Paul's Bar and Bowling - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Restaurant Impossible Paul's Bar & Bowling

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Robert Irvine visits Paul’s Bar and Bowling.

Paul’s Bar and Bowling is owned by Paul Awramko and Ed Arzoomanian.

The restaurant is also a bar and a bowling alley.

Paul has owned the business for the last 27 years.

The business is a landmark for the town.

Paul’s grandfather opened up the place in 1929 as a bowling alley.

Paul isn’t married and has no children so the bar is the only life he’s ever known.

The business is suffering and Paul can’t afford to pay his bills.

He is unable to pay his taxes so it is on the brink of closing.

Ed has helped out both physically and financially with the bar.

Paul has arthritis in his knees and is struggling with his health.

Unfortunately, Ed’s money isn’t helping the business anymore.

Robert arrives at the restaurant and think that the building is very outdated.

Paul says they are currently losing $10,000 a month.

They are $250,000 in total debt and the debt is still increasing.

The bowling area has been there since the beginning of the bar.

Robert asks the customers what they look for in a bar.

The younger customers say they wouldn’t be coming back here due to how messy and filthy it is.

The older customers have been coming to this restaurant for over twenty years.

The customers say that the food is pretty good.

The waitress Tina has been working there for 31 years.

Robert orders a burger and fries.

Robert says the food wasn’t the best he has tried and needs a lot of improvement.

Robert meets with his designer Cheryl.

Cheryl says this is the biggest and most overwhelming walkthrough she has done with Robert.

They begin taking down the decorations and emptying the dining room, ready for the design team to get to work.

This building is filled with memorabilia such as pictures, trophies and old decorations, all from the beginning of the restaurant.

Ed says he is sad to see the nostalgia go but that the business really needs it.

Paul is also sad but realizes that this has to be done.

Robert meets with the staff to discuss how they got to this point.

The staff seem to think they are the ones keeping this business running.

The staff says that if someone asked them to, then they would have no problems with cleaning.

Robert points out that they wipe down stuff with rags that are already disgusting.

The staff blames Paul for this.

Robert thinks that the staff takes advantage of Paul.

The design staff is busy installing bookshelves for a back bar.

Robert meets with Paul and Ed to discuss Paul not being able to use technology.

Robert gives Paul homework: he must send Robert messages online.

Ed says that this place is in need of a face lift.

Paul is learning how to use new technology like laptops, tablets, and cellphones.

The next day, Robert arrives and checks in with the design team.

The floor of the restaurant is finally done and they can move on to the rest of the place.

Robert has to open the place up this afternoon but Cheryl says that it’s far from being ready for opening.

Robert brings the staff to a different bar for training.

An expert mixologist will be grading their drinks.

They are overpouring the drinks and need to improve.

Robert has his expert, Joey, sharpen the skills that the bartenders do have and teach them two new signature drinks.

Paul successfully completed his homework.

Although, Paul had to get Ed’s help with sending an E-mail on a laptop.

Robert says that he’s proud of Paul for learning how to use technology.

Paul says that if it weren’t for Robert, he wouldn’t be able to get out of this hole.

He also says that he needs to learn more tools that will help this restaurant be successful, which includes social media.

Most of the world is online now and the perfect way to market your business is on social media.

Robert takes a selfie with Paul and Ed.

The construction crew continues with the work to refurbish the bar.

Robert meets with the cooks and Paul to show them new recipes he wants to add to the menu.

He shows them the right way to make a burger.

Then he shows them a better version of the soggy fries that he had earlier.

They seem to really enjoy the newly updated food items when they taste them.

Robert reveals that he has got them a personal beer tap for the bowling alleys.

At 5 o clock, the restaurant is in shambles still.

It does not seem like they will be able to open up on time.

They begin rushing, trying to get this place finished in time.

Two hours later, they are still putting up finishing touches.

Robert says the customers won’t get their beloved bowling alley back until he’s ready and it is perfect.

Nothing in this restaurant has been changed since it first opened and Robert changed everything in just two days.

Ed says that Paul would take the shirt off of his back for you.

Robert meets with Ed and Paul.

Robert leads them into the building with their eyes closed.

He tells them to open their eyes.

Paul and Ed are amazed by how awesome their restaurant looks now.

Robert brings in Cheryl and Tom to meet Paul and Ed and they exchange hugs.

Robert tells Paul that he’s proud of him for embracing technology and change.

He tells Paul that he did an amazing job.

Paul says that he didn’t know he was capable of this.

Robert and Paul hug.

Paul’s Bar and Bowling opens up for the first time since the remodel.

On relaunch, there is a crowd of people outside waiting to be let in.

Everyone seems so excited to come back into this restaurant.

Paul says that he is amazed by all of the changes.

The customers say that it looks very nice and clean in the restaurant.

One customer says that she believes she would come back here with her friends now.

The customers are loving the food and the overall atmosphere.

Another customer says that now he can tell his mom that he hangs out in a nice place.

Ed is getting very emotional.

He says that he didn’t think Robert could pull this off.

The customers think that everything tastes like it’s fresh.

Robert says that challenges like this are right up his alley.

What Happened Next at Paul's Bar & Bowling?

Business increased 20% in the three weeks after the show aired.

More people were bowling and using the new ipads alongside the old paper system.

They planned to add Robert's recipes to the menu.

Robert revisited in January 2018, business was up 40% and the decor and menu remains the same.

The demographics of the area changed and Paul is skeptical about the future.

Paul's Bar and Bowling 2020 Revisited episode

In 2020, Robert Irvine revisited Paul’s Bar and Bowling.

He visited owner Joe back in 2014 for season 9.

Robert says the thing that stuck out was how outdated it was.

Today, Robert is on his way to go see how they are doing.

Paul sent Robert a message so he is still using technology.

They switched back to using paper scoreboards for the bowling alley.

The customers seem to enjoy the food and bowling still.

Tina and Ed still work there.

Paul was given stem cell injections so his knees are much better.

They now have a taco Tuesday.

They are doing very well with food sales.

The bartenders have added specials to the menu.

Most of the customers order the specials so sales for other sandwiches are down.

This has created a loss of product and are throwing out a lot of bread.

They are using social media to promote the place.

They caught up on taxes for the most part.

Robert asks to try the food and has mixed reviews.

The soup is good and Robert says he would be proud to serve it in his restaurant.

The roast beef sandwich was alright but nothing made it stand out.

The Italian sandwich isn’t very exciting.

Robert shows Ed and Paul how to make a French onion soup.

He adds some bread to dip in the soup.

This will help use up the bread instead of throwing it away.

He also shows them some recipes he believes will make them stand out.

Robert says that these food items will increase the customers needs for alcohol.

Ed and Paul try out the food and they love it.

The customers are a mix of regular and new customers.

Robert tells them that he is very proud of them.

Ed says that this makes him feel wonderful, as if five years wasn’t wasted.

After Robert came, the place became livelier.

They have bands and DJs in the evenings now.

They get different crowds in and everyone likes it.

The customers love the new items Robert has just added.

Paul says that if Robert comes back again in five years, he will be impressed again.

If they get out of debt with no new debt, Robert will be estatic.

Paul and Ed are forever grateful for Robert’s help.

Paul's Bar & Bowling closed in September 2020.

They closed after the owners decided to retire from the business.

Paul's Bar & Bowling was Restaurant Impossible season 9 episode 3 and aired on 6th August 2014.

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