Colorado Cork and Keg / Valerie’s Brew House - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Colorado Cork and Keg Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Colorado Cork and Keg in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Colorado Cork and Keg is owned by Ed and Valerie Komperda.

The couple bought in the bar in 2021 after moving their whole family to the area.

Their lack of experience saw them struggle to run the bar.

They could not spend any time with their sons as they needed to be at the bar.

Ed spends most of his time with customers playing pool and accepting shots.

He thinks hanging out with the customers is the best part of the business.

They are $30,000 in debt and could close before they even make it a year in the business.

Jon arrives and recons the bar with expert chef Vic Vegas.

They think that the exterior branding is so bad that it is unreadable.

Jon gives Vic the lowdown on the bar owners.

Whitney and Bree are bartenders and Kira is the cook.

They have more than 20 local beers, all from microbreweries that are popular in Colorado.

They notice the beer pour is bad.

The bartender is wasting beer as it is all foam.

Ed watches it happening and does nothing to correct the situation.

Jon has invited some beer experts as his spies.

They work with beer marketing companies.

They want to sample all the beers but the bar can only pour one at a time.

They order and they are critical of the beer as they think the draft system has bad lines.

They order full pours and they go flat quickly.

In the kitchen, there are many bad practices.

There are dirty mayo containers, they are washing lettuce in a hand sink and they barbecue their burger patties outside.

Jon has seen enough and he confronts Ed as he is playing pool.

Ed is clueless saying he has great beer but saying he needs to make some fixes.

He does not know his beer costs and Valerie says they have a lot to learn.

Ed is humbled and wants to learn.

The next day, the staff are waiting when Jon arrives.

A member of staff who has been around before Ed took over says the main problem of the space is inconsistency in training.

The staff admit the foaming of the beer has been going on for months and Ed denied it the night before.

Jon does not believe in Ed but is moving ahead because of Valerie.

Jon introduces his experts, expert chef Vic Vegas and beer expert Emily Yett.

Emily is first and takes them through a knowledge test on beers.

They have varying levels of knowledge about beer.

Vic trains them on cooking in a small kitchen and he suggests precut ingredients to cut on cooking time.

He trains them on making a burger with beef cuts in a fryer.

They prepare for the stress test.

Jon finds out Ed did not do any assignments but allowed the staff to choose their positions.

The customers are let in and they are made to line up.

Valerie is the only one taking orders.

In the kitchen, Kira is both the cook and runner, which slows her down a lot.

It is confusing, Ed still insists on lines and Jon corrects him that they should sit and get served.

This throws the staff off as they have no table numbers.

There are no tickets and Ed tells them the orders verbally.

Tables are left unserved, orders are mixed up and it is only 30 minutes in.

Jon calls for it to end as it is an unmitigated disaster.

Jon makes Ed apologise to the customers.

The next day, Emily trains them on making a signature cocktail that is instagramable.

They love the taste.

Afterwards, Jon meets with Ed and Valerie offsite as they work on the bar.

Jon reminds them about their family and how that should remain the motivation to make the business better.

The team works hard to get the bar ready and by nightfall the following day the staff are gathered in front of the bar.

The bar has been renamed to Valerie’s Brew House to remind Ed of what he is working towards.

They enter and the interior has been transformed from a tired dingy space to a modern brewhouse.

It is warmer with a cohesive colour scheme.

They have been give a new pathspot system, 3 POS systems and Skytabs and a new draft beer system with clean beer lines and cooler.

There are new bar tools, a lifetime subscription to Partender and a new sandwich prep station.

They quickly set up and let in the waiting customers.

On relaunch, the bar is thriving as the beer is pouring well.

They are making the cocktails fast and the customers love them.

Kira is making the sandwiches quickly and there is a runner who takes the food out.

The drinks and food are going out quickly.

What Happened Next at Colorado Cork and Keg / Valerie’s Brew House?

Six weeks later, it is revealed sales have increased by $1500 a week.

They expanded their hours to cater to the new customers coming in.

Valerie was able to take a vacation while Ed put in more time at the bar.

They have kept the name.

Colorado Cork and Keg / Valerie’s Brew House is open.

Reviews are very positive with praise for the food, service, drinks and pool tables.

This post was last updated in June 2023.

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