Chili John's - Restaurant Recovery Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Recovery Chili Johns

In this Restaurant Recovery episode, Todd Graves visits Chili John’s in Los Angeles, California.

Chili John’s is owned by Steve and Claudine Hager.

Todd will be joined by Snoop Dogg on this episode.

They serve authentic cowboy chili and are nowhere close to covering their bills on time.

Todd says he likes the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Todd tries their signature dish, chili on spaghetti.

The owner of this restaurant has recently applied for a line of credit.

Steve says that they wanted to get a fryer with the funds.

They are the only chili restaurant that does not serve chili fries.

Claudine says that people order chili fries as they expect that they will be serving it.

They try and order them despite it not being on the menu.

They frequently have to tell the customers that they do not serve them as they do not have a fryer.

Chili John’s has been around since 1900 and they are hoping to figure out a way to keep it going.

The walk-in cooler doesn’t work anymore so they plan to repurpose it into their dry storage area.

Todd loves that Chili John’s is a family business.

That is the reason why he got into the restaurant business himself.

Todd meets Steve and Claudia’s children.

Todd understands how important Chili John’s is to both them and their daughters.

He promises that they will take good care of the restaurant.

The office space will be turned into Chili John’s Tap Room.

The new tap in room is going to be a massive overhaul.

They have their hands full tearing down the storage space and revamping the parking lot.

The new stove is too big and does not fit through the door.

It is going to take a couple hours to figure out how to get the stove inside the restaurant.

This is a race against time to get everything done.

Todd says that he will trust the guys with figuring out how to get the stove in the restaurant.

They take off the door frame in order to fit the stove inside.

The team are ready to reveal their changes to the owners.

Todd shows Steve and Claudia their new restaurant.

Claudia says that she loves the new Taproom.

She loves the natural look that they went with in the space.

There are 24 new seats in their new taproom, allowing them to serve more guests.

Outside, they have sixteen new seats to allow for outdoor dining in good weather.

The kitchen now has the proper equipment to be able to cook the menu.

Todd tells Steve and Claudia how he wants to launch a social media campaign.

Todd tells them that he will be paying off their credit card debt for them.

He doesn’t want them to have that burden on them and they will get a fresh start.

Claudia says that Todd has the biggest heart.

She also says that Todd is amazing.

The customers love the new chili burger that they have added to the menu.

The daughters are skipping through the parking lot to the restaurant.

Snoop Dogg pulls up to the restaurant with his entourage.

He wants to try the burger and chili fries.

Snoop loves the food that he tries.

Todd says that Steve and Claudia are doing it right.

Snoop Dogg says that he will be back.

Snoop Dogg is an incredible entertainer.

He also does a lot for the community and cares about people.

This is a hard-working restaurant family.

They are never looking for a handout.

They needed help and now they will be able to make it through the pandemic.

Claudia says that Chili John’s was slowly dying.

She now thinks that it will be bigger than it ever was.

What Happened Next at Chili John's?

Chili John's is open.

Reviews are very positive.

There is praise for their chilli dogs and spaghetti.

They appreciated all that Todd did for them.

If the restaurant appears familiar it is because it has appeared in many movies and on Diners, Drives-ins, and Dives.

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