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Restaurant Impossible Open or Closed

Restaurant Impossible Open or Closed

A list of all Restaurant Impossible episodes and whether the Restaurant Impossible restaurants are open or closed.  Watched the show and what to find out where are they now? Here you will find Restaurant Impossible updates, up to date information and what happened next after Robert left the restaurants featured on the popular Food Network show.  Each season is listed separately with more information including the air dates, episode recap and closure rate. Restaurant Impossible was cancelled in August 2016. 

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Restaurant Impossible Season 1

7 Episodes
Aired: January to March 2011
Closure Rate: 86%

Flood Tide Restaurant 

Restaurant Impossible Season 2

18 Episodes
Aired: July 2011 to January 2012
Closure Rate: 67%

Scrimmages  Mamma D's
Off Street Cafe The Trails Eatery
Cap’n and the Cowboy The Mad Cactus
McShane's Coffee's Boilin' Pot
St James Soup Kitchen Wild Cat Cafe
Sullivan's Grill Hoffman's Bistro and Patisserie

Restaurant Impossible Season 3

13 Episodes
Aired: February to June 2012
Closure Rate: 62%

Pelican Grill Mama Lee's Soul Food Restaurant
Pappas Restaurant Ristorante Barolo
University Grill Pollard's Bar-B-Que
Horton's Kids

Restaurant Impossible Season 4

13 Episodes
Aired: July to October 2012
Closure Rate: 77%

Restaurant Impossible Season 5

Restaurant Impossible Season 6

13 Episodes
Aired: April 2013 to August 2013


  1. Thought Robert Irvine was BETTER than Gordon Ramsay!!! Guess NOT!!!

    1. late but who cares. most of the people cannot really be helped anymore. The real way to help it would be them asking bankruptcy, and then rebuild from scratch with help.

  2. he can only help but if there is n discipline after he leaves then for sure it s going to go back to failing. Restaurant is not a no effort business .

    1. Exactly. A lot of restaurant (or other food-based businesses) get into it because they have money, not that they have any experience with food or running a business. I have worked in so many places where the owner has no business working in the industry. People will behave differently on film (or even in front of customers) but can be real a-holes in every day life. Some are also delusional. I once told an owner she shouldn't unwrap all the butter when the orders come in for sanitary reasons. She said that's how they've always done it. Then I said I had found mold on the butter since they're touching it with their bare hands. She called me a liar so I quit. I've only worked in one restaurant or bakery where the manager knew what they were doing and they sometimes completely ignored the owner's instructions because they were stupid.

  3. You cant blame those trying to help restaurants if the owners are going to follow thru ... watching the show makes me realise that owners need to take ownership of their crap and get on with it ...Robert Irvine can only do so much ... rest is up to the owners .... Anonymous idiot !!!!


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