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Restaurant Impossible Open or Closed

Restaurant Impossible Open or Closed

A list of all Restaurant Impossible episodes and whether the Restaurant Impossible restaurants are open or closed. Here you will find Restaurant Impossible updates, up to date information and what happened next after Robert left the restaurants featured on the popular Food Network show.  Each season is listed separately with more information including the air dates, episode recap and closure rate. 

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Restaurant Impossible Season 1

7 Episodes
Aired: January to March 2011
Closure Rate: 86%

Villari's - CLOSED

Mainelli's - CLOSED

Rascal's BBQ & Crab House - CLOSED

Salt Works II - CLOSED

Meglio's - CLOSED

Secret Garden Cafe - OPEN

Flood Tide Restaurant - CLOSED

Restaurant Impossible Season 2

18 Episodes
Aired: July 2011 to January 2012
Closure Rate: 67%

Dodge City - OPEN

La Stanza - CLOSED

Sweet Tea - CLOSED

County Fare - CLOSED

Snooty Fox - CLOSED

Pastori's - CLOSED

Scrimmages - CLOSED

Mamma D's - CLOSED

Off Street Cafe - OPEN

The Trails Eatery - OPEN

Cap’n And The Cowboy - CLOSED

The Mad Cactus - CLOSED

McShane's - CLOSED

Coffee's Boilin' Pot - CLOSED

St James Soup Kitchen - OPEN

Wild Cat Cafe - OPEN

Sullivan's Grill - CLOSED

Hoffman's Bistro and Patisserie - OPEN

Restaurant Impossible Season 3

13 Episodes
Aired: February to June 2012
Closure Rate: 62%

Moss' Prime Rib & Spaghetti House - CLOSED

The Chatterbox Windham - CLOSED

Anna Maria's Restaurant - CLOSED

Del's Restaurant - OPEN

Woody's Tupelo Steakhouse - OPEN

Valley View - CLOSED

Pelican Grill - OPEN

Mama Lee's Soul Food Restaurant - CLOSED

Pappas Restaurant - CLOSED

Ristorante Barolo - CLOSED

University Grill - CLOSED

Pollard's Bar-B-Que - OPEN

Horton's Kids - OPEN

Restaurant Impossible Season 4

13 Episodes
Aired: July to October 2012
Closure Rate: 77%

Longbranch Steak and Seafood - CLOSED

The Main Dish - CLOSED

Zandi's Grill - CLOSED

Italian Village - CLOSED

Stella's Italian Restaurant - CLOSED

Gusanoz Mexican Restaurant - OPEN

Frankie's - OPEN

Paliani's Restaurant - CLOSED

Michele's - CLOSED

Maple Tree Cafe - CLOSED

Whistle Stop - CLOSED

Valley Inn - OPEN

Oleander Bar and Grill - CLOSED

Restaurant Impossible Season 5

13 Episodes
Aired: November 2012 to March 2013

Poco's on the Boulevard - CLOSED

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  1. Thought Robert Irvine was BETTER than Gordon Ramsay!!! Guess NOT!!!

  2. he can only help but if there is n discipline after he leaves then for sure it s going to go back to failing. Restaurant is not a no effort business .