane to check in on them.

They are hopeful things will be better, especially with the help they are getting.

The bar is worked on nonstop and by night the staff are gathered to unveil it.

It has been renamed Colorado Champions Sports Cafe.

They have a new sports logo and better branding.

Sarah and Duane go into the bar hand in hand, along with the staff.

They were astounded at what the team have achieved.

The bar finally looks and feels like a sports bar with working TVs.

There is a big bar with 2 wells, Skytab terminals, a sandwich station in the kitchen, a pathspot system and a subscription to Partender.

Ink Monster have provided the wallpaper featuring pictures from iconic sports moments.

Lastly, Terelle Davis, an NFL Hall of Famer, donates a signed helmet and gives them words of support.

Duane is more than happy to let the waiting customers in after the staff set up.

On relaunch, the staff enjoy using the new systems and tools to make the drinks and food.

Duane is engaged helping his staff and interacting with customers.

What Happened Next at Blue Sports Grille / Colorado Champions Sports Cafe?

Six weeks later, it is revealed sales have increased 10% each month.

The menu and concept is attracting a younger female crowd.

Duane and Sarah are working on both their relationship and the bar.

They kept the new name.

Blue Sports Grille / Colorado Champions Sports Cafe is open.

Reviews are mostly positive with compliments on the burgers and service.

This post was last updated in June 2023.

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