Bear Inn Resort - Resort Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Resort Rescue Bear Inn Resort

In this Resort Rescue episode, Shane Green visits the Bear Inn Resort in Clifton, Tennessee.

Bear Inn Resort is owned by Troy Gardner.

Shane is called in to aid an owner as he struggles to reinvent his once-successful resort.

There is an unmotivated staff that would rather chase a good time than do their jobs.

There is also an owner that’s lost his passion for the business.

Clifton, Tennessee is one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

According to Troy, in the last couple of years things just seem to have gone south.

The sleepy town of Clifton, Tennessee is halfway between Memphis and Nashville.

It is known as one of the top ten small towns in the state.

It has beautiful landscapes and a laid-back Southern charm that appeals to travellers.

Troy bought the hotel around ten years ago.

This resort has 14 rooms and 12 cabins.

They have a little restaurant that became a bar and restaurant.

They also have a nonfunctional golf course on site.

Troy went out on a boat for four years and the golf course closed.

When it closed, they lost almost a quarter of a million dollars in reservations.

Troy does everything that needs to be done around here because he says he cannot find someone willing to work.

Shane meets with Troy.

Troy says the reason he bought the place was because of the golf course.

Surveillance cameras are placed by Shane and his crew throughout the hotel.

Amanda runs the front desk and doesn’t seem to be engaged in what is going on at the resort.

The bedspreads in the rooms need replacing.

There is hair all over the bed in one of the guest rooms.

The first issue at the Bear Inn is the neglected rooms.

They’re leaving the guests with the worst possible first impression.

Church is drinking on the job.

Troy says this is so wrong.

Church crashes the lawn mower whilst under the influence.

The restaurant does basic fare such as steaks, burgers and sandwiches.

Emily does not know how to make some of the drinks as she only started a few days ago.

The customer walks her through making a drink.

The second issue at the Bear Inn is the lack of training.

By throwing Emily in the deep end without the proper skills, Troy is setting her up for failure.

The third issue at the Bear Inn is improper use of space.

Since the golf course closed, Troy and his team have failed to give the guests anything to do while they stay there.

This is hurting the guests experience and the resorts bottom line.

Shane says that this hotel needs to be a family destination.

One of the servers sits down to take a table’s order.

The server asks the customers if they know where to get pot.

This server is not just jeopardizing what’s going on with that guest but also the business.

The chef is putting burgers in the microwave.

The microwave burgers are being sent back.

Shane asks why the chef works for Troy.

The final issue Shane observed at the Bear Inn is an out of control staff.

Troy says the place is killing him because he puts a lot on himself.

Shane says if this keeps going then Troy won’t be in business for much longer.

He thinks they need someone to come in and help them out big time.

Shane meets with Troy and his friend Tim.

Shane shows Tim drinking on the job and the chef microwaving burgers.

Tim is ready to jump on board.

Shane meets with Troy, Tim, and the staff.

He explains why he is here.

Shane tells the staff what they are doing wrong.

He tells Kerr he is an embarrassment for microwaving the burgers.

Kerr gets up and walks out.

Before Shane can move on, he and Troy must sit down and have a face-to-face with Jackson to decide his fate.

Shane says that Jackson has crossed a line by asking the customers those questions.

Troy gives Jackson a second chance.

Shane has professionals train the staff.

Emily is learning how to make drinks.

What Happened Next at Bear Inn Resort?

30 days later, Shane returns to the Bear Inn Resort.

Shane walks into the restaurant.

Emily is on her way to being a superstar behind the bar.

With Tim taking the lead the inspection process is back in place.

The rooms are where they should be and the housekeeping team is back on point.

Troy says that the numbers are up.

With a variety of upgrades to the resort’s grounds, the place is buzzing with excitement and energy.

With Tim taking over the leadership, the staff have been re-energized and given the tools to succeed.

Troy is taking a well-deserved rest from the business.

Bear Inn Resort is open.

Troy put the resort up for sale in 2020 due to his failing health.

The resort was bought by Tim.

Sadly, Troy passed away in 2022.

It has been slightly renamed to Bear Inn Retreat.

Reviews are mostly positive with praise for the cleanliness and service.

The food and family friendly nature of the resort is also highly praised.

There are some negative comments about a lack of amenities.

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