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Quelcuttis Tapas Kitchen Nightmares

In this Kitchen Nightmares episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Quelcuttis Tapas,a tapas restaurant in Setla, Spain.

At Quelcuttis Tapas, Joe runs the bar with Ruby and self taught chef Terry cooks in the kitchen.

Del and Sue wanted it to be a restaurant but Joe and Terry want it to be a bar and as a result the food has been neglected.

The business is losing £10,000 a month and the family haven't paid themselves a salary in a year.

Gordon arrives in the town and is directed to the restaurant by locals.

He meets Del and Sue and they tell Gordon that the children are giving away free drinks, lack responsibility and don't listen to them.

Gordon wants to sample the food and orders swordfish, salad and chips and a chicken kiev.

He is given a pork on toast amuse bouche and finds the pork is dry, bland and greasy.

Terry can't find any kievs so he orders a gourmet burger instead, Terry disappears into the corner to get a burger bun from the freezer.

Gordon isn't impressed with the food and asks for a sick bag for his burger and says the wine tastes like diesel.

Gordon looks through the fridge and finds some really old Serrano ham and old food.

Gordon confronts them about their drinking, opening up about his father's death through alcoholism and they throw away all the old food.

The next day Gordon questions their commitment to the restaurant and they begin to realise they need to change.

Gordon visits the market to challenge them to cook with fresh food for 15 locals.

Joe fails to impress at front of house, Terry struggles to get the food out of the kitchen and the customers aren't impressed with the restaurant.

A customer finds a cockroach, Joe accuses it of being planted but fails to say who he thinks planted it and customer Keith starts helping out behind the bar.

Gordon comes to the conclusion that Joe is the biggest problem in the restaurant and calls a family meeting, Joe is in denial and thinks the service was a success.

The family write heartfelt letters to each other which are read out to each other and it is very emotional with even Gordon welling up with tears.

Gordon gives Terry a crash course in cooking tapas using fresh ingredients, the family sample the food and they enjoy it.

Gordon asks Joe to match a drink to the dish and he struggles to find a pairing as he isn't familiar with wine.

Gordon revamps the restaurant, removing the pool table and adding pictures of the family to add a personal touch to the dining room.

They are to relaunch that evening as a tapas restaurant with fresh tapas dishes and wine pairings.

For relaunch night, Sue is helping out for the evening and Joe pushes the wine but he hasn't put any food orders through to the kitchen.

He over compensates by putting all of the orders in at once, putting the pressure on the kitchen and Terry begins to struggle but with Gordon's pep talks he holds it together.

Gordon reveals that he has invited a special guest, the Mayor who Joe neglects with service.

The customers love the new food and the wine, the regulars aren't happy with the new higher prices but Joe manages to get them on side.

Overall, the relaunch was a success.

What Happened Next at Quelcuttis Tapas?

Gordon returns a month later for a surprise visit, the restaurant is busy, they are making money, paying themselves a wage and are no longer drinking in the restaurant.

Terry is enjoying cooking in the kitchen and they have added their own dishes to the menu.

Trip Advisor reviews after Gordon's visit appear to be very positive, with compliments on the friendly service, food and entertainment also offered.

Mark Haggan's comments on his visit are that

The food was excellent, and remarkably well priced. The staff were great, and could not have been more friendly or helpful. If you find yourself in the area, it’s certainly worth a visit."

Quelcuttis Tapas closed in August 2015.

Owner Joe blames the changes that Gordon made for the closure and reveals that his relationship with his brother Mark is at the worst it had been.

Quelcuttis Tapas aired on 14 October 2014, the episode was filmed in March 2014 and is Costa Del Nightmares episode 4.

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  1. They blame Ramsey's changes as the cause for the closure, yet when he revisited the restaurant it appeared to be busy and the family confirmed that it was. Were they under the impression that serving the local fall down drunks was going to be good for the business or that the average person is going to want to come in with their family to eat with the local fall down drunks hanging out there.

    1. If they gotten rid of Joe, they would have made it I am sure.

    2. You'd be correct. He seemed like he thought he owned the business by himself and was using it to give his friends free drinks. The parents did a bad thing taking their kids there for their own dream and not letting the kids have their own dreams. The kids were free labour until they handed the place over to them and blamed them for not being able to run a business.


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