Corner Cafe Bar & Grill / Country Barn - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Corner Cafe Bar & Grill Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Corner Cafe Bar and Grill in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho.

Corner Cafe Bar and Grill is owned by David Johan.

David is a financial investor who bought the bar in 2021 as an investment.

He hired local manager LD to run the bar and it was successful at first.

LD ended up doing everything as she was learning on the job.

She found herself doing the busy work rather than managing the bar.

The staff have developed bad practices including giving away drinks that they do not know how to make.

They have just 6 months left until they will be forced to close.

Jon arrives to recon the bar with expert chef Anthony Lamas.

Jon gives him the lowdown on the business and the owner.

They quickly see that the kitchen is not the cleanest.

Jon and Anthony decide to go in to test the service themselves and watch them prep their orders.

They are attended to by LD’s son Tanner.

The menu has no drinks but they order some of the meals.

The drinks come on time but the margarita has no salt on the rim and the mojito has several things wrong with it.

Anthony goes to the kitchen to see them make the food and he shows them all the dirty tools and containers.

In the pantry there are rat droppings on the floor so they immediately shut down the kitchen.

They show LD and David what they found in there.

LD tries to excuse the mess by saying it was a lot worse before she came but Jon is not buying it.

He reminds her she is a manager and should delegate the necessary cleaning tasks.

They are to clean the kitchen up and it takes them all night to do so.

The staff are gathered in the morning including Tanner’s twin brother.

Jon comes in to meet with them.

The bartender says there is no standard recipe so the ingredients for some cocktails are not available.

They have no signature item and they say they do bare minimum for food and drinks.

Jon recommends David gives LD a month to turn things around or she will be replaced.

The experts are brought in and Adam Rains is introduced as the expert mixologist.

Adam starts by training them to make a specialty cocktail called a Huckleberry Mule.

Anthony praises them on the clean kitchen and trains them in making a fried pork dish.

For the stress test, LD states they are understaffed but she will try her best to delegate rather than take on roles herself.

Customers are let in and Jon quickly notices their order process is a little outdated.

The printer stops working in the kitchen and they have to work around it.

The bartenders struggle and Jon reminds them it is not their fault and that they will get the training they need.

Too many things fall apart and Jon has to raise the white flag to end the night’s service, which he has rarely done on the show.

The staff are disappointed by how the service went.

The next day, Adam takes them through making a new drink, a Cafe Painkiller.

Jon is still unhappy with their performance at the stress test and meets with LD and David.

LD says she needs David to check in more so she feels supported in her role.

They want to hold each other accountable and Jon is happy they are moving in the right direction.

The Bar Rescue team worked hard rebuilding the bar in time for the unveiling at night.

The bar exterior has been revamped with a cleaner, catchy sign.

The bar has been renamed to Country Barn.

This is to evoke a sense of community.

The interior has been redesigned to look like an actual barn but modern and fun.

They have a Pathspot device, a new video and audio system, a Partender subscription, new bar tools, and new kitchen ware.

In 15 minutes, they get the place ready and let in the customers.

On relaunch, the orders come through and with a working system the service is much improved.

The kitchen is doing great, sending out great quality food quickly and the bar is on top of the drink orders.

The community loves the service and has fun dancing the night away.

What Happened Next at Corner Cafe Bar & Grill?

Six weeks later, sales of food and drinks have increased week on week.

Customers love the new look of the bar and the theme.

LD is thriving in her role as GM and the authority it brings.

Corner Cafe Bar & Grill / Country Barn is open.

They have kept their new name.

They extended their opening hours to meet the demand.

Reviews are mostly positive with praise for the new food.

This post was last updated in June 2023.

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