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MasterChef US Season 10 Contestants Where Are They Now?

MasterChef US Season 10 contestants

MasterChef US features judges Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sanchez and Joe Bastianich testing the culinary skills of amateur chefs from the USA with a number of challenges and dishes to prepare, with those failing to impress being sent home.

MasterChef US Season 10 aired May 29 to ongoing, 2019 on Fox Network, there were 20 contestants and the prize for the winner was $250,000, the MasterChef trophy and training at restaurants owned by the three judges. The post will be updated weekly as contestants are eliminated.

Bri Baker Bri Baker was a Cocktail Server from Dallas, Texas.

After the show, she has been showcasing mouthwatering food on her social media for The Plating Queen.

Deanna Colon Deanna Colon was a Vocal Coach from Simi Valley, California. She was eliminated from MasterChef in episode 3 after she served a scallop dish with a strange flavour combination due to the salad and mashed potato combination.

After the show, she has returned to her previous career as a singer and vocal coach. She promotes body positivity on her social media and co-hosts a podcast called 2 Plus Sized Divas.

Dorian Hunter Dorian Hunter was a Creeler from Cartersville, Georgia.

Evan Tesiny Evan Tesiny was a Sales Coordinator from Brooklyn, New York. He was eliminated from MasterChef in episode 7 after his Tarte Titan didn't have enough caramel in it.

After the show, he appears to have returned to his career in sales.

Fred Chang Fred Chang was a Revenue Analyst from Redondo Beach, California.

Jamie Hough Jamie Hough was a Fisherman from Pawleys Island, South Carolina.

After the show, he appears to have returned to fishing and he posts regular fish dishes he has cooked on Instagram.

Kenny Palazzolo Kenny Palazzolo was a Carpenter from Boston, Massachusetts. He was eliminated in episode 3 after his scallop and mushroom dish was branded ugly by the judges despite tasting great.

After the show, he has plans to record his own cooking show Live, Laugh and Cook Italian with Kenny Palazzolo to be shown on local access TV.

Keturah King Keturah King was an e-Learning Administrator from Birmingham, Alabama.

Kimberly White Kimberly White was an Advertising Executive from Brooklyn, New York. She was eliminated from MasterChef in episode 5 after her mushroom sauce is branded terrible and is compared to cottage cheese by the judges.

Liz Linn Liz Linn was an Events Consultant from Durand, Michigan.

Micah Yaroch Micah Yaroch was a Kitchen Porter from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Michael Silverstein Michael Silverstein was a Real Estate Flipper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Nick DiGiovanni Nick DiGiovanni was a College Student from Barrington, Rhode Island.

Noah Sims Noah Sims was a Septic Service Technician from Epworth, Georgia.

Renee Rice Renee Rice was a Receptionist from Ada, Oklahoma.

Sam Haaz Sam Haaz was an Attorney from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Sarah Faherty Sarah Faherty was a Former Army Interrogator from San Diego, California.

Shari Mukherjee Shari Mukherjee was a Stay-at-Home Mom from Rochester, Minnesota.

Subha Ramiah Subha Ramiah was a R&D Director from West Nyack, New York.

Wuta Onda Wuta Onda was an English Teacher from Bronx, New York.

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