Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Hell's Kitchen Contestants Where Are They Now?

Hell's Kitchen Contestants

Hell's Kitchen features Gordon Ramsay as Head Chef alongside two sous chefs to support the contestants, each week there will be a number of challenges to test the culinary skills of the contestants, who are all competing for a prize of their own restaurant or the option of working  alongside top chefs including Gordon. The winners of Hell's Kitchen are highlighted in bold, find out where they are now.

Hell's Kitchen Season 1

Andrew Bonito Carolann Valentino Chris North
Elsie Ramos Jeff LaPoff Jeffery Dewberry
Jessica Cabo Jimmy Casey Mary Ellen Daniels
Michael Wray Ralph Pagano Wendy Liu

Hell's Kitchen Season 2

Gabriel Gabe Gagliardi Garrett Telle Giacomo Alfieri
Heather West Keith Greene Larry Sik
Maribel Miller Paula Polly Holladay Rachel Brown
Sara Horowitz Tom Pauley Virginia Dalbeck

Hell's Kitchen Season 3

Aaron Song Bonnie Muirhead Brad Miller
Eddie Langley Jennifer "Jen" Yemola Joanna Dunn
Josh Wahler Julia Williams Melissa Firpo
Rock Harper Tiffany Nagel Vinnie Fama

Hell's Kitchen Season 4

Ben Caylor Bobby Anderson Christina Machamer
Corey Earling Craig Schneider Dominic DiFrancesco
Jason Underwood Jen Gavin Louis Petrozza
Louross Edralin Matt Sigel Rosann Fama
Sharon Stewart Shayna Raichilson-Zadok Vanessa Gunnell

Hell's Kitchen Season 5

Alicia LA Limtiaco Andrea Heinly Ben Walanka
Carol Scott Charlie McKay Coi Burruss
Colleen Cleek Danny Veltri Giovanni Filipponi
Jason J Maxwell Ji-Hyun Cha Lacey D'Angelo
Paula da Silva Robert Hesse Seth Levine
Wil Kocol

Hell's Kitchen Season 6

Hell's Kitchen Season 7

Hell's Kitchen Season 8

Antonia BoregmanBoris PoleschukEmily Kutchins
Gail NovenarioJillian FlathersLewis Curtis
Lisa LaFrancaLouis RepucciMelissa Doney
Nona SivleyRaj BrandstonRob McCue
Russell KookSabrina BrimhallTrevor McGrath
Vinny Accardi

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