Hell's Kitchen Season 2 Where Are They Now?

Hell's Kitchen Season 2 Contestants

Hell's Kitchen Season 2 aired June 12 to August 14, 2006 on Fox Network and there were 11 contestants.

The prize for the winner was an executive chef position at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas with a salary of $250,000.

In this season, Gordon Ramsay was judge, Jean-Philippe Susilovic was MaƮtre d', Mary-Ann Salcedo was sous chef for the red team and Scott Leibfried was sous chef for the blue team.

Find out what the Hell's Kitchen Season 2 contestants did next after appearing on Hell's Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay. Hell's Kitchen 2 what happened next?

Gabriel Gabe Gagliardi Gabriel "Gabe" Gagliardi was a Marketing Executive from Chicago, Illinois. He was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen season 2 episode 2 after Gordon couldn't see his passion and allowing others to take advantage of him.

After Hell's Kitchen, Gabe opened a barbecue joint called The Boar's Nest in Seattle in 2011. Boar’s Nest BBQ Sauces are available throughout the US and they also expanded to offer catering services.

Garrett Telle Garrett Telle was an Executive Chef, who learned to cook in prison, from Cedar Park, Texas. He was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen season 2 episode 7 for serving raw chicken.

After Hell's Kitchen, Garrett is said to have returned to cooking, produces short films and was arrested in 2012 and 13 and twice in 2016 for driving without a licence.

Giacomo Alfieri Giacomo Alfieri was a pizza chef from Euless, Texas. He was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen season 2 episode 4 after struggling to cook the fish dishes.

After Hell's Kitchen, Giacomo returned to his family's restaurant Saviano’s where he is owner and head chef and he is also a property investor who buys restaurants. He married Ashley in 2013 and has a daughter Gemma, they currently live in Dallas.

Heather West Heather West was a Sous Chef from Port Jefferson, New York. Heather was the Hell's Kitchen Season 2 winner due to her determination and leadership skills.

After Hell's Kitchen, Heather was Senior Chef at Terra Rossa at the Red Rock Casino in Nevada. She then moved around restaurants starting as Head Chef at Monteray Restaurant, then moved to Jellyfish Restaurant and later Broadway Grill before moving to Schafers in Port Jefferson. She married in 2014 and has two children.

Keith Greene Keith Greene was a Chef and Barman from Southampton, New York. He was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen season 2 episode 10, although he struggled at first he came into his own with strong performances.

After Hell's Kitchen, Keith worked with fellow contestant Heather at JLX before he became Executive Chef at Schmidt's Food Market, he married Kristin and they had a son and daughter. Sadly, in August 2012, Keith died after he drowned whilst out for a morning swim.

Larry Sik Larry Sik was a Fishmonger from Arlington, Texas. He left during Hell's Kitchen season 2 episode 2 after being rushed to hospital with breathing difficulties after the evening service. He later contacted the other contestants to let them know that he wouldn't be returning due to health issues.

After Hell's Kitchen, Larry appears to have returned to his previous career as a Fishmonger.

Maribel Miller Maribel Miller was a Deli Manager from Cafeteria Chef from Brooklyn, New York. She was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen season 2 episode 6 for her lack of leadership skills although she also received praise from Gordon for her attitude to cooking.

After Hell's Kitchen, Maribel became a novelty cake decorator at Nibbles Cakes in Delaware.

Paula Polly Holladay Paula Polly Holladay was a caterer from Ben Franklin, Texas. She was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen season 2 episode 1 after failing three times to make risotto and failing to show her passion for cooking.

After Hell's Kitchen, Paula returned to catering and was a food blogger for a few years.

Rachel Brown Rachel Brown was a personal chef and cookery class demonstrator from Dallas, Texas. Rachel created some great dishes but had begun to struggle by the 4th episode and was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen season 2 episode 5.

After Hell's Kitchen, Rachel sadly committed suicide at her home in May 2007.

Sara Horowitz Sara Horowitz was a Deli Manager from Dallas, Texas. She was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen season 2 episode 8 as Gordon didn't think she was a team player and her performance was not consistent.

After Hell's Kitchen, Sara appeared on Best in Smoke before becoming Justin Bieber's tour chef. She was arrested in 2013 for assaulting her partner, a local weatherman during an argument. She tours restaurants for catering events at various locations in the USA.

Tom Pauley Tom Pauley was a former Stock Broker who retrained as a culinary chef from Belleville, New Jersey. He was eliminated in in Hell's Kitchen season 2 episode 4 after poor performance in previous services.

After Hell's Kitchen, Tom is known as Tom Poley and does guest speaking at events on his experiences as a chef and on appearing on the show.

Virginia Dalbeck Virginia Dalbeck was a salad chef from New York City. She was a Hell's Kitchen season 2 runner up after her careless errors left her in the bottom two on a few occasions but she impressed Gordon with her signature fish and chicken dishes.

After Hell's Kitchen, Virginia worked at Lupa Osteria Romana and Casa Mono, before opening restaurant Cork and Pig Tavern in San Angelo, the restaurant has great reviews. Virginia now owns more than 5 restaurants and in 2019 appeared on Food Network's Bite Club.

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  1. Wow, it breaks my heart to read this in 2022 and see that both Keith and Rachel have died. Idk why but its extra sad when you watch a show and get to see people for who they are, only to discover they've been dead for a long time. I pray for their friends and family. Such a tragedy.


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