Papa Joe's Sports Bar / Layla’s Pizza Pub - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Papa Joe's Sports Bar Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Papa Joe’s Sports Bar in Moreno Valley, California.

Papa Joe’s Sports Bar is owned by Joe Naim.

Joe Naim and his friend Raja bought the bar in 2012.

It was a success to start as they worked together as a family.

Joe retired to Oregon while the bar was still prosperous.

Raja passed away and Joe stepped up to help Raja’s kids, Victoria and Nick, run the business.

However, Joe and the children cannot agree on how to run the business.

The bar is suffering because a lot of things are falling through the cracks.

Jon recons the bar from his mobile command centre.

Jon has 2 local bloggers come in as spies to check on the business.

They order a vodka martini and a Paloma.

The bartender is disinterested as she makes the drinks.

The bloggers do not like the drinks and think that the bar looks like a mess.

Nick is doing great in the kitchen from what Jon sees.

Jon is confused as to why the bar is failing and goes in to meet Joe.

Joe tells him his story and they tour the bar with Jon, pointing out everything that should not be the way it is.

The bloggers give feedback directly to Joe and they try to figure out why Pizza flyers are used as menus.

The staff do not recognise Victoria as the boss and think it is Joe in charge.

Jon commends Nick in the kitchen and tasks them to put things in order before he returns the next day.

The next day, the staff is gathered and Jon probes further to find out what is wrong with the bar.

One of the main things he finds out is the staff are all family.

Nick is the only one in the kitchen and he is there 7 days a week.

There is also confusion on who the boss is as Joe and Victoria tread on each other's toes.

Jon shows them their Partender report, which shows they are losing close to $3000 a weekend.

The experts are introduced, they are expert mixologist Alex Goode and expert Pizza maker Frank Pinello.

Alex takes them through making a mule cocktail.

Next, Frank takes them through making a sandwich to add to their menu.

For the stress test Victoria is charged with running the place.

10 pizza boxes are put on a table and with any mistake, a box is removed.

Joe lets in the customers and they are swarmed with orders at the bar.

No orders from the tables have been put in the POS machine.

Victoria has forgotten how to make one of the cocktails and has to ask for help.

Tables are getting incomplete orders and food orders are not getting to the kitchen.

They figure out that the printer is not working properly.

Apart from the delay, the food from the kitchen is very well received.

Due to the dumping of incorrectly made drinks and customers left waiting all of the boxes are gone.

A lot of the food orders never went through and did not reach the kitchen at all.

Victoria apologises for the hiccup and promises the customers that things will be better.

The next day, Alex tells them they did poorly and the bar area needs more leadership.

He trains them on making a Calabrita Shot, which they love the taste of.

Jon sits down with Nick, Victoria and Joe.

Victoria admits she cannot bartend and manage at the same time.

The manager in front of the house could have mitigated the problem with the orders in the kitchen if they had noticed it on time.

Joe needs to leave them to step into their roles.

They still believe in Victoria and her ability to lead.

Joe says he wants to relax and he trusts the siblings to take the business forward.

Jon leaves them to coordinate the rebuilding of the bar and by night they are all gathered for the reveal.

The bar has been renamed to Layla’s Pizza Pub.

It is named after Nick’s daughter to remind them that it is a family legacy.

Inside the bar has been opened up and brightened up with TVs and pictures of their family on the walls.

They are all moved to tears at the changes that have been made.

They have a new Pathspot system, Skytabs, new bar tools, new cool drink garnishes and a subscription to Partender.

Nick gets a new Chef’s jacket.

On Joe’s favourite table there is a small plaque dedicating it to Raja.

The staff set up the space and let in the customers.

On relaunch, the regulars are surprised by the new look.

Orders come through and this time the printer in the kitchen is working.

Victoria is managing the bar, leaving the others to handle making drinks at the bar.

Joe is watching them from his table and all is well.

What Happened Next at Papa Joe's Sports Bar / Layla’s Pizza Pub?

Six weeks later, sales are up $15,000 compared to the year before.

People love the new items on the menu.

Victoria is fully running the bar and Joe has returned to his retirement.

Papa Joe's Sports Bar / Layla’s Pizza Pub is open.

They didn't keep the new name and returned to their previous name.

Reviews are mostly positive with praise for the pizza, drinks and service.

This post was last updated in June 2023.

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