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Kitchen Nightmares - Amy's Baking Company - CLOSED

Amy's Baking Company Kitchen Nightmares

In this Kitchen Nightmares episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Amy's Baking company was opened in 2006 by Samy and wife Amy Bouzagio.

Samy paid $1 million to open the restaurant so Amy was able to pursue her dream of owning a restaurant.

Samy runs front of house and Amy runs and cooks in the kitchen.

In the last few years business had dwindled after a number of negative reviews.

Samy is defensive of criticism of his wife's cooking and if a customer makes a complaint Samy asks them to leave.

Before Gordon arrives Amy and Samy prepare for his visit by doing a big clean up.

The servers aren't allowed to place orders, serve drinks or to collect the bills.

Amy only cooks one ticket at a time so the diners are waiting a very long time to get their food.

The food that is received is sent back including under cooked pizza and poor salads.

One customer has enough of waiting for his pizza, asks about the pizza, is given a tirade of abuse and tries to leave.

Amy threatens to call the cops and Samy tries to stand in their way to stop them leaving!

Gordon arrives the next day and praises how great Amy's pastries on display look.

He is taken on a tour of the kitchen and sees it is as clean as a sterile doctors surgery.

Server Katy tells Gordon that the problem in the restaurant is Amy and Samy.

Gordon sits down with the couple and samples a slice of Amy's cake, that he brands as delicious.

They tell Gordon that they have gone though hundreds of employees and say their problems are from internet bullies.

Gordon asks if they have children and they say no they have cats, Amy reveals she speaks cat and Gordon tells them both that they are nuts.

Gordon talks to Miranda, who reveals that she does not receive tips and Samy takes all of the tips.

Samy confirms this and attempts to justify this by saying that he does most of the work.

Gordon orders the pear and fig prosciutto pizza, blue ribbon burger, salmon burger and red pepper ravioli.

The pizza is sweet with raw dough, the blue ribbon burger has a soggy greasy bun and is dripping in liquid.

The ravioli smells weird and it is both sweet and spicy and the salmon burger is overcooked.

Gordon arrives to watch a dinner service, Amy is in denial about the food.

She thinks customers love the frozen ravioli so Gordon takes them into the restaurant and they are 86ed.

Amy says to 86 the burgers too so people can only order cake.

The chaos continues asSamy has left a pasta dish off an order and Amy wants to send Katy home for asking a question.

Samy starts arguing with Gordon and Amy closes the kitchen.

Amy sacks Katy for no reason at all but Samy tries to stop Amy from firing her.

She says she is quitting as she has had enough and Amy calls her a poisonous viper.

Gordon sits down with the owners and is astounded by their responses as they remain in denial about their food.

Gordon returns the next morning and meets former staff members Jessica and Henry.

Jessica was only allowed to pour glasses of water and begged to go into the kitchen.

Henry said Samy wasn't professional and made him wash his car for him!

Amy has an explosion about a glass of water and threatens to go home.

She is insulted and tells Gordon that he disrupted her service and blames everyone else for the problems.

He tells her she is delusional and Amy doesn't want to hear any more but Samy tells her to listen to Gordon and let him finish.

Gordon tells her she is too far gone and says to end the show.

Gordon tells her that he can't help people that can't help themselves and take criticism and if they aren't willing to change he isn't going to continue.

They have the right to run their restaurant how they want but he is going to do what is right and what is right is to walk away.

He wishes them good luck and Gordon Ramsay walks out the restaurant.

Amy says she doesn't need his help and things will continue without him.

Amy's Baking Company Revisited

The episode goes through the social media outbursts and interviews with Buzzfeed and Huffington Post writers talking through the media surrounding the show.

Gordon introduces new footage including more meow footage and Amy explaining that she has female kitchen staff as the kitchen is too small and men are rubbish at cleaning.

There is footage of an argument over pre packed gnocchi and the tips where Amy tells Gordon that the servers don't deserve the tips as they don't work as hard as her husband.

Gordon shows their submission video which features Amy criticising Samys customer service skills.

The walk is shown as being "a mess" and also Amy explaining there has been a few incidents with customers and that she has been retaliating to Yelp reviews.

The staff talk about what happened since the episode, they fired everyone and then begged the staff to return.

One waitress was caught taking a $5 tip from a customer and this started an argument.

The restaurant has since become a tourist site with people coming to see if the restaurant is as shown on the show.

A couple is interviewed and their dining companion had flies in their drink, they were accused of putting them in themselves and asked to leave the restaurant.

They have tried to cash in on the notoriety of the restaurant by selling t shirts with slogans from the episode.

The couple is interviewed by Ana Garcia, Amy initially says that she has no time for an interview and Samy wants money. They believe they were set up and the episode was not fair.

She believes the restaurant was filled with Yelpers and says they were just defending themselves.

She claims that since she has been plagued by rogue customers browsing or placing fake cockroaches in the restaurant and she has to stand up to these people.

She says that the initial Facebook comments were not them but because of internet trolls they are now reacting.

Samy says that they are now giving the waitresses tips as the restaurant is empty.

The ravioli is still frozen, there is more abuse at Gordon and Samy still believes Amy's food is excellent.

Amy ends with saying that if customers come to attack them they will throw them out.

What Happened Next at Amy's Baking Company?

They temporarily closed the restaurant and reopened on 21st May 2013.

Yelp reviews were mostly negative after the episode aired with some loyal customers posting positive reviews.

Miranda was fired for taking a tip that a customer had hidden for her and is now working for Cracker Barrell.

Negative comments were responded to with a tirade of abusive and insulting posts ;on Facebook by Amy and Samy but the owners claimed that their Facebook account was hacked

Details of Amy's past including a criminal conviction for social security fraud to obtain credit have surfaced.

It was also reported that Samy was subject to an immigration case after failing to declare previous charges including drug charges and trafficking. He was banned from entering France and Germany.

Katy did an AMA on Reddit and answered a whole host of questions about the restaurant.

The owners claim they have received death threats and hired PR guru Jason Rose to help them with the media backlash but they cancelled a press conference and were dropped by the PR company, after legal threats from Fox.

They reopened the restaurant and reviews were once again mixed.

They began selling merchandise with catchphrases from the episode and appeared on Dr Phil.

Amy's Baking Company closed in September 2015 due to problems with the landlord.

Amy planned to focus on an online cookery school and to sell her desserts to businesses.

Amy and Samy appear to have moved to Tel Aviv in Israel.

Amy's Baking Company was aired on 10 May 2013, the episode was filmed in December 2012 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 6 episode 15.

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This post was last updated in August 2019.

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  1. I will smile when I hear this place is closed for good, Amy needs to be committed shes nuts.

    1. I sort of thought the same thing but I think she has double personality disorder....She is God's child one minute then the next she is the Devil.

    2. That might be a while... In the follow up, Samy yells at one point that he has the money to keep the place open no matter how bad business gets until "the stupid people become smart and then they will come again to us, and they will" when he was asked about whether he had repeat customers. So sounds like he's got money to burn for a long time.

      Amy sounds like she was one of those extremely spoiled children who throw fits to get their way and now can't understand why the temper tantrums aren't working to stop the mean things from happening anymore.

      Both of them though seem a little off, like delusional and kind of paranoid. It's a bad combination with those two - I bet they'll keep the place open til it's just them running it and even then as long as they can just to show all their "haters" that they didn't win - at least in their minds.

      I wonder how much trouble they'll have getting staff - I guess if you were desperate enough for any job though.

  2. Amazing how Amy knows better then a Michelin rated chef.

    How many Michelin stars do you have Amy?

    1. Number of Michelin stars that earn for Amy Baking Company is -50, yes minus 50 in the hole. Lowest rate any business can earn is 1 (must earn 5 star point before can earn Michelin point). This mean Amy Baking Company earn 2500 stars in the hole. :-)

  3. Well, once more proven that an enormous ego and lack of social skills are the worst enemies to whose who decided to work in customer service!

    Always a warning sign to those who are seeking new job: there were hundreds of people getting fired here before, they cannot ALL be bad workers. So anyone who is interested in position of restaurant worker there should think twice. Good places have more or less stable crew working. Personnel flow is a bad bad sign!

  4. I went there a few months ago and I was kicked out after I found a bone in my salad also Samy nearly threw a punch at me.

  5. I'm pretty sure I know what's going on here. This guy invested $1million in a business because an investment of that size automatically puts an immigrant on the Green Card fast track. He probably doesn't even care if it succeeds or not - it was all about his immigration status and trying to avoid having the Feds look into his previous drug trafficking charges in the Middle East.

    They are both swindlers, and opened this restaurant as a front.

    1. Also all the hidden money ie;keeping tips from staff, not charging meals through the till, booze not recorded through till and I would bet there are many other lurks that Sammy is doing (of course I have no definite proof of these things happening but have no doubt the restaurant is being used as a money laundering operation.

      Amy is such a nasty nasty person. the sooner Sammy's money runs out I'm sure she will be out the door onto the next mental defective "gangster'

    2. This doesn't make any sense. Samy married Amy, an American citizen. As long as he originally entered the United States legally, he would have no problems whatsoever getting a green card.

  6. I think the place still stands because her cakes are actually good. Ramsay complimented the cake at the beginning. It's just the rest of her food is bad and they're crazy.

    1. The posters at Reddit did some fantastic detective work and uncovered Amy was buying all the cakes and pastries in from suppliers (hence all her comments about "reselling" ).
      Also the pics used on her internet pages and taken from the original sources and are not her cooking or property (whether that's legal or not I'm not 100% sure but is still dodgy) !

      (sorry just noticed (Anonymous25 July 2013 19:19) beat me to it. Dishonest people all round.

    2. Ramsay hadn't tasted the cakes.
      He complimentated them with the cakes, because they LOOKED very nice. This was right after he was very surprised how clean the restaurant was.
      So we don't know how the cakes TASTE like.........

    3. I just watched the episode yesterday on Hulu. The first thing Chef tasted was the cake, while he sat with the owners discussing the what they think the problems are.

  7. Apparently Season 7 (which begins next month) is going to include an Amy's Baking Company update show. Can't wait!

  8. If you guys wanna re-watch this one in preparation for any future season, hit Fox or google it. Nowadays, its so darn simple to find what you are looking for. I watched ABC episode yesterday... Amy is such a psychopath. If she is not technically a clinical nut-case, then I will say she is as whacky as my sister-in-law, and SHE definitely needs serious help.

  9. You know, I watched every KN episode online with the exception of this one, and I wished that I had indefinitely postponed that misery.

    1. I saw it when it prepared a while back. I have to say, this is the only episode that severely boiled my blood. When it premiered on BBC America, I didn't watch it. I will bypass watching it again because of that couple. These people do not deserve to own a restaurant, and I feel sorry for her cats.

  10. I really feel bad for Amy and Samy. Everyone bashing them is so typical American. It's sad it is considered good entertainment. Pity that GR didn't took some time to explain to Amy that business is not personal. And that feedback from customers is necessary to adjust your product to their needs. Also that Samy by protecting Amy is keeping her in her fantasy world where everything she does is perfect. It's okay to be not perfect Amy. Saying that I have great admiration for GR, I love his shows.

    1. You do know the police had to be called because Samy was threatening the customer who complained and didn't see why he had to pay for something he didn't have on that first night, don't you? They are both awful people. period.

  11. I just don't understand why GR would want to come back to a "restaurant" that had so many faults, he left! I really respect GR, but he must be a glutton for punishment to go back there. Also, on ABC's Facebook page, they do nothing but trash GR, so why did he go back? This restaurant really needs to go out of business, and I hope to finally read "closed" on your blog.

  12. The ABC Revisit show was supposed to air this week but was pulled. Anyone know what happened?

    1. Not sure. The couple was suppose to appear on Dr. Phil, and that was pulled, as well. I'm assuming since they continue to flame GR on their FB page, GR's lawyers might have swooped in. Fox didn't say why they pulled the season premiere. It's now going to premiere in May. Perhaps he needs the time to film for another location for the season premiere? Who knows.

  13. Samy and Amy are going to be on the Dr. Phil Show on April 9, 2014. I will refrain from posting my own personal opinion. I encourage all people to watch the show no matter if you support them or not. Please remember though that Dr. Phil is trained psychologist and therefore knows what he is talking about. Watch and learn.

  14. The revisit is on Youtube now, and I've just watched it. It's very hyped like the American version always is - the phrase 'never-before-seen footage' is used ad nauseam and it isn't that different from what you've already seen, but it's worth a gander. The best bit is about 30 minutes in when a reporter (notice Gordon does not go in person - was he perchance afraid of the 'gangster'?) goes to teh restaurant and Amy says that Gordon represented them in a bad light and made her look crazy. She then launches into a tirade that makes he look - guess what? - totally unhinged! No surprise there, only maybe the fact that she can't see it herself. I would like to know more about the cakes though, that are obviously not made by Amy. For all their madness, I think they could really make a go of that restaurant with a new USP - the place to go to get insulted and threatened and pay for the privilege. They are both off their rockers!

    1. (notice Gordon does not go in person - was he perchance afraid of the 'gangster'?)

      I don't think this is the case. My assumption is that there may be some course for legal action. If GR were to step foot in there again, I think those two would throw a fit, kick him out, and possibly call the police. I don't think they have any actual legal grounds to stand on, but I think GR & Co are smart enough to know that it would not be wise for him to do that.

    2. Those guys did not want Gordon's help so he left. That's why he did not go back himself. Ramsay do not need them, they need him.

  15. I agree, Sammy and Amy shouldn't be running a business, especially one that involves customer service! If those two treat customers and employees like s--t, it's no wonder they're not doing well! What- they've let go over a hundred staff? Amy steals tips meant for the waitresses? Unbelievable, and isn't stealing tips illegal? What's more surprising is the fact that they're even still open! Other people in other episodes who have deserved to succeed have not, and so, they have been forced to sell their restaurants; and yet these two whackos are still around! (I know I shouldn't judge, but I'm sorry-- the owners are whackos! They make some of the other owners in other episodes seem nice! And they continue to blame every one else but themselves for their faults! Unbelievable!)
    The more I watch this episode, I can't help but think that maybe Sammy and Amy could join forces with that fighting Welsh couple, Mike and Caron, from Kitchen Nightmares UK... Wow, I can imagine the disagreements, the yelling and cursing, and the fights that would result!

    1. Mike and Caron were at least *likable* human beings.

      I want to see Sammy/Amy in a steel-cage death match with Mike and Caron. THAT would be awesome!

      My prediction: Caron would decapitate that hideous melted-Barbie-doll in about 10 seconds, and pseudo-tough guy Sammy would be beaten to an unrecognizable hulk just a few seconds after that.

      And then he'd be deported.

  16. Finally I saw the ABC episode as well as the Dr. Phil....yeah she has a personality disorder with strong paranoid features. Bendito...she should just chill and sashay away...I felt for her, it must be tough having these moods and saving face. Kinda reminds me of Lauren (Chopped), ppl hated her from the get go...horrible posts...perhaps these personalities should be screened out better.

  17. With all this publicity (albeit negative), I'm beginning to wonder if this is some plot by the owners (and perhaps even Gordon) to boost sales, as seen by the T-shirt line etc. If nothing else, Amy/Samy could have their own reality show --it'll be a total hit!

  18. That guy they tried to make pay (and wouldn't let leave) after not getting his food should have kicked Sammy's ass.

  19. I think they are both nuts she can't take criticism everybody knows you need more kitchen people you can't just cook one meal at a time. that's how you lose customers

  20. I couldn't believe that she reacted as if Chef Gordon were the enemy after they invited him there. I think the only things they want is to cry victim and get publicity.

    The waitress (Katy?) was fired because she told Chef Gordon about the tips as well as take the tip he gave her. (Notice Amy's expression when GR gives her her tip. And listen what she says later about Katy. Amy knows the reason she gave for firing her is a lie.

    I do not know why anyone would work there or patronize the place. They are two very selfish and self centered people.

  21. I am surprised she had the nerve to even open a restaurant they are both whack-jobs and honestly should just be thrown into a nice padded cell...but. Wait...even then they'd drive the other residents loony.

  22. I've just watched the 'Nightmare' program...she is a living nightmare! there is something terribly wrong with this woman...she needs therapy!

  23. You people are all crazy! ABC is the best restaurant and Amy and Sammy are really nice people. How can you spread these lies about them? Gordon Ramsay is aa fake chef who knows nothing about food and uses these shows to inflate his already gigantic ego. Have you no shame to talk so rotten about hard working people!?!

    1. Do You actually know who Chef Gordon Ramsay is?
      You should really do your research about someone before calling them out as fake.
      Chef Ramsay owns / operated over 20 restaurants around the World with some of them being Michelin Star awarded. He has more experience at cooking food and running restaurants in his little finger than Samy and Amy will ever have in their lifetime.
      The only reason Amy's Bakery is still open is due to its infamy and novelty attraction.

  24. Hey... Anonymous of the 1st April... Are you by any chance related to Amy??? Gordon Ramsay may not be a saint, but at least he knows what he's talking about...

    1. OMG just look at the date That's April Fools' Day ;p

  25. I have some pity for Amy and Samy. Some of the things said to them like telling them to go kill themselves is taking things way to far. However at the same time they brought it on themselves.

    It is sad Chef Ramsay had to leave but as he said they were not listening to him and he felt as if he would be wasting time trying to make changes. I find it a bit surprising really they are still even open. I think the reasons is due to the media firestorm and them making money selling shirts and what not. If it was not for those factors they would have gone under a long time ago. Maybe they will soon close if they continue going down the road they been going.

    1. They STOLE tips from waitresses! That is ILLEGAL in the United States! They are horrible people for that.

  26. Amy has closed the restaurant, but is still continuing her baking. If she has just stuck to desserts the business could of been a huge success.

    1. As I understand, she actually lied about baking the cakes herself, she just bought them. All the worse considering they were the only good thing in the restaurant.

  27. So happy to see those last two comments. It's like a train wreck I couldn't look away from. I knew I didn't want to watch more of those terrible nutters, but I just had to watch the second show. It was good of them to show that last footage of them unedited, so now they can't say it was edited to make them look bad, they look worse and more dysfunctional as a relationship now. They're both just using each other.

  28. I watched the Dr. Phil show with them in it and i don't think they will ever going to change. They were more constrained, but the same crazy thoughts that everyone is against them was still there. Take the criticism productively to better you're business not to scare everyone away or to make yourself a tourist attraction. Such a shame that the bussiness is gone. Would have loved to taste the awesome looking cakes Amy made.

    1. She bought the cakes from elsewhere...

  29. So I just saw this episode for the first time. I was genuinely concerned. These people are sick. They need help. I am not joking, it is really bad that people like this...exist.

  30. Glad to know they closed.

    I tweeted about it when I saw (a repeat? of) the episode & they replied, which freaked me out! ��

  31. The best thing that they did was close. Glad to know that they closed and that other people who worked got a better job (well I hope they did).

  32. Online cooking school? Sammy thought of another scam!

  33. What could we possibly expect from to convicted criminals, he's banned from multiple countries and she went to jail for fraud and identity theft I believe. They are both irredeemable because they will always believe they are the victim and will never take responsibility.

  34. They both belong in jail, a mental institute, or just a remote island. Anywhere where they won't continue to be the public nuisance they thrive on being. These two are utterly insane and I'm surprised they made it this far in life without being tossed in prison for a long time or getting beaten up(considering how they pretty much went into near assault mode numerous times).

  35. I ate there after the original episode, and I had one of amy's pizzas just to give it a chance, and when I got it it was 100% uncooked and I mean all the way raw dough and everything and when I complained I was threatened by samy with a knife, thank god my gf at the time was an off duty cop

  36. Two know-it-all, delusional owners with no restaurant or cooking experience. Amy and Samy think they know more than a Michelin star chef. Dry salmon, under-cooked pizza, and greasy, soggy burgers, never had any complaints, it's good like that. Yeah, that's why the place was packed, right? If your food sucks, that's what reviewers and bloggers are going to write. Truth hurts but oh, that's bullying. I'm thankful Gordon walked away and the drama didn't continue. It's a shame they couldn't be sued for mental abuse of their employees.......and customers. Such a shame for a beautiful restaurant but the owners didn't deserve Gordon's help.

  37. This is what happens when a crazy person gets together with a even crazier person, both Sammy and Amy are people who should never be allowed to go out on their own let alone own a business together

  38. I don't know for you, but it's the first time in watching the first 5 minutes of Kitchen Nightmares, that I was impatient to go to check if was written a big CLOSED, about this restaurant. Just ashamed that such restaurant could have again customers, after all this! Thanks God, they closed!

  39. Did anybody else just ask why Amy didn't just make a small, chill bakery if her cakes and sweets were so good?

    She and Samy probably wouldn't be labelled the craziest people on Kitchen Nightmares and the world or literally threw people out of their restaurant if they did that.


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