Strikers / Bullseye Sports Bar and Kitchen - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Strikers Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Strikers in Meridian, Idaho.

Strikers is owned by Andy Propst.

He is an investor and bought the bowling alley with attached bar in 2017.

He purchased the space to help the community, but he had no previous experience of running a bar or serving alcohol.

He brought in veteran Roger to manage both the bowling alley and the bar.

While the bowling alley is thriving, the bar is struggling and has yet to turn a profit.

Jon recons the business in his van with expert mixologist Derrick Turner and expert chef Vic Vegas.

He explains that Andy, being a Mormon, has no knowledge about bars.

The bar's primary event is the dart leagues but Jon wants the bar to be able to stand on its own.

One of the glaring issues Jon notices is the lack of signage outside the bar.

Jon enlists two local radio personalities with bar expertise to act as his spies.

They go into the bar and order a Moscow mule, which the bartender can make but the tools are unavailable.

The cook is idle in the kitchen until an order comes in.

His questionable practices puzzle the chef and render the food inedible.

Jon enters the bar, and Andy recognizes him.

Jon points out his spies, who provide feedback that Andy takes to heart.

Jon reassures him that he will help him learn the business and hopefully turn it around to attract the younger crowd in town.

The following day, Jon arrives to find the staff gathered and waiting.

Andy reveals that he has invested approximately $3 million and is losing $40,000 a month.

Some staff members have been working at the bar for about 10 years.

The bar faces issues with promotions, training, and consistency.

Jon introduces his experts and shares their Partender numbers, which reveal minimal losses.

Jon is impressed and believes they mainly need to attract new business.

After Jon leaves, bar manager Alex becomes emotional and retreats to the bathroom to cry.

She decides to leave her position.

Derrick proceeds to train the remaining staff in making a new cocktail called the Dirty Shirley.

Anthony instructs the cook to always wear a hairnet and demonstrates making a variation of a bacon burger.

Before the stress test, Jon is informed about the bar manager's departure.

He advises Andy against bringing her back due to lack of training.

Andy opens the doors to customers and orders start pouring in.

The initial progress is positive, with good drinks being served but they are too slow.

Jon pops three balloons as a consequence for their mistakes.

When all the balloons are popped, the stress test ends.

The staff is overwhelmed and errors continue to occur.

Drinks are made incorrectly, incomplete orders are sent out and more drinks are dumped.

Jon takes note of all the issues that went wrong during the night.

The next morning, Derrick corrects the staff on their mistakes and trains them on making a boozy milkshake.

Jon meets with Andy and Roger to discuss the bar operations.

They agree that they need an excellent manager, who can potentially train Alex to improve in her role.

Jon's team works tirelessly over long hours, and by nightfall, everyone gathers for the reveal.

The exterior has been revamped and they have a new name, Bullseye Sports Bar and Kitchen.

The interior has undergone a complete transformation, with modern upgrades.

There are now two fully equipped workstations, two POS systems, a Pathspot machine and a new audio-visual system.

There are new pinball machines, new monitors, new bar tools and glassware and new appliances and crockery in the kitchen.

The cook receives a new chef's jacket and they have a lifetime subscription to Partender.

Andy lets in the eagerly waiting customers for the relaunch.

On relaunch, the atmosphere is buzzing as customers swarm the bar, placing orders and enjoying their drinks.

The bartenders are confident and efficient, serving both the bar and table patrons with speed and accuracy.

In the kitchen, ticket times have significantly improved, with orders being prepared and delivered within 8-10 minutes.

The spies return and give their seal of approval, saying that they would gladly recommend the bar on their shows.

The positive feedback further solidifies the bar's newfound success.

What Happened Next at Strikers / Bullseye Sports Bar and Kitchen?

Six weeks later, the new menu items have been a huge success at both the bar and the bowling alley.

Alex and Amanda have permanently left the bar.

Andy and Roger have hired a new bar manager to fill the position.

The bar has kept the new name.

Andy told the local press that he was happy with the changes that they made.

Reviews are mostly positive with praise for the food and the prices.

This post was last updated in June 2023.

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