Hell's Kitchen Season 6 Where Are They Now?

Hell's Kitchen Season 6 Contestants

Hell's Kitchen Season 6 aired July 21 to October 13, 2009 on Fox Network, there were 17 contestants.

The prize for the winner was $250,000 in cash and a position at the Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, Canada.

In this season, Gordon Ramsay was judge, Jean-Philippe Susilovic was Maître d', Heather West was sous chef for the red team and Scott Leibfried was sous chef for the blue team.

Find out what the Hell's Kitchen Season 6 contestants did next after appearing on season 6 Hell's Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay.

Amanda Tek Moore Amanda aka Tek Moore was a line cook from New York. She was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen season 6 episode 5 due to her failure on the steak station that led to the failure of her team.

After Hell's Kitchen, Amanda returned to the kitchen and was Executive Chef at many restaurants including Acme Restaurant, Le Barricou and Golden Years Brooklyn. In 2017, she started her own company Chef Tek Concepts.

Amanda Davenport Amanda Davenport was a Sous Chef from New York. She was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen season 6 episode 8 due to her overly polite nature and her weak performances.

After Hell's Kitchen, Amanda returned to the kitchen in Sous Chef positions in Florida until August 2016. She studied for and gained her real estate licence and has since moved to Miami to become a real estate agent.

Andy Husbands Andy Husbands was an Executive Chef from Boston, Massachusetts. He was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen season 6 episode 9 as he was inconsistent and had a number of poor performances in the kitchen.

After Hell's Kitchen, Andy is chef/owner of award winning restaurants Tremont 647 and three Smoke shop restaurants in Massachusetts. He has released four cookbooks of barbecue food since appearing on Hell's Kitchen and competes with his BBQ team. They have won the Jack Daniels World BBQ Championships in Lynchberg, TN and a number of other barbecue contests. Andy also campaigns against childhood hunger and has raised large sums of money for this cause.

Ariel Contreras Ariel Contreras was a sous chef from Los Angeles, California. She was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen season 6 episode 14, she was a strong contestant and this is reflected by Gordon allowing her to keep her jacket due to her hard work and progression in the process.

After Hell's Kitchen, Ariel was Executive Chef at Hardings NYC before becoming a chef at an airport terminal restaurant, working for OTG, a company that specialises in sophisticated dining in airport restaurants. She later became Corporate Executive Chef at Landry's SRD Dos Caminos. Ariel returned for Hell's Kitchen season 18, rookies versus veterans.

Lovely Jackson Connie aka Lovely Jackson was a Camp Chef from Chicago, Illinois. She was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen season 6 episode 4 due to not showing improvement, being slow during service and making excuses for her mistakes.

After Hell's Kitchen, Lovely was a finalist in Food Network star season 9, is a Private Chef/owner of Lovely Eats, regularly appears on cookery segments and teaches cookery classes. She also appeared as one of the professional chefs on season 2 of Food Fighters.

Dave Levey Dave Levey was an Executive Chef from San Diego, California. He was the Hell's Kitchen season 6 winner due to his natural ability in the kitchen.

After Hell's Kitchen, Dave took up the position at Araxi Restaurant until the end of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. The position he was offered turned out to be a line cook position and not a Head Chef position as he had expected. He returned to New Jersey where he worked in a number of kitchens and he was arrested as part of a drugs bust in 2014 but was not charged. Dave is currently Head Baker at Mara’s Café & Bakery in Denville.

David Louie Cordio David Louie Cordio was a diner owner from Fitchburg, Massachusetts. He was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen season 6 episode 1 for serving poorly carved lamb and wasting portions of meat during the service.

After Hell's Kitchen, David returned to the 50/50 Diner he owns in Fitchburg. Yelp reviews for the diner are mostly positive.

Jim McGloin Jim McGloin was a sous chef from Nashua, New Hampshire. He was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen season 6 episode 6 due to his lack of passion for his work in the kitchen.

After Hell's Kitchen, Jim and Tek formed a relationship and were planning to open a restaurant together. Jim worked at Providence’s Luxe Burger Bar and is currently Chef de Cuisine at Buttermilk & Bourbon, owned by Jason Santos from Hell's Kitchen season 7.

Joseph Tinnelly Joseph Tinnelly was former US Marine and Sou Chef from Massapequa Park, New York. He was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen season 6 episode 2 after nominating two rivals for no reason whatsoever. Following this he started an argument with Gordon, during this he tore off his jacket and asked Gordon for a fight! He was asked to leave the competition.

After Hell's Kitchen, Joseph became part owner of American Beauty Bistro in North Massapequa and worked there for a short while. After this, Joseph was Executive Chef at Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse before his current position as Executive Chef at Taste Kitchen.

Kevin Cottle Kevin Cottle was an Executive Chef from Middletown, Connecticut. He was Hell's Kitchen season 6 runner up after losing to Dave in the final.

After Hell's Kitchen, Kevin returned to his previous role as Executive Chef at Farmington Country Club, he moved into catering for events company Jordan Caterers until 2013. Since 2013 he has been an Executive Chef at Fire at the Ridge and partner at Powder Ridge Mountain Park and Resort. He is also Corporate Executive Chef at American Cruise Lines.

Melinda Meaney Melinda Meaney was a Private Chef from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen season 6 episode 1 due to her poor performance in the service which saw her failing to cook pasta 9 times!

After Hell's Kitchen, Melinda returned to her career as a private chef and as a consultant.

Robert Hesse Robert Hesse was an Executive Chef from Quogue, New York and a former Hell's Kitchen contestant who had to retire from the show due to illness. He returned in episode 1 and was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen season 6 episode 7 due to his poor performance during the service and his health issues.

After Hell's Kitchen, Robert lost an impressive 450 pounds after suffering from 3 heart attacks. He worked as Assistant Executive Chef at The Brews Brothers restaurant before moving to other restaurants within the group and he was also Executive Chef at Smokin' 19. Robert opened his food truck Fo' Cheezy in July 2019 and later opened it in a physical location with plans to open further locations.

Sabrina Gresset Sabrina Gresset was a Restaurant Manager from Phoenix, Arizona. She was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen season 6 episode 10 on the back of 3 poor services in a row.

After Hell's Kitchen, Sabrina returned to to the café at DC Ranch Village Health Club, where she worked prior to the filming of the show.

Suzanne Schlicht Suzanne Schlicht was a Sous Chef from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen season 6 episode 12 due to her repeated nominations and poor service that evening.

After Hell's Kitchen, Suzanne took up a Sous Chef position at Vdara in Las Vegas before moving to Caesar's Palace.

Tennille Middleton Tennille Middleton was an Executive Chef from Fairfax, Virginia. She was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen season 6 episode 13 after she struggled with the service and broke down in tears, Ramsay praised her for her ability to cook meat.

After Hell's Kitchen, Tennille is a General Manager and Shareholder at BJ's Restaurants. She opened catering company Red Clay and Pigs offering consultancy services, event catering and personal chef services.

Tony D'Alessandro Tony D'Alessandro was a Store Manager from Chicago, Illinois. He was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen season 6 episode 3 after he lost control of his station.

After Hell's Kitchen, Tony opened restaurant BIG & Littles with his childhood friend Gary Strauss and they have expanded with three additional locations. Reviews of all the locations are excellent and they have appeared on Mystery Diners and Diners, Dives and Drive-Ins.

Vincent Van Hurd Vincent Van Hurd was a fish chef from Dallas, Texas. He was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen season 6 episode 11 after two poor performances on the fish station but acknowledged that he could cook.

After Hell's Kitchen, Van was chef at Jordan Caterers with fellow contestant Kevin Cottle and they were on local cooking show "Midday Chefs". In September 2016, he was hired as a consultant for Taino Smokehouse to create their menu and become operational and stayed on as Executive Chef. Van returned for Hell's Kitchen season 17, the all-stars season.

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  1. That's good to know. I had hoped they won't lose their love for cooking after failing the contest. These people really loved cooking when they joined, its obvious and a really beautiful thing. Good luck guys!

  2. Poor Daves! They lied him about everything. I wonder if chef Ramsay do smt abt it.

  3. Wow the winner ended up worse off than even Joseph :(

  4. For me this was one of the most annoying seasons to watch for one simple reason: TENNILLE! I found myself reaching for the mute button on my remote every time she came on screen to talk to - YELL AT - the camera. Van was pretty bad about yelling at the camera too though thankfully not as often.

    1. I so agree with your comment

    2. Totally agree, I'm watching it now and can't wait for her to leave.

  5. Agreed! When I watched this season, I just wanted her to stop yelling! I was glad when she left! But I wonder why she didn't return for the season finale.

  6. Did Dave get paid $250K to be a line cook?

    1. No. He was given $250K, and became a line cook.

    2. I loved Van! He was a lot of fun to watch.

    3. honestly ever since he and JP got in a fight i don't like him- and didn't like since them.

  7. Tennille! I watched the original airing of Hell´s kitchen. I have recentlty watched it again. I think you´re awesome, strong,and adorable. Just wanted to let you know.


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