Almont Resort - Resort Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Resort Rescue Almont Resort

In this Resort Rescue episode, Shane Green visits the Almont Resort in Almont, Colorado.

Almont Resort is owned by Harold Seiff.

Shane and his team have been called in to see if they can help the 120 year old resort.

Harolds health is failing.

The staff are not promoting activities.

There are seasonal employees with no clear guidelines.

Harold is really starting to struggle financially.

He knows that he needs to hit this summer out of the park.

If they don’t everything that he’s worked for the last 24 years could be in trouble.

The Almont Resort was established 120 years ago.

The resort caters to outdoors men and families alike.

Guests can stay in the original log cabins or in modern, fully equipped homes.

The resort also has a bar and restaurant.

It is best known for horseback riding, world-class fly-fishing, and white-water rafting.

Dependance on seasonal revenue is not the only obstacle Harold faces.

He micromanages every aspect of the resort.

The stress of running the resort has taken a serious toll on Harold’s health.

Harold’s unwillingness to give up control has harmed operations at the resort.

Customers are taking notice of how he runs the resort.

Harold says that this isn’t just a resort but it’s also their home.

They have everything they own invested in it.

Shane meets Harold.

He tells Harold about how there will be hidden cameras installed in the resort.

The bar is understaffed.

Harold says that the stress of the hotel caused him to have a heart attack.

Shane says that his first issue is that Harold is just not willing to give up control.

He isn’t empowering people to take care of the guests.

More importantly, the stress of trying to do it all has already caused one heart attack.

This is putting the resort in jeopardy as well as Harold’s life.

Harold says he feels confident about Holly.

He says that one of the things they are trying to implement is an inspection process.

The housekeeper does the inspection but it should be the manager.

Shane’s second issue is cabin cleanliness and amenities.

It’s no surprise that the resort does not have as many guests as it should.

Holly is engaging and inviting.

There is an issue because the guest received the wrong key.

Harold says that keeping up with the keys has always been a hard thing for them.

Shane has some guests try out the fishing.

Shane thinks that Harold is taking too much stuff on.

He is going to have to give some of it up for the sake of his sanity and health.

Shane’s last issue is that the staff are not taking that extra step to personalise the guests stay.

To be successful, it’s going to need every employee to sell this resort’s unique experiences.

This will generate the much needed revenue for the resort.

Cody is making a sandwich.

Shane says that Harold is taking too much stuff on.

He also says that this could be a perfect responsibility to give to someone like Josh.

Shane calls the resort to see how Johnathan handles things.

Shane says that Harold has great people around him and amazing experiences, yet this resort isn’t quite making it.

The first place they need to start with is Harold.

He’s the maintenance, housekeeping and front desk guy.

Nobody is focusing on their social media right now.

Harold needs to start delegating and empowering his employees to make better decisions.

Shane thinks they need to have a heart-to-heart conversation with the family to understand what is going on here.

He sits down with Harold and his family.

Shane says they need a manager to step up and run the resort.

He wants to gather the staff and have a meeting.

Harold has to take a step back for the sake of his health.

The employees need to step up and Harold needs to step back.

Shane gives Josh the first shot at being manager.

He also tells Cody to step it up.

Shane says that they are not promoting everything that this resort offers.

Shane wants the employees take a test.

It is on key information employees need to know to make the Almont a success.

There are 20 questions that everyone should be able to answer regardless of their position.

They don’t know all the answers but the exercise will also teach them all they need to know.

Shane and his team turn to individual training.

He wants to start the process of developing some of Josh’s management skills.

Sandra starts working with Harold’s wife Susan on interior design.

Shane tells Josh he wants him to start inspecting the rooms.

He’s going to send Josh a copy of a very generic housekeeping inspection sheet.

Shane tells Harold to let go of the reigns a little bit.

What Happened Next at Woodbridge Inn?

30 days later, Shane returns to the resort.

Susan has taken over the amenities program.

She’s working with some local businesses to deliver a great guest experience.

Josh has some real authority as a manager.

He lead’s staff meetings, oversees the cleanliness of the cabins and ensures the smooth operations of the resort each day.

This gives Harold some much needed relief.

They are promoting resort activities.

Harold has renegotiated his third-party contracts, dramatically increasing revenue.

Online reviews are already improving.

They’ve got some great feedback and promises of repeat business.

Almont Resort is open.

The reviews improved after the show.

The resort is more rustic and it appears some of the negative reviews are more about expectations visitors had.

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