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Kitchen Nightmares Open or Closed

Kitchen Nightmares is a kitchen makeover reality show featuring Gordon Ramsay visiting restaurants, identifying the key issues and resolving the issues in the restaurants by healing damaged relationships, replacing staff and renovating kitchens and dining rooms. Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, also known as Kitchen Nightmares UK aired from 2004 to 2014, with 7 seasons and 36 episodes. Kitchen Nightmares USA aired from 2007 until 2014, with 7 seasons and 90 episodes, including revisited episodes. 

On each post you will find a Kitchen Nightmares episode recaps, updates and information on each restaurant that Chef Gordon Ramsay has attempted to save from closure. You will find out which Kitchen Nightmares are open or closed and click the links before to find out where are they now. 

Kitchen Nightmares Closure & Success Rates

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The Kitchen Nightmares Closure Rate stands at 75% - 79/105

and the Kitchen Nightmares Open Rate is 25% - 26/105 

Costa Del Nightmares

4 episodes

Aired : September - October 2014

Closure Rate: 75%

Quelcuttis Tapas - CLOSED La Granada Divino - CLOSED
Le Deck - CLOSED Mayfair / Jacks Chicken Shack - OPEN

Kitchen Nightmares Season 7 

10 Episodes

Aired: April 2014 - September 2014

Closure Rate: 67% 

Bella Luna - CLOSED Zayna Flaming Grill - OPEN
Mangia Mangia - CLOSEDKati Allo - CLOSED
Old Neighborhood Restaurant - CLOSED Pantaleone's - OPEN 

Kitchen Nightmares Season 6

16 episodes

Aired: October 2012 - May 2013

Closure Rate: 62%

Amy's Baking Company - CLOSEDChappy's - CLOSED 
Prohibition Grille - CLOSEDYanni's Greek Restaurant - OPEN
Mill Street Bistro - CLOSEDNino's Italian Restaurant - CLOSED 
Sam's Mediterranean
 Kabob Room - CLOSED
Levanti's American Bistro - CLOSED
Olde Hitching Post - OPEN Ms Jean's Southern Cuisine - OPEN
Mama Maria's - OPENBarefoot Bobs - CLOSED
La Galleria 33 - OPEN

Kitchen Nightmares Season 5

17 episodes

Aired: September 2011 - March 2012

Closure Rate: 64%

Spin A Yarn Steakhouse - OPENCharlie's Italian Bistro - CLOSED
Cafe Hon - OPENPark's Edge - CLOSED
Chiarella's Ristorante - CLOSEDEl Greco - CLOSED
Michon's - CLOSEDZocalo - CLOSED
The Greek at the Harbor - OPEN Burger Kitchen - CLOSED
Luigi's D' Italia - OPENMike and Nellie's - CLOSED
Leone's - OPENBlackberry's - CLOSED 

Kitchen Nightmares Season 4

14 episodes

Aired: January 2011 to May 2011

Closure Rate: 58%

Oceana - OPENZeke's - CLOSED
Capri - OPENKingston Cafe - OPEN
Cafe Tavolini - CLOSEDDowncity - CLOSED
Davide - CLOSEDGrasshopper Also - CLOSED
PJ's Steakhouse - CLOSEDClassic American - CLOSED
Spanish Pavillion - OPENLa Frite - CLOSED

Kitchen Nightmares Season 3

13 episodes

Aired: January 2010 - May 2010

Closure Rate: 75%

Sushi Ko - CLOSEDFleming - CLOSED
Anna Vincenzo's - CLOSEDMama Rita's - CLOSED
Casa Roma - CLOSEDLe Bistro - OPEN
Lido di Manhattan - OPENMojito - CLOSED
Bazzini - CLOSEDFlamangos / The Junction - CLOSED
Hot Potato Cafe - CLOSEDLa Frite - OPEN

Kitchen Nightmares Season 2

12 episodes

Aired: September 2008 to January 2009

Closure Rate: 100%

Cafe 36 - CLOSEDSanté La Brea - CLOSED
Fiesta Sunrise - CLOSEDSabatiello's - CLOSED
Jack's Waterfront - CLOSEDHannah & Mason's - CLOSED
J Willy's - CLOSEDBlack Pearl - CLOSED
Trobiano's - CLOSEDGiuseppi's - CLOSED
Handlebar - CLOSED

Kitchen Nightmares Season 1

10 episodes

Aired: September 2007 - December 2007

Closure Rate: 90%

The Secret Garden - CLOSEDCampania - CLOSED
Lelas - CLOSEDFinn McCool's - CLOSED
Sebastians - CLOSEDThe Olde Stone Mill - OPEN
Seascape - CLOSEDThe Mixing Bowl - CLOSED
Dillons / Purnima - CLOSEDPeters - CLOSED

Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares UK

Aired: April 2004 - January 2009

24 episodes

Closure Rate: 71%

The Dovecote Bistro / Martins - OPENRunaway Girl / Silversmiths - OPEN
The Granary - CLOSEDThe Curry Lounge - OPEN
The Fish and Anchor - CLOSEDThe Priory - CLOSED
Piccolo Teatro - CLOSED Ruby Tates / Loves Fish - CLOSED
Rococo / Maggies - CLOSEDMorgans - CLOSED
The Fenwick Arms - OPENLa Parra de Burriana - CLOSED
La Gondola - CLOSEDClubway 41 / Jacksons - CLOSED
The Sandgate Hotel - OPENOscars - CLOSED
La Riviera - OPENMomma Cherri's - CLOSED
D-Place - CLOSEDLa Lanterna - CLOSED
Moore Place - CLOSEDThe Walnut Tree Inn - OPEN
The Glass House - CLOSEDBonapartes - CLOSED

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Hotel Hell Open or Closed

Hotel Hell Open or Closed

A list of all the Hotels featured on Hotel Hell, whether they are open or closed with further information on the establishments featured and episode recaps. There are links for extra reading and links to review sites for real customer opinions. Each season of Hotel Hell updates are split below with air dates and closure rates, separated by season and as an overall figure. 

Click the below links to read about each hotel

Hotel Hell

Aired: August 2012 -
Closure Rate (Overall) - 15%

Hotel Hell Season 3

Aired: May to July 2016
Closure Rate: 0%

Anglers Lodge - OPEN

Vienna Inn - OPEN

Town's Inn - OPEN

Lakeview Hotel - OPEN

Brick Hotel - OPEN

Beachfront Inn & Inlet - OPEN

Landoll's Mohican Castle - OPEN

Hotel Hell Season 2

Aired: July to September 2014
Closure Rate: 0%

Murphys Hotel - OPEN

Curtis House Inn - OPEN

Four Seasons Inn / Laylas Riverside Lodge - OPEN

Calumet Inn - OPEN

Hotel Chester - OPEN

Applegate River Lodge - OPEN

Monticello Hotel - OPEN

Meson De Mesilla - OPEN

Hotel Hell Season 1

Aired:  August to September 2012
Closure Rate: 60%

Juniper Hill Inn - CLOSED

Cambridge Hotel - CLOSED

Keating Hotel - OPEN

River Rock Inn - CLOSED

Roosevelt Inn - OPEN

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Hell's Kitchen Winners Where Are They Now?

Hell's Kitchen Contestants

Hell's Kitchen features Gordon Ramsay as Head Chef alongside two sous chefs to support the contestants, each week there will be a number of challenges to test the culinary skills of the contestants, who are all competing for a prize of their own restaurant or the option of working  alongside top chefs including Gordon. Find out what happened next to the Hell's Kitchen Winners. 

Hell's Kitchen - Michael WrayMichael Wray was a professional chef from Fort Collins, Colorado. He won season 1 due to his dishes being well received by both Gordon and critics. Initially he accepted to work with Gordon but after realising the strains this would put on his family, he decided not to take up the prize. He went on to be Head Chef at The Standard in Los Angeles before moving to Arizona. He planned to open his open restaurant HK One but he failed to secure the finances. He now runs a knife company and teaches culinary classes.

Hell's Kitchen - Heather WestHeather West was a Sous Chef from Port Jefferson, New York. She won season 2 due to her determination and leadership skills. She won a year contract as Senior Chef at Terra Rossa at the Red Rock Casino in Nevada. She then became Head Chef at Monteray Restaurant, then to Jellyfish Restaurant and later Broadway Grill before moving to Schafers in Port Jefferson. She married in 2014 and had a son.

Hell's Kitchen - Rock HarperRock Harper was an Executive Chef from Spotsylvania Courthouse, Virginia. He was the winner of season 3 due to his confidence, leadership skills and ability to motivate the team. Rock won a years contract at Terra Verde restaurant, afterwards he worked at Ben’s Next Door as Executive Chef, was an instructor at Stratford University and wrote a cookbook called "44 Things Parents Should Know about Healthy Cooking for Kids". He appeared on Chef Wanted and won an Executive Chef position at The Precinct that he declined.

Hell's Kitchen Christina MachamerChristina Machamer was a student from St. Louis, Missouri. She won the fourth series of Hell's Kitchen due to her great potential. She was offered the position of Senior Sous Chef rather than Executive Che and worked at London West Hollywood for 10 months before moving to Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bistro. After this, she returned to school where she trained to be a sommelier and now lives in Napa valley. She was Director of Wine and Culinary at B Cellars Vineyards & Winery and now manages the Caldwell Vineyard

Hell's Kitchen Danny Veltri
Danny Veltri was an Executive Chef from Edgewater, Florida. He won season 5 of Hell's Kitchen due to his growth on the show, showing Gordon he had all the necessary skills to be crowned the winner due to his talent and maturity. After the show, he took up position as a Sous Chef at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey but left after a couple of months. He started his own catering company called Back From Hell Catering before moving to Gnarly Surf Bar & Grill, which he helped opened with other investors. He was arrested in 2012 for DUI.

Dave Levey Dave Levey was an Executive Chef from San Diego, California. He was the winner of season 6 due to his natural ability in the kitchen. He took up the position at Araxi Restaurant until the end of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games as it turned out to be a line cook position and not Head Chef as he expected. He was arrested as part of a drugs bust in 2014. 

Holli Ugalde Holli Ugalde was a Banquet Chef from San Bernardino, California. She won Season 7 of Hell's Kitchen due to her growth in confidence and ability during the process. She was not given the position in London due to "visa issues", something Holli disputes. She claims she never completed any paperwork and instead accepted an undisclosed amount of cash. She briefly returned to being a Chef in a hotel in Florida before starting a lifestyle programme called SENS Wellness. 

Nona Sivley Nona Sivley was a Sous Chef from Atlanta, Georgia. She was the winner of Season 8 of Hell's Kitchen and won due to her impressive improvement and the passion she showed for cooking. After the show, she took up the Head Chef position at LA Market, with her winning menu being added to the restaurant menu. She left after three years to help her mentor Kerry Simon open his first restaurant Pork & Beans. After the restaurant opened she started her own catering business called Fizzy Peach. 

Paul Niedermann Paul Niedermann was a Sous Chef from Davie, Florida. He was the winner of Season 9 due to his passion and determination and he dedicated the win to his mother who had passed away a few months prior. After the show, he went to work at BLT Steak but not as Head Chef. He left to become Executive Chef at Hudson at Waterway East.

Christina Wilson
Christina Wilson was a Chef from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was the winner of Hell's Kitchen season 10 beating Justin in the final. After the show, she took the Head Chef position at Gordon Ramsay Steak before moving to become Executive Chef of Gordon Ramsay BurGR in Planet Hollywood Casino. She works closely with Gordon, overseeing both his Vegas restaurants and works on Hell's Kitchen as a Sous Chef and behind the scenes on Hotel Hell.

Ja'Nel Witt Ja'Nel Witt was an Executive Chef from Houston, Texas. She was the winner of Hell's Kitchen season 11 but did not take up the position. It is rumoured that she was not allowed to take up the position after allegedly failing a drugs test, she was however offered $250,000 prize money. After the show, she was Executive Chef at Corner Table before moving to Sammy's Steakhouse. 

Scott CommingsScott Commings was an Executive Chef from Woodstock, Illinois. He was the winner of Hell's Kitchen season 12 due to his passion, determination and leadership skills. After the show, he took up his position as the Head Chef at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace. 

La Tasha McCutchen La Tasha McCutchen was a Kitchen Supervisor from Winter Haven, Florida. She was the winner of Hell's Kitchen season 13 due to her strong leadership skills, cooking ability and her determination. After the show, she took up the head chef position at Gordon Ramsay's Pub & Grill at Caesars Atlantic City for a year before becoming a Private Chef. 
Meghan Gill

Meghan Gill was an Executive Chef from Roanoke, Virginia. She was the winner of season 14 due to her passion, determination and leadership skills. After the show, she took up the winners head chef position at Gordon Ramsay's Pub & Grill at Caesars Atlantic City. 

Ariel Malone Ariel Malone was a Country Club Chef from Hackensack, New Jersey. She was the winner of season 15 of Hell's kitchen due to her confidence in the kitchen, cooking ability and her outspoken nature. After the show, she took up the head chef position at BLT Steak at Bally's Las Vegas until January 2017.

Kimberly Ann Ryan Kimberly Ann Ryan was an Event Chef from Traverse City, Michigan. She was the winner of season 16 due to her skills, drive and command in the kitchen. After the show, she took up the head chef position at Yardbird Southern Table & Bar at The Venetian Las Vegas.

Michelle Tribble Michelle Tribble was from New York City and competed in season 14, where she came in 3rd place. She was the winner of Hell's Kitchen season 17 and will take up the position of Executive Chef at the Caesars Palace Hell’s Kitchen in Las Vegas with a salary of $250,000. 

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Hell's Kitchen Contestants Where Are They Now?

Hell's Kitchen Contestants

Hell's Kitchen features Gordon Ramsay as Head Chef alongside two sous chefs to support the contestants, each week there will be a number of challenges to test the culinary skills of the contestants, who are all competing for a prize of their own restaurant or the option of working  alongside top chefs including Gordon. The winners of Hell's Kitchen are highlighted in bold, find out where the chefs they are now by clicking on the relevant season.

Hell's Kitchen Season 1

Hell's Kitchen Season 1

Andrew Bonito Carolann Valentino Chris North Elsie Ramos
Jeff LaPoff Jeffery Dewberry Jessica Cabo Jimmy Casey
Mary Ellen Daniels Michael Wray Ralph Pagano Wendy Liu

Hell's Kitchen Season 2

Hell's Kitchen Season 2

Gabe Gagliardi Garrett Telle Giacomo Alfieri Heather West
Keith Greene Larry Sik Maribel Miller Polly Holladay
Rachel Brown Sara Horowitz Tom Pauley Virginia Dalbeck

Hell's Kitchen Season 3

Aaron Song Bonnie Muirhead Brad Miller Eddie Langley
Jennifer "Jen" Yemola Joanna Dunn Josh Wahler Julia Williams
Melissa Firpo Rock Harper Tiffany Nagel Vinnie Fama

Hell's Kitchen Season 4

Ben Caylor Bobby Anderson Christina Machamer Corey Earling
Craig Schneider Dominic DiFrancesco Jason Underwood Jen Gavin
Louis Petrozza Louross Edralin Matt Sigel Rosann Fama
Sharon Stewart Shayna Raichilson-Zadok Vanessa Gunnell

Hell's Kitchen Season 5

Hell's Kitchen Season 5

Alicia LA Limtiaco Andrea Heinly Ben Walanka
Carol Scott Charlie McKay Coi Burruss
Colleen Cleek Danny Veltri Giovanni Filipponi
Jason J Maxwell Ji-Hyun Cha Lacey D'Angelo
Paula da Silva Robert Hesse Seth Levine
Wil Kocol

Hell's Kitchen Season 6

Hell's Kitchen Season 6

Amanda "Tek" MooreAmanda DavenportAndy Husbands
Ariel ContrerasDave LeveyDavid "Louie" Cordio
Jim McGloinJoseph TinnellyKevin Cottle
Melinda MeaneyRobert HesseSabrina Gresset
Suzanne SchlichtTennille MiddletonTony D'Alessandro
Vincent "Van" Hurd

Hell's Kitchen Season 7

Hell's Kitchen Season 7

Andrew ForsterAutumn LewisBenjamin Knack
Ed BattagliaFrances "Fran" KlierHolli Ugalde
Jamie BisoulisJason Jay SantosJason Ellis
Maria TorrisiMikey TerminiNilka Hendricks
Salvatore CoppolaScott HawleySiobhan Allgood
Stacey Slichta

Hell's Kitchen Season 8

Hell's Kitchen Season 8

Antonia BoregmanBoris PoleschukEmily Kutchins
Gail NovenarioJillian FlathersLewis Curtis
Lisa LaFrancaLouis RepucciMelissa Doney
Nona SivleyRaj BrandstonRob McCue
Russell KookSabrina BrimhallTrevor McGrath
Vinny Accardi

Hell's Kitchen Season 9

Hell's Kitchen Season 9

Amanda ColelloBrendan HeaveyCarrie Keep
Elise WimsElizabeth BianchiGina Melcher
Chino ChangJamie GregorichJason Zepaltas
Jennifer NormantJonathon PlumleyKrupa Patel
Monterray KeysNatalie BlakePaul Niedermann
Steven PalubaTommy StevensWill Lustberg

Hell's Kitchen Season 10

Hell's Kitchen Season 10

Barbie MarshallBrian MerelBriana Swanson
Chris CarreroChristina WilsonClemenza Caserta
Dana CohenDanielle RimmerDon Savage
Guy VakninJustin AntiorioKimmie Davenport
Patrick CassataRobyn AlmodovarRoshni Gurnani
Royce WagnerTavon HubbardTiffany Johnson

Hell's Kitchen Season 11

Hell's Kitchen Season 11

Amanda GiblinAnthony RodriguezBarret Beyer
Christian RosatiCyndi StanimirovDan Ryan
Danielle BoornGina AloiseJa'Nel Witt
Jacqueline BaldassariJeremy MaddenJessica Lewis
Jon ScallionMary PoehneltMichael Langdon
Nedra HarrisRaymond AlongiSebastian Royo
Susan HeatonZach Womack

Hell's Kitchen Season 12

Hell's Kitchen Season 12

Anton TestinoBeth TaylorBev Lazo Gonzalez
Chris EversoleGaurav Navin Jason Zepaltas
Jessica Vogel Joy Parham–ThomasKashia Zollicoffer
Melanie Finch Michael DeMarcoMichael Gabriel
Mike Aresta Nicole RutzRalph Johnson
Richard Mancini Rochelle BergmanSandra Flores
Scott Commings Simone Hammond

Hell's Kitchen Season 13

Hell's Kitchen Season 13

Aaron LhamonAshley ShermanBrian Santos
Bryant GallaherDenine Giordano Fernando Cruz
Frank BilottiJR RobinsonJanai Simpson
Jennifer Salhoff JP DeDominicisKalen Morgenstern
Katie McKeown La Tasha McCutchenRoe DiLeo
Sade Dancy Sterling WrightSteve Rosenthal

Hell's Kitchen Season 14

Hell's Kitchen Season 14

Adam LivowAlison RiveraBrendan Pelley
Bret HauserCameron Spagnolo Chrissa Schmerler
Christine HazelJosh TrovatoMeghan Gill
Michael Dussault Mieka Houser HarrisMichelle Tribble
Milly Medley Monique BookerNick Peters
Randy Bell Sarah BaumertTorrece "T" Gregoire

Hell's Kitchen Season 15

Hell's Kitchen Season 15

Alan ParkerManda PalominoAriel Malone
Ashley NickellChad Gelso Dannie Harrison
Eddie JaskowiakFrank CalaHassan Musselmani
Jackie Fuchs Jared BobkinJoe Ricci
Kevin Ridlon Kristin BaroneMark Paras
Meese Davis Sherkenna BuggsVanessa Soltero

Hell's Kitchen Season 16

Hell's Kitchen Season 16

Aaron SmockAndrew PearceAziza Young
Devin SimpsonGenaro Delillo Heather Williams
Heidi ParentJessica BoyntonJohnny McDevitt
Kimberly Roth Kimberly Ann RyanMatt Hearn
Pat Tortorello Paulie Giganti JrRajeeyah "Gia" Young
Shaina Hayden Wendy MendezWilliam "Koop" Wynkoop

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MasterChef US Winners Where Are They Now?

MasterChef US Winners Where Are They Now

MasterChef US features Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliott and Joe Bastianich/Christina Tosi testing the culinary skills of amateur chefs from the USA with a number of challenges and dishes to prepare, with those failing to impress being sent home.  The winner of MasterChef wins $250,000, their own cookbook and a MasterChef trophy. Read below to find out what happened to the winners of MasterChef and what they did next?

Whitney MillerWhitney Miller was a College Student from Poplarville, Mississippi. She was the winner of MasterChef season 1 due to her natural ability in the kitchen. After the show, she returned to college to complete her degree and released her cook book  Modern Hospitality: Simple Recipes with Southern Charm and more recently Whitney Miller’s New Southern Table. She has stayed heavily involved in cooking with  many published recipes, television cookery segments, recipe development, cookery demonstrations and competitions and consultancy work.

Jennifer Behm Jennifer Behm was a Realtor from Wilmington, Delaware. She was the winner of MasterChef Season 2 after her three course dinner consisting of scallops, quail and a poached pear impressed the judges. After the show, she did a number of cookery events/demonstrations, started her own catering company Pink Martini Catering and runs restaurant Red Fin Crudo with her husband Julio. 

Christine HàChristine Hà was a student from Houston, Texas. She was the winner of MasterChef US Season 3 due to her menu in the final which impressed the judges. After the show, her cookbook Recipes from My Home Kitchen: Asian and American Comfort Food was published, she is offer private chef services, is a brand ambassador and an avid food blogger. She co-hosts a television show Four Senses, a cookery programme for those with visual impairments and she also judged MasterChef Vietname. She has returned to MasterChef to judge and for a number of challenges. In 2014, she received the  Helen Keller Personal Achievement Award. 

Luca Manfé Luca Manfé was a Restaurant Manager from Astoria, New York. He was the winner of MasterChef season 4 due to his three course meal impressing the judges and getting high praise from Gordon for his short ribs dish. After the show, he launched his cook book "My Italian Kitchen: Favorite Family Recipes", launched personal catering service Dinner with Luca and food truck The Lucky Fig and hosts online cookery classes with MasterChef winners Shaun and Claudia. 

Courtney Lapresi Courtney Lapresi was a Dancer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was the winner of MasterChef season 5 due to her eclectic three course meal featuring pigs ear, duck and cherry meringue impressed the judges. After the show, she released cookbook "Everyday Fancy: 65 Easy, Elegant Recipes for Meals, Snacks, Sweets, and Drinks" and she now works in sales for Tesla. 

Claudia SandovalClaudia Sandoval was an Events Manager from  La Mesa, California. She was the winner of MasterChef season 6 due to her three course Mexican meal impressed the judges. After the show, she released cookbook "Claudia's Cocina: A Taste of Mexico", launched catering business Claudia's Cocina, has been a brand ambassador for large brands including Coca Cola and Kellogs and hosts online cookery classes with MasterChef winners Luca and Shaun.

Shaun O'NealeShaun O'Neale was a DJ from Las Vegas, Nevada. He was the winner of MasterChef season 7 due to his halibut, vension and pear dishes impressing the judges. After the show, he released cookbook "My Modern American Table: Recipes for Inspired Home Cooks", has hosted a number of pop up dining events and hosts online cookery classes with MasterChef winners Luca and Claudia.

Dino Angelo LucianoDino Angelo Luciano was a Dancer from Bensonhurst, New York. He was the winner of MasterChef season 8 due to his unique menu with a twist of traditional dishes of squid ink pasta, lamb chop and tiramisu. After the show, he will release a cookbook, not released at this time and he has so far hosted a number of exclusive dinners and pop up dining experiences. 

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