The Copper Queen Hotel - Resort Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Resort Rescue Copper Queen Hotel

In this Resort Rescue episode, Shane Green visits The Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, Arizona.

The Copper Queen Hotel is owned by Dan Finck.

The hotel is a family run business.

Shane says that the town is part of America’s history.

It was the largest city between St. Louis and San Francisco at the turn of the century.

Bisbee, Arizona is a magnet to those drawn to its Victorian era splendor.

Once a thriving mining town, it is now a haven for those craving a relaxed way of life.

The Copper Queen Hotel is the town’s crown jewel.

They have 48 rooms and a staff of thirty.

It was built as a luxury retreat for the wealthy owners of the Copper Queen mine.

Despite its legendary past, recent years have not been kind to the Copper Queen.

Dan says they took over business in 2005 and business was good.

However, the business was effected by the recession in 2008.

The economy is not all that has held the Copper Queen back.

Complaints over service and overall experience have begun to mount in recent years.

Online reviews cite long wait times, a distracted staff and inconsistent service as some of the issues.

Dan doesn’t want to be the person who let the Copper Queen fail.

Shane meets with Dan.

Shane and his crew wire up the hotel.

They set up surveillance in a vacant room.

Shane says that Rachel’s look fits the nostalgic bar perfectly.

Angela is completely immersed with who she’s got on the phone.

There are two guests at the front desk but Angela cannot be found.

Angela is out the front smoking cigarettes.

Shane says this is not a good first impression.

Angela is now off waiting tables in the restaurant.

They cross train and take on many roles.

They have one person with too many responsibilities.

The service takes too long.

These are the type of things that will really turn a guest off.

Shane has the undercover guests order food and drinks.

Rachel is so focused on her locals that she isn’t paying attention to the fact that the food is sitting there.

Shane says that this is a trainwreck.

The guests walk out without paying and Rachel doesn’t notice.

Dan says he needs solutions, not someone telling him things he already knows.

Shane checks out one of the rooms.

Shane says that the room is a winner.

Miller answers the phone while working and then walks out.

The key issues are that there is no accountability and the staff are spread too thin.

Someone is streaking in the pool.

Shane thinks the family should start to spread the responsibility.

Angela talks to the man who is skinny dipping.

The man is now running around the hotel naked.

This is disgraceful for the overall customer experience.

At the end of the day, this resort is in trouble.

The family sits down with the staff.

Shane walks in and explains why he is here.

Shane says that he understands why the online reviews are so bad.

There has to be some changes.

Shane tells Rachel to focus on more than just the locals.

He asks what happened to Miller.

Miller is part of the reason August was left by himself the other day.

Shane tells Miller that he needs to decide whether or not he wants to be here. ‘

Miller says he is not going to listen to him so he gets fired.

Shane tells the family that they are better off without him.

Shane says he wants to focus on some of the basic fundamentals of running a great resort.

He wants to focus on first impressions.

Shane asks what Angela thinks her job in this hotel is.

She feels that her responsibility is wherever they need her to be.

She also says that sometimes it is hard to give it her all.

Tonight, Shane is coaching and giving some little touches they can work on.

Shane works with Rachel on making drinks and talking to new guests.

Once he’s finished with Rachel, Shane turns his attention to the rest of the staff.

Shane tells them he will be back in around 30 days to check on their progress.

What Happened Next at Copper Queen Hotel?

30 days later, Shane heads back to the hotel.

The staff are now professional and attentive.

They’ve added a new hostess in the restaurant to take care of the guests needs.

With a new manager on board, things are running much more smoothly.

The breakfast buffet is now fresh and inviting, promoting their coffee.

They’re now regularly selling out rooms.

Their food and beverage revenues have increased 13%.

Copper Queen Hotel is open.

Reviews are mostly positive since the show.

They planned further renovations in 2019.

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